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#23andMe || Who Am I?

#23andMe || Who Am I?

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Thank you sooOo much for taking some time to watch this video!

23andMe.com did not sponsor this video. I paid for the test with my own money.

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33 thoughts on “#23andMe || Who Am I?

  1. Haha that was funny 44% in slowmo, European ain't that bad, it also means you will have Neanderthal which is linked to higher IQ's so thats alright!, we are all pretty much a mix but all human.

  2. Your results are so interesting. I bet I am 99% white (which is super lame)

  3. Ntu & Eu says:

    I was a little disappointed that even though you have African blood you never cared to talk about it like you talked about the other bloods. Did it make you uncomfortable?

  4. OMG YOU ARE PART CHIPMUCKS!!!!!!!!! AT 1:48

  5. Wtf you said Iberian and didn't mention Portugal but you said Iberian is France

  6. Why would you be surprised that you're European? You look like a Mestiza.

  7. RK NINE says:

    There's no such thing as "Native Americans". Even the Indians are immigrants migrating from Asia.

  8. RK NINE says:

    There's no such thing as "Native Americans". Even the Indians are immigrants migrating from Asia.

  9. Big pimpin says:

    Got my DNA results back and I am 0% sub-Saharan African. Thank you Jesus!!

  10. Jose Ayala says:

    HAha this made my day i couldn't stop laughing when she found she was 44.5 % European

  11. Happy says:

    Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Baghuul says:

    Basically you are half a cracker

  13. here are my DNA results

    British & Irish41.3%

    French & German23.7%


    Broadly Northwestern European27.1%

    Southern European3.5%


    Broadly Southern European2.3%

    Broadly European1.0%

    Sub-Saharan African1.3%

    West African1.0%

    Broadly Sub-Saharan African0.3%

    South Asian0.2%

    Broadly South Asian0.2%

    East Asian & Native American< 0.1%

    Native American< 0.1%

  14. BiG Herb says:

    In terms of percentage or your inherited autosomal DNA yes you are mostly white. Obviously you dont look a drop of white/ european you look completley Native/ indigenous. What matters most in terms of how you look is based on your direct maternal ( mothers, mothers, mothers etc. and your paternal ( fathers, fathers father). So most likely you have direct lineage to these types of people. also to keep in mind that inherited autosomial dna only goes back to your fourth to fifth great grandparents.You dont inherit all of your dna from them.

  15. JeremyWK says:

    Science has proved that "Native Americans" immigrated from Asia. This proof comes from genetics (DNA) and through archaeological/anthropological evidence. You are nearly half European not "white". Not all Europeans are "white" nor are all Caucasians "white". Skin color is not a definitive indicator of ethnicity.

  16. "The Bering Strait theory"? Wow, ok. Not a theory at all. It's a proven fact that Native Americans migrated to the Americas using the land bridge between what is now Siberia and Alaska. We know this based on archeological, anthropological, and GENETIC FUCKING EVIDENCE. Jesus fucking Christ, if you're gonna take as DNA test while being skeptical about fucking genetics, you're a fucking moron.

  17. Took the test to, cause I have some ashkenazi roots hope the results won't be under what I am thinking about xD

  18. tpt213 says:

    i dont know what worse being a mutt or being from guatamala

  19. i do look like indonesian-ish… ive stayed there long enough

  20. Kelsqi says:

    The Bering Straight theory is a scientific THEORY, not a colloquial 'theory' as in general English. That's like saying you don't agree with gravity or fucking evolution. Look it up.

  21. Gille87 says:

    The ancestors (1st man and woman) of all Native Americans were Siberian and South East Asian!

  22. You don't look very european.

  23. That just goes to prove that Asians arent the only native. others migrated before them!! Africans!!

  24. very cool but very expensive

  25. lab rat says:

    your a beautiful intelligent young person…..good job! question, no neanderthal?

  26. whats up with the obnoxious video effects? 🙁

  27. Knife Nut says:

    I bet she gives good head

  28. jfsfrnd says:

    Broadly Southern European used to be called Unidentified. It usually means North African. You should go on Gedmatch and use their genetic calculators.

  29. How freakin cool! Great video

  30. Sitou Dien says:

    These dna tests often shock or disappoint. The results often don't match up with their oral history and genealogy. Some people are just really proud of their nationality and can't accept their conflicting results. They''re not 100% pure xyz. That's just too bad. Some families have hidden their family history. Rape, adoptions, 1 drop rule are hidden to protect the family. Americans like to boast about native ancestry for some reason. Oral history is not always the truth.

  31. Kang Tut says:

    So your disappointed your half European? That's a little bit fucking insulting thanks. I get it if your European you can't be proud of your race but everyone else can. Got it, gotcha.

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