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My DNA Test Results! 23andMe Review!

My DNA Test Results! 23andMe Review!

I was truly SHOCKED to find out the results of my 23andme DNA test! I had only known that I was german and french, and to find out what else I am was truly magical.

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36 thoughts on “My DNA Test Results! 23andMe Review!

  1. Evil Pagan says:

    I‘m German as in from Germany and I would put you in Northern Italy, Austria, or Bavaria in Southern Germany. You have the Alpine look.

  2. Ashkenazi Jew. This is a European Jew. Ashkenaz is mentioned in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. This Jew is from the tribe of Judah. ​​One of the 12 tribes. The other tribes are now gone. And the Jews who live today in the world are named after Judah.

  3. Crixus says:

    3:30 to get on with it.

  4. When you checked online to see how far along the test was, how long did it take to go from analyzing to interpreting?

  5. I just uploaded my 23 and Me results video and was interested in seeing what results other people got. So cool!!

  6. Stacy Polk says:

    Omg my mom has the same problem she is constantly seeing 11:11 EVERYWHERE I've witnessed it several several times.so strange

  7. I also did a review video! What an amazing experience! https://youtu.be/BYmod9PmNhQ

  8. The Scandinavia could come from the Second World War a lot of the Norwegian and Danish girls who got married to a German man often got taken there citizenship and got sent to Germany

  9. Why would Jewish be in there? Jewish isn't a race. It's a religion. Neanderthal DNA means you have non human DNA.

  10. Ashkenazi jewish is not cool at all

  11. i took the same test and i have 322 neanderthal variants and they said that’s more then 97% of the population, oml. AROUND 4% OF MY DNA IS THOSE CREEPY PEOPLE FROM 40,000 YEARS AGO IM NOT OKAY

  12. But you Don"t have blue eyes.

  13. empires, invasions and explorers… never heard of it?

  14. It's still best to test your DNA with Ancestry and My Heritage DNA. They both go back over a thousand years with your DNA, where as 23andMe only tests your ancestry just going back over 300 years (early 1700's) and that's it. You may have more Scandinavian ancestry than what 23andMe s letting on. Just food for thought.

  15. I came in the top 2% of all 23 and me customers for Neanderthal DNA ? I have 326 variants. I got straight hair and also less backhair from them!

  16. lol I am sure if she said she is 1%black some black people would say they can see that in her ??

  17. I'm not and waiting is driving me nuts. >.<

  18. moorek1967 says:

    Does it take 6 weeks like back in 2013?

  19. Ashkenazi are fake jews

  20. I got Mine Last Mouth

    Africa 2%
    Africa North 1%
    Africa Southeastern 1%

    Europe 89%
    Great Britain 40%
    Italy/Greece 14%
    Europe West 12%
    Ireland 8%
    Scandinavia 8%

    Low Confidence Region
    Finland/Northwest Russia 4%
    Europe East 2%
    Lberian Peninsula 1%

    America 7%
    Native American 7%

    West Asia 2%
    Caucsus 2%

  21. You look more Italian than German.

  22. I've watched dozens of these 23andMe videos… and 4.5 Ashkenazi Jewish is the highest percentage I've seen yet. Wow.

  23. swampzoid says:

    "I have no idea what that is but it's really cool" you said – you're a nice and pleasant person. I just got my ancestry .com results back. I was surprised that I had 8 percent Scandinavian DNA. I just posted my results video on my page if you wanna check it out. Cheers.

  24. Nothing shocking here.

  25. Wim V says:

    Every  non African has  1 to 2 % Neandertal…, your length…if you are tall  you eat enough milk / cheese as a kid, and  you might be Dutch..

  26. Wim V says:

    How come you don't know what Ashkenazi means, or Balkan???  No  History and Geography in primary school????   everybody  knows these things one would think… are you American?

  27. You are just so adorable and sweet. It's wonderful seeing a person be so happy about their results instead of complaining. I have a German great great grandfather from Prussia. I am 83% African 10% Great Britain 7% Europe. This was a great video thanks for sharing.

  28. samidone says:

    Upload your Raw DNA to GEDmatch, DNALand, My Heritage and Wegene for more results. It's free!

  29. ULGMX says:

    100 % Atlantic Asian
    White is a Indian subrace

  30. eeehh.. wtf, im dark brown haired and 27% scandinavian according to my test, she´s blonde and 1,..4?? Something´s not right.

  31. Jobee Wave says:

    Thank's Courtney , will do! You are so cute!

  32. Ashkenazic Jew is simply European Jew. The word "Ashkenaz" is Hebrew for Germany. I'm about 75% Ashkenazic Jew

  33. Keen Rays says:

    Are you from Wisconsin? , because a lot of German, Italian went to that State.

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