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Our Hispanic ANCESTRY DNA Results!!! 23andMe

Our Hispanic ANCESTRY DNA Results!!! 23andMe

In this video, Chris and Jennifer sit down to unveil their long-anticipated ancestry DNA results! The results are a jaw-dropping eye-opener. What did you expect them to receive?


26 thoughts on “Our Hispanic ANCESTRY DNA Results!!! 23andMe

  1. Poor brownies, so unidentified with their native american ancestry… but when it comes to European, it's like a huge happiness!!! Low self esteem and appreciation to their ancient American roots because of European colonization and its despise for it.

  2. Sabeis hablar en español?

  3. Joe says:

    My Ancestry DNA results:
    64% Native American (Aztec/Mayans) I'm Mexican
    20% Spain

    Low confidence regions:
    3% Africa Southeastern Bantu
    2% Europe South
    2% Middle East
    2% Ireland/Scotland/Wales
    2% European Jewish
    1% Asia Central
    1% Polynesia
    <1% Caucasus
    <1% Asia East
    <1% Africa North

  4. Bart Fart says:

    LOL, He wanted to be more "White".. he looked disappointed. Nothing wrong with being an Indio. Your mom didn't mind.

  5. Bart Fart says:

    You don't know what Iberian is? Really, Wow

  6. If you have spaniard blood know you will have black blood too. Especially with the occupation of the Muslim Moor during the holy wars.

  7. love this video. you two are adorable.

  8. Sairve Two says:

    Like hello, Hispanics are all over the place. My husband is Mexican and he is 60% European, 25% Native American and the rest is a mixture Asian, African and a bunch of other things.

  9. How could he not know he has such a high percentage of native American. He looks like a chief. Watch your scalps… Lol… As a 65 year old I guess I have been around pure native Americans. Now find out what Tribe, receive casino and other benefits maybe.

  10. i'm from Sardinia!!

  11. ALPHA IC1 says:

    Your not white you just have some Spanish European DNA and these things are not really accurate and just speculative

  12. San San says:

    The boy looks more than 90% indian and 5% Spanish and probably around 5% African. The girl the same. I thought the girl was your sister. I think she is 15-20% Spanish and 80% indian.

  13. jfsfrnd says:

    Is Southern European technically "White"?

  14. Don N says:

    Not sure what to think about these results But i know they are 100% ignorant

  15. At least , the boy can say that he is the Real owner of America !!!!.?????????


  16. I knew I would get a good amount of Native American but I didn't think I would get as much as I did. I got 97.7% Native American and only 1.4% European. I can't say that I am not happy with the results because I feel so proud of that percentage!

  17. Bryan wolf says:

    34% Iberian Peninsula
    15% Ireland/Scotland/Wales
    10% Europe south
    8 other regions

  18. I don't understand why Chris would think that he would have so little Native American when he looks 100% Native American.

  19. lmao the guy seriously thought he was only going to be 30% native amrican the moment i saw him i thought he was mayan aztec or something

  20. your ancestor coming from spanish which under arab and black moor jewish for 1000 years mixed with spaniard and roman (italy greece) then settle to south america mixed with native indian mayan inca.

  21. fc1280 says:

    I am a little disturbed about how hispanics who look mixed with white and Native American in these videos are either somewhat upset or very upset about being European while black African ancestry is celebrated. I fully understand why hispanics would want to be mostly Native American as opposed to the other two, but between the other two, white ancestry is much more common than black unless you are an actual black person from Latin America. Why is white ancestry so shocking considering the history and why is black ancestry celebrated more even though it is more of an oddity in hispanics who look like a mixture of white and Native American?

  22. Dularr says:

    Great hearing the descendant of Abraham worked out.

  23. susy_dream says:

    Un dato, si te esperabas más porcentaje de España estabas en lo cierto pues la mitad sur de Italia y la Isla Italiana de Cerdeña durante 300 años aprox. fueron de España , por eso a mi me salió un porcentaje alto de Cerdeña. Por otra parte, la parte norte de África también te sale, porque fueron los que estuvieron en la península ibérica durante 800 años. Por todo esto tienes más en común con los españoles de lo que aparentemente te sale en los porcentajes, estos datos pueden confundir un poco. Besitos de tu hermana española 🙂

  24. Cringiest reaction video! Knew from the start that the guy was going to have over 40% Native. Same with the girl, she looks Native mestiza.

  25. Larry says:

    Great video….!!!

  26. Iva Sola says:

    wow you guys are ignorant really! sorry but that geography is really CRAP! So you call yourselfs Hispanic and you don't
    know what is Iberian Peninsula? lol

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