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  1. Skip to 2:40 for the results. You're welcome.

  2. phoggee says:

    those results dont explain that nose at all. no jewish??

  3. She looks like Tina Fey. Awesome results

  4. tonelow5 says:

    Haha love your videos . Ur definitely German haha the nose and last name . Ur gorgeous . Keep up the excellent content and videos !!!!!

  5. John Doe says:

    Omg you are so cute energetic self aware pretty vibrant women

  6. I think they mix up English and German, because it's so similar. And broadly north western European could be German as well.
    Best regards from Germany

  7. HesseJamez says:

    Your name and your hair color says you're German. We all have dark-blonde-brown ("dirty blond") hair here if not dyed.

  8. the broadly northwestern part could be french and german

  9. Chippy Cho says:

    Its been updated since this video, so if you want to check it, it'll probably be broken down even further 🙂

  10. Anybody looking for French is going to be disappointed. There is no French gene. In France race is not recognized nor promoted. The ideals of the French Republic are, and that means racial mixing.

  11. Your looks remind me of mostly western asian and a little bit of irish 🙂 I heard from somewhere that our looks are consist of only 1% of our complete DNA .You're so cute by the way 🙂

  12. Thanks for letting me peep : ) lol

  13. DNA Testing is illegal in Germany. So they only have a very small amount of samples from that region, which makes it harder to specify where the DNA is from.
    The broadly north and westeuropean could be german too. Even easteuropean ( east germany ) and even south european ( south germany ) could be german too.
    Its just a very unlucky that they dont have a high enough number of german samples directly form germany to help matching the dna with people of german decent outside of germany.
    Also germany is right in the center of europe, so most of germans share some slavic ( former prussia what is now polish ), south-european ( roman empire now south germany ) and scandinavian ( denmark now north germany ) dna.
    Im from Germany and I would love to do a dna test. Im right at the french, swiss border so i probably should get french-german for the most part.

  14. Hannah says:

    Fans from Germany over here ☺️??

  15. dj911041 says:

    Women only get there maternal side when getting ur DNA test

  16. wow thats so nice u find out but amzing that u are more awsome

  17. FrancisJoa says:

    Wrong girl, Northwestern Europe is also German and the English are mainly German (95%) with a little bit of Welsh in them because the Anglo-Saxons were two German tribes from the Northern part of Germany called today Lower-Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein who settled in England in the past.

  18. Kalevipoeg says:

    What you should understand about 23andme and ALL genetic testing results: They are NOT 100% going to be able to pinpoint the place your ancestors came from. In fact, it is at BEST an educated guess – so it is very important to remember that.

    Let me tell you how my mother's results compared to our actual KNOWN ancestry with hard proof from many centuries of documents, census records, marriage records, etc:

    my mother's mother – my grandmother – was born in Tallinn, Estonia. My grandmother's father's line was 100% Estonian going back as far as records exist, which is at least 600-700 years in his case. That's actually further back than 23andme can even look for your ethnicity estimates, since it is really limited to about the last 10 generations, or 200-300 years on average. Meanwhile, my Grandmother's mother's line was from G'dansk for centuries and became Estonian later. My mother's father was largely a nordic type so, a lot of northern European. Now, even if my maternal grandfather had zero eastern European in him (which is not true, we know from records), 23andme classifies both POLAND and ESTONIA as EASTERN EUROPEAN (yet oddly enough classes Finland as Northwestern even though Finland is further east than Poland and just as East as Estonia, and Finns are genetically actually very different from their Swedish neighbors, not to mention linguistically a totally different group).

    So, given that, my mother should have had results that said "50% eastern European", at LEAST. But her results (my father also had a lot of eastern european ancestry but that's another story) did not mesh well with the known history at ALL. She got about 22% eastern Europe and a lot of "broadly northern" and "broadly northwestern" despite us having absolute proof that her side was largely from eastern Poland for many centuries and from Estonia for all of recorded history.

    Now, a big part of the reason for that is very simply that 23andme does not have any sort of decent reference population for Estonia, so a lot of what should definitely be "Estonian" or "eastern European" gets lumped under "broadly northern European". In fact, despite century upon century in Estonia, 23andme could not even pinpoint our heritage from Estonia at ALL even though most of our matches they showed us were in Estonia and Russia and Finland, which are also Estonia's nearest geographic neighbors.

    Aside from the fact that a LOT of your German ancestry is probably just assigned under "broadly northwestern European" because, frankly, 23andme cannot tell what is distinctly German vs distinctly, say, British very well (because a LOT of Germanic peoples moved onto the British isles in the last thousand years or more, most modern Brits have a lot of German blood – therefore, the reference population for Germans and Brits can easily get confused – just because it says 40% British and Irish does not actually mean you are of British and Irish ancestry – just that that's what most closely clusters around your results today.

    The PROBLEM with that is….the genetic structure of modern Brits is actually not at all what the genetic structure of ancient Brits looked like – it is actually more representative of what the genetic structure of mainland Europe looked like many centuries ago, because, again, the British isles were populated by a number of waves of Germanic people from places like what is now Germany. Meanwhile, the genetic structure of modern Germans has changed a bit as well due to immigrations from elsewhere.

    Try to think of your ancestry results as a general tool you can use in hopefully narrowing down where your ancestors most LIKELY came from in the last few centuries. It might help direct your research into actual paper records e.g. birth records, baptism records, death records, from various countries. E.g. if you get a lot of Italian results, it might be a good idea to search in Italian archives. BUT it doesnt PROVE at all that your ancestors were British and Irish vs German.

    Most of Europe, as it turns out, is pretty genetically homogeneous due to multiple migrations from place to place over thousands of years. Finnish people are the biggest genetic outlier of all European groups, and Estonians have the highest percentage of ancient hunter-gatherer genes of any group on the planet (those being the very earliest, most ancient inhabitants of Europe before the agricultural cultures from the middle east replaced much of that first population – the ancient hunter-gatherers in Europe were brown-skinned, black-haired, and blue eyed – an odd combination of features). But other than THAT, most Europeans are pretty similar in their overall genetic structure because MOST EUropeans (aside from a few in the NE) are descended from Indo-European speaking farmers from the middle east who replaced and mixed with the hunter-gatherers many thousands of years ago.

    And, because of that….and because a lot of these groups tended to end their journey where they could no longer migrate any further west – that being, in the British isles – that means that modern Brits are given credit for an awful lot of heritage that they didn't necessarily contribute to.

    My mother's results are proof of that bias in reference populations. Actual documents versus estimates of ancestry – if we went by the documents, my mother's results should read largely eastern European, but because some of the results get lost in northern (broadly) european, it makes the Eastern part look smaller than it actually is. Likewise, we know for a fact we had some fairly recent (in the last 150-200 years) asian ancestry and my Grandmother had still some Eurasian features, yet we were only given a bit of east asian in our results attributed to a part of Siberia.

    ANYWAY…to summarize….while a lot of Americans DO have English heritage, not all do….and British-Irish results in 23andme do not necessarily mean that that person's ancestor ever stepped foot on British soil. Even if they DID….if that "broadly northwestern" european (which includes Germany) is indeed masking the rest of her German ancestry….that would make German a far more significant part of her heritage than the results would seem to imply at first glance.

  19. You are what you do.

  20. I agree with you, the results remains foggy for 99$ "broadly european" what does it mean really ? How they calculate Celtic blood, Barbarian blood like Wisigoths for instance, Gaulois, Franc & Germanic ? ????? Scandinavian are the Vikings for sure.

  21. And to think you'd be pure white if your family didn't settle in America.

  22. 730 Mŷ says:

    You should test with Ancestry. Perhaps you'd get more details about your ethnicity. Cheers!

  23. perliva says:

    Is “Sara Anschütz” your real name? Mehr Deutsch kann man kaum sein. 🙂

  24. R says:

    are you German on your dad's side? Because that would explain why it doesn't show up for you. We girls can only get DNA results from our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, you get the picture.
    Now males get the twofer, they get results from their moms AND dads both. No fair.
    So you would need either a brother or your dad to do a DNA test to find out what's up on that side.
    So not fair.

  25. In other words, you're white.

  26. Broadly northwestern european is relate with north germans and west germanic tribes. French and German is more relate with Celts in south germany, so its explain a lot

  27. lucas f says:

    I really thought you had some Southern European… wow.

  28. You sound exactly like Jenna Marbles

  29. If you test your parents or grandparents, please post the video results!

  30. no name says:

    A DNA test cannot tell you your ethnicity. I know this concept is difficult to understand, but you have to look at it from the viewpoint that everyone is made up of DNA. Some DNA is more prevalent in some countries, but that doesn't mean your ancestors came from that country. It means you and those other people with that DNA have a common ancestor. That's all it means. You can take an Englishman, Frenchman, German and Swede, and they can have almost identical DNA. There is certain DNA that is prevalent in all those countries. If you have 80% of that DNA it doesn't mean your ancestry is from the country with that in the highest amount. It just means that you share a common ancestor with a lot of people from that country…DNA testing just tells you your DNA "ancestry" – that's all.

  31. Your DNA results are fake. You have been conned. We have 1/4 the same genes as a grain of rice…This does not make us 1/4 long grain!!! $400 for anbsolute rubbish! You must have more money than sense. Because we get genes from both parents all of our DNA gets shuffled and remixed every generation making it impossible to trace what comes from where and whom. There are only two bits of DNA which are pure, one from Dad and one from mom. IT IS ALL FAKE TO TAKE YOUR MONEY FROM YOU!

  32. PilsPlease says:

    Mine was a shock because my dads german, and I figured I was going to have a huge mix of western and eastern European I'm literally 99.8% Northwestern European and basically I'm literally 50/50 Irish/Norwegian lol. Except if you saw me you would think I'm Scandinavian I'm 6'3 I look like a damn Viking lol.

  33. You have 100% Irish green eyes ☘️

  34. Boring.. Two thumbs down!

  35. steve boy says:

    why put native american on the screen its pretty much insignificant

  36. Your channel deserves more subs

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