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ETHIOPIAN GENETICS RESULTS!!! | 23andme Genetics Test

ETHIOPIAN GENETICS RESULTS!!! | 23andme Genetics Test

HEY EVERYONE!!! I recently got my results back from 23andme. I’m so excited to share my results with you! Comment below if you ever took an ancestry test and what your results were ! I’d like to know 😀

You can purchase your test here:

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21 thoughts on “ETHIOPIAN GENETICS RESULTS!!! | 23andme Genetics Test

  1. Beebz says:

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to admit that I misspoke about the "Slave Trade" comment and I am truly sorry if I offended anyone in anyway. We can all learn from each other and I want to say thank you for informing me about this issue! I just ask of you to keep it respectful. No matter what my genetic makeup is I am 100% AFRICAN and PROUD.
    Now that's out of the way…. What videos would you like to see next??

  2. Sub Zero says:

    Ok, Ancient Egyptians were like today's Ethiopians or like today's Morrocans without Spaniard admixture? They are not like today's Egyptian who have considerate Arab middle eastern admixture from the Muslim caliphate expansion after 600CE!

    Ethiopian admixture = East African admixture = Mostly sub Saharan African admixture with some middle eastern and North African admixture!

    North African admixture must be further broken down!! Morrocans who are primarily E1b1 carriers are what exactly??!!!!

    Be faithful to the Arabic man for he is your creator!! He is the reason why you think you are above Pure sub Saharan Africans!!

  3. I did my DNA and what surprised me was "amazonian" I was like huh ? love your video

  4. sweetheart to keep it all the way 100 with you, the real jews are black!!!!!

  5. Are the akenazi jews the ines who stole the hebrew israelite jews identity. The biblical hebrew israelite hews are black people. The test must be replacing caucasian akenazi jews with the black biblical hebrew israelite jews.

  6. FranSlam says:

    They were just handing it out for free? Nah, I don't trust that.

  7. Ghana make best jollof rice lol come Ghana

  8. Ethiopians are the first Jews..

  9. Do a hair care routine

  10. I know I'm a little late to the party, but, I cosign what Tahia is saying somewhere down below, and I'd like to add, why is it when we talk about any other group of people on a Continent, we can recognize that there are variations of this group based on region and climate, but when it comes to Africa, we go out of our way to disconnect. For example, not all Native Americans are tall with Slender frames and hooked noses, that's specific to North Native Americans, the so called Mexicans, who are actually Native Americans, specifically Olmec, Toltec and Aztec, are short, stocky, with wide flat noses. In Europe, Scandinavians tend to have light eyes and hair, while Mediterraneans usually have olive complexions and dark hair (and yes ,I know about the mixture with the Moors, Africans and Arabs) in far East Asia , Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese people vary in complexion and eye shape. But when it comes to Africans (A Huge Continent) we can't seem to reconcile the fact that we are one and the same, from the Continent, but we each have varying and distinct features, just like people on ANY continent, I'm an African American Muslim, who's family is descendant of people from the west coast of Africa, specifically Sierra Leone, I am fully aware that while my look, and features may be what's generally perceived as what Africans look like, it's not! we, Africans, are as varied as our Continent, but we are still African. African Americans are the face of Africa only because of the Slave trade, we do not represent the diversity of the Continent. One other note, on every continent, the indigenous people have always warred internally, but unlike Europeans, Africans didn't seem to understand when we SHOULD HAVE COME TOGETHER, because as much as Europeans didn't like each other (Check their history), they were smart enough to know to come together at one crucial moment in history, to ENSLAVE US AFRICANS, we weren't smart enough to come together to stop them, we continued with our petty internal funding and disconnect until almost every African Nation was under European rule, Good Job Black People!


  12. Lambda says:

    Probably 22% Tamazigh

  13. So it wasn't 100%african as you wanted. Arrrrgh didoms…

  14. You keep saying your African, No sweet heart your a flucked up American.. I see know African here…

  15. Everyone is mixed , no one is 100% one ethnicity. Yes there are blacks that are Jewish

  16. Lol don’t take ancestry every East African that took it got wack results 23andme is more accurate. Lol @ 0% arab and 22% North African I swear people want ALL East African to be mixed! We are the cradle of humanity! Your results further prove just how beautiful and diverse Africa is!

  17. T Mc says:

    Do you have a makeup tutorial for this look??!! SO beautiful!

  18. Your black? You look Jewish.

  19. JAK says:

    Omgosh! I wish I looked like you! You are soooo beautiful and funny!!!!! Blessings

  20. I had seen Oromo girl DNA which is mostly same as you she has 75% East African dna,10% North African dna, 5% Middle Eastern dna,and 5% Asian and 5% others

  21. kim berley says:

    Ghana makes the best jollof

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