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23andme Results | Samantha Nicole

23andme Results | Samantha Nicole

23andme Website: https://www.23andme.com

I realize that the editing in this video isn’t the best, but I tried to make it work… :/ Today I review my ancestry results (which was the main reason for buying this test) as well as the other results they provided!

I will be starting to upload back to school videos soon, so stay tuned for that 😉 . Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a like (it would make my heart happy).

I hope you are having a great day! ♥


25 thoughts on “23andme Results | Samantha Nicole

  1. You actually kinda look like Melanie Martinez tbh

  2. San San says:

    You are 99.9999% Beautiful!!!! If you had asked me you would've saved your money and time.

  3. tiluriso says:

    You father being of Eastern European descent, there's a very good chance his own Y DNA haplogroup is R1a.

  4. soso says:

    just wait 5 years you will be miss universe

  5. Steve Haas says:

    Cute as a button and so well spoken.

  6. Lynn D says:

    Oh wow I would've thought you were more black..genes are crazy

  7. Lol why you whispering ?

  8. tobin2517 says:

    native american is Indian isn't it.

  9. Your very pretty , cool vid

  10. The 3.3 % is from one 100% African ancestor 6 generations ago which is very recently

  11. She definitely looks biracial black and white

  12. لا لتدخل البنك او الدين في التحليلdna

  13. 100% beautiful…congrats on your results

  14. All these DNA is crazy, you look darker for 63.7 white. I have 15% black and I don't look at all black,  we are mixed  we are beautiful , I hope these DNA help us to understand each other at end we are all cousins

  15. Didn’t think you were anymore than 5% sub-Saharan. I win

  16. We’re in the rare and exotic < 0.1% Oceanian range. I have know idea if it’s, as they say, background static or part of Native American percentage (of which I had none) but it is, nevertheless, strange.

  17. I thought you were half white and half black when I first saw you 😛

  18. You have a lot of cool nationalities.

  19. Your Native American side came from Asia over the Asian Land Bridge long ago. So being East Asian is not surprising, since that is where they came from mainly. The Mexican side of you is that Native American side that came over from the land bridge. The Spanish side of you is listed as Iberian.

  20. Damn girl. That 3.6% African is strong as hell. You look straight up biracial black and white.
    You go girl!

  21. you look like a chinese actress Angelababy. Try to search her. maybe you are related. I am shocked!

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