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My 23andMe DNA Results! • Filipino

My 23andMe DNA Results! • Filipino

In this video I show you my 23andMe DNA Results!

My 23andMe Timeline

1. Kit in Transit: 12/10/2017
2. Receiving and Quality Inspection: 12/10/2017
3. DNA Extraction: 1/7/2018
4. DNA Analysis: 1/13/2018 (Repeated this step due to low call rate)
5. Quality Review: 1/13/2018
6. Initial Raw Data Processing: 1/13/2018
7. Computation and Report Generation: 1/15/2018

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45 thoughts on “My 23andMe DNA Results! • Filipino

  1. Matt Watts says:

    You are very Filipino! My wife's results (from Manila) were about 1/2 Filipino, 1/3 Chinese, 1/10 European, and tiny portions from India and North Africa.

  2. Phil Oz says:

    I just got my results from 23andMe and have the same 0.4 % European (0.3 Broadly and 0.1 Southern Euro) and then 0.1 North African/Arab. Surprised no Chinese was detected on mine as my paternal grandmother was told to be part Chinese.

  3. HBlaine says:

    did you bought 23andme from the philippines? i thought they dont have shipment reaching there

  4. Love Lyfe says:

    I'm 84.8% Sub Saharan African 13.0% European and 1.4% East Asian and Native American.

  5. fuck brazilian rapists portugese bastards

  6. eclip_tech says:

    It disturbs me how many white worshipping people there are in these comments. Considering the timeline the Spanish popped up in her DNA, her ancestor was probably raped. We need to know our history and stop worshipping white people when they stole our islands for our resources and tried to erase our people.

  7. Brazilian flag at your t shirt ❤❤ btw I'm brazilian


  9. by ur nose
    you are a filipina

  10. Filipinos need to stop thinking there Spanish

  11. Did you took the $99 or the $199? I am planing to take it on my 18th birthday. I am actually adopted and multi ethnic. Im so excited to find out the truth!

  12. Lie Lie says:

    Hello,,,,my father also is from ilocos Norte.

  13. eyes0ny0u says:

    So question: when 23andme post your result they say just say southeast asia and don't even elaborate on the breakdown? Or did you just skip that?

  14. I got about 42% Chinese (my dad) and 57% Filipino, 2.6% Southern European (Iberian, Balkan) and less than 1% North African. It's fascinating how accurate it is. Considering the history between Spain and North Africa and also Spain and Philippines. My bf is Cambodian and got it for free! His results took 3 weeks and we are going to look at his results together today… free health reports too no fair!

  15. HesseJamez says:

    As a European I can't tell apart Filipino, from Thai, Lao or (Southern)Vietnamese….they all look the same to me.

  16. Waw, it´s interesting how filipino people hate themselves … your Spanish blood was not out of love? hahahahaahaha

  17. In short pure pinoy ka nga.

  18. Ancestry test for Southeast Asian people is just not recommended. They're not detailed enough. Like, yea of course you're 99.9% SEA but how much of it is Philippine? Indonesia? Thailand? Malaysia? Cambodia?? I wanted to take the test to someday but only when the company has broaden they're diversity of DNA on SEA countries. All in all, for now, it's not much worth it.

    Edit: if anyone knows any other DNA test companies that specialises in SEA countries please let me know.


  20. i'm like to take my 23andMe DNA result too because i'm look like a chinese but my hair is natural curly and my eyes brown sometime call me chinese but i'm wondering because i have not seen chinese have a curly hair jejeje!

  21. Where can I do a DNA ancestry test in the Philippines?

  22. Now that you have 23andme raw data, you should definetely take http://www.24genetics.com ancestry test. I really recommend it, it entirely fit with the information that I already had and it is much more complete

  23. I'm half Asian half American. Though other than being half Filipino (Malay and/or Austronesian ancestry to be exact) and half European American, I also have a little bit of of Japanese, Chinese, and Cambodian ancestry as well. Statistically it's meaningless this %of 0.8% and 0.2%. Filipinos in general are an Austronesian people related to Indonesians, Malays, all the way to Madagascar (i.e. the Malagasy people). Plus some filipinos are mixed of other Asian ancestries as well, kinda like mine that I mentioned above. This grasping at trying to find Spanish ancestry is a little bit too much and is practically non existent.

  24. Good to know she's a proud Asian otherwise it would be funny especially that the 0.04% European is almost nothing and you'd need a microscope for you to see that it is basically less than a micro milliliter drop of Spanish blood.

  25. Put your results in Wegene.com and you will get a better breakdown of the Asian side for free. Use the English version.

  26. Hi…do you have a gedmatch number?

  27. It needs to be atleast 6% to be considered u have it..not all have spanish in them.. Sometimes some of our ancestors are just forced to take a spanish lastname. And i did ancestry and i do not have spanish

  28. Lmao only small percent of Filipino has Spanish in them

  29. Rubellite says:

    Cool! I’m filipino too, although it’s less than your percentage. I was 94.9% East Asian (Southeast Asian-78.5%, Chinese-11.2%, Broadly East Asian/Native American-1.6%), European 3.7% (Iberian 0.5, broadly Southern European 1.9, northwestern-0.1%, and broadly 1.3%), 0.6% South Asian, 0.2% Oceanian, and 0.6% unassigned

  30. your ancestor probably got raped by spanish fucking invaders

  31. willie417 says:

    You need/should to upload to WeGene, they lean more toward Asian heritage https://www.wegene.com/en/

  32. AstersX says:

    I got German Shepherd blood

  33. Noypi54494 says:

    I love evolution and genetics. Thanks for the vlog! Sadly even with factual DNA evidence of common African ancestry (we are all related) many are still ignorant and unwilling to set aside superficial skin color differences.

  34. My dna kit was in extraction for 9 weeks total. I called the company and was sent a complimentary kit for waiting so long and then they prioritized my kit and my results were back within a week. I gave my husband the free kit they sent me. Btw my husband is Pinoy half ilonngo and half kampangan

  35. "Probably wasn't love…" ??? Not all Filipinos were slaves LOL I'm a Filipinos historian, there are a lot of consensual relationships and marriages between European and natives. Also depending how (ie plain sex or marriage) and when (before Christianity or after) it was also more complex. Depending on if your ancestor was a slave (Filipinos, followed by some Spanish had chattel and serfs) then it could be (forced) but sometimes the best route for a slave to in relationship with higher hierarchy or even Spanish men because they'd have possibility of marriage or at least safety in terms of favor. Whether or not you have European ancestry, you could be born "not from love" LOL Also back then the norms were also very different. Sex before marriage and even having multiple partners (mostly for men but was also for women in some cases) were not 'rare'. LOL

  36. Actually, given the dates, it was most probably out of love. Tooo much anglo-saxon black legend and american brainwashing a very little history.

  37. Meiji says:

    Not everyone was raped though… the Principalía or Ilustrado classes were wealthy natives who can trace their ancestry from precolonial times to the Datus, Rajas and other noble liniages, the Spanish allowed this people to keep their wealth and intermariages between them and the Spanish was promoted… only Indios were not allowed to intermarry because they were peasants… Jose Rizal is a good example, he married Josephine Bracken a British woman and it wasn''t frowned upon because Rizal comes from a wealthy and educated family.

  38. When your showed a screenshot of your results, I realized you show up on my "New Relatives" on 23andMe. Apparently we are 4th cousins!

  39. Random 94 says:

    Nice results! but how you know the Spanish blood was not out of love? It also can be from a mestizo or the Galleons in the Spanish Era who sends a lot of Latin American people to the Philippines with mixed people of Native/White ancestry 🙂https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filipinos#Hispanic_settlement_and_rule_(1521%E2%80%931898)

  40. I'm black and Filipino and have 6% European. 1% Iberian. More European than this Filipina! Yet, I still consider my self to be proud BLACK Filipino!

  41. Wil liam says:

    Damn thats very low percentage of Iberian Peninsula for being Filipina (usually a bit more % for being Filipino)

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