Home DNA Ancestor5 Truths About DNA Tests (23andMe, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage DNA, LivingDNA)
5 Truths About DNA Tests (23andMe, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage DNA, LivingDNA)

5 Truths About DNA Tests (23andMe, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage DNA, LivingDNA)

Want to take a DNA test, but you aren’t sure what you’re getting into? Watch and learn what you can and can’t get from DNA tests for genealogy. Need help understanding your results or getting to the bottom of your family history?




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33 thoughts on “5 Truths About DNA Tests (23andMe, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage DNA, LivingDNA)

  1. 49jubilee says:

    Washington also had two brothers…and she DOES LOOK like him..
    Btw, George 3, and 7 are connected
    KING George 3, was married to black Charlotte while George 7, has sister Charlotte

  2. It's all a scam to get everyones DNA in a database and clone us

  3. ??I think you're connected to Michelle Obama! ?

  4. You so called black people or so called African Americans are really some indoctrinated brainwashed idiots! You people are still letting the pale-face deceive you with the DNA testing bulshit and lies. Wow! They make your people look really simple-minded and dumb!!!!

  5. Great job. Informative . ?

  6. I feel like African Americans are the most in the dark about where their ancestry lies. All we know is we were kidnapped from Africa

  7. Hi, I recently took a DNA test a month to trace both my paternal and maternal lineage and the results were not what I expected. How can I trace my family lineage if I don't entirely agree with the evidence of the DNA test???

  8. Good video, very informative and you kept it brief. P.S. I love your hair.

  9. How do you know, we’re you disappointed?

  10. bebe bebe says:

    just another way to make money off of you why can't people just be happy with what they were born as

  11. Her resoning for number one, and part of five, is not accurate at all. There may not be as large of pool of Africans or African Americans in the test pools, but that is the choice of those demographics. The DNA from each area that you have is known to originate from each area regardless of the number of participants.

  12. Priscilla says:

    They might not be accurate regardless of you are a person of color or not. Almost nobody is purely any race.

  13. bikernvet says:

    okay all deep thinkers…why is DNA an exact science in determining paternity or in solving murders but it's so ambiguous in determining heritage ?

  14. 100% European from 2 different tests – mostly British & Scandinavian.

  15. I always wonder about white people and black people too, who claim native Americans heritage….. I call them pretindians…… I have a friend who when we met said "Im Cherokee….4/4ths."

  16. Ray Rayner says:

    If dna results are so inaccurate, i have to ask how come they can tell us with any certainty we evolved from any non human creature. Just a thought.

  17. SamIAm says:

    Nice presentation. No one ever contacted me though. Pretty sad.

  18. Hmmmm I have 16 generations of father to son on paper so I wonder what the DNA would say.

  19. Download your raw dna to gedcom. you will get a more detailed account.it's free

  20. ScumBag says:

    Yo also got to remember markers play a role. You could be say, Scottish, but it could be just that you yourself haven’t had any Scottish dna markers passed down to you.
    That’s why they suggest getting parents done too if there’s some part of your history you’d like to verify. Also this is just your genetic makeup, not you history, heritage or origin

  21. ckdesert says:

    LMAO…"Pa Not Pa"! Miss Celie tried to warn y'all way back when!

  22. This confirms what I thought, it is not rigorous science but commercialiized hoopla.

  23. kpt75 says:

    Which DNA test would be the best to take?? (Still with reasonable price..)

  24. There is always one correct proposition. Blacks are from Africa, whites from Europe and rest from Asia.

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    Rhonda Lynn Pickett- Jackson, MS

  26. Ancestry.com left me with more confusion. I do think the percentages are off especially when other sites give you different results. I had percentages of my dna in Asia and the Middle east but it couldn't account for exactly where, like they were guessing. Then I matched with family members that were Asian. I met up with one, we figured out that our grandfathers were brothers but she didn't share the same regions in Asia. I looked at her father's regions and he also had different Asian roots and Native American DNA that did not show up on my dna. Looking at my grandfather there was obvious asian dna but I think with the method of testing they do they are playing puzzle and a guessing game. When I added things up there was also 6% of my dna that was completely unaccounted for.

  27. How can we kno if results are true

  28. Genetics is a probability game. If there is a high percentage of a particular region in the data, it doesn't mean that your results will be skewed. It only means that your results are less certain than theirs.

  29. Brad Eddy says:

    I think the ones who say it's not accurate just didn't have Native American show up in their chart. because a lot of people were misinformed about Native American heritage.. because my results showed mostly British and Irish. which I knew because my last name (Eddy) is originated in England. I also had German, which I heard from my Grandma when she was alive. her dads side

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