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Someone is lying about something because.. a couple things aren’t adding up lmao

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31 thoughts on “MY ENTIRE LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE?! | 23andMe DNA Results

  1. I should've mentioned that the influences I had growing up were loosely Hispanic on my fathers side and German on my mothers side, but also mainly a whole lot of nothing bc no one cared enough about anything.

  2. Wellllll keep in mind you only get 50% from each parent so he might have just not given you much Native American ?

  3. "pasty" you have some deep seeded self hate issues, seek help. It's ok to be European.

  4. Go talk to your Dad ! Life's too short for stupid drama – bury the friggin' hatchet

  5. I honestly thought you'd have more American

  6. It's really common for people to have this story about native american ancestry – whilst it might be true going WAY WAY back, people just focus on it more over the generations as it's something exotic and more interesting than what most of white American's forebears were. So as far as your dad knew it might have been true. Broadly Northwestern European could be UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, all these countries are heavily interrelated so sometimes it's hard to pinpoint the likely origin.

  7. Thumbs down she has some African dna she didn’t see that. Not so pasty.

  8. Rika Nazy says:

    I thought you were Jewish (polish), Irish, maybe Hungarian. Probably waaaaaaaaay off

  9. Celeste.H says:

    Maybe Africa/middle eastern (small percentage) though. Love your channel ??

  10. You are my amazon princess wow when God made you he was in a good mood and so was your mom and dad. Wow Damn you are hooooot you give us men heart attack you are truly hooot can i clone you. Muackisss. ?????

  11. Lmao. Your ancestors chose White power.

  12. Why?????
    They are sampling your DNA and using it for whatever they want. Im almost certain that its not legit. Not a good idea.

  13. Very hot ! It doesn't matter where you are from you are beautiful. Nice smile lipstick delicious you did good babygirl didn't exaggerate on make up. DAMN ! MY LITTLE MERMAID . ❤

  14. You are definitely English. Your teeth are a dead giveaway.

  15. well you do look pretty white… so…. don't know why that was so shocking that you're almost 100% white.. . maybe your dad did have a little bit of Native in his background but not much.. which not every person who thinks they have Native actually do have Native. Don't know why so many people want to be part Native any god dang way..

  16. These ancestry or ethnicity dna tests are selling the modern day equivalent of selling a pet rock or snake oil.

    There is nothing in one's dna that links them to where they were born. If there is nothing in your dna that links you to where you were born, then there is nothing in one's ancestors that links them to where they were supposedly from.

    Another logical fallacy of these ancestry or ethnicity dna test, is that mental constructs can not be manifest or replicated in one's dna. Anyone beyond the age of two knows that language, culture, ethnicity, religion or life, has to be learned.

    Another logical fallacy is that an individual is only made up of a few haplogroups, when the biological reproductive process is a geometric progression of the power of two, which meaning that going back only 20 generations, there were 1,048,576 contributors to one's dna. It is possible to go from specific to general but it is impossible to go from general to specific.

    Another logical fallacy is that an haplogroup establishes any link to one's real identity. Because of biological reproductive process, each individual is a uniquely distinct individual where each generation losing access to half of the previous generation's dna, one is only genetically linked to 254 other individuals which only goes back 7 generations.

    The biological reproductive process is an evolutionary process moving forward not back, where no one has ever been the same or will ever be the same that can only be linked to one's actual progenitors, not some fictional mental construct.

  17. I se why you look so tan you are not 100% white

  18. What is wrong with all these dna testers complaining about being white? You’re white, so fucking what! Be proud of all your heritage, that includes the white!

  19. Kat Ritter says:

    I am going to say you are 85% european with german , Iberian being the dominating ehtni groups!

  20. my guess is that ur native amercian or white

  21. If you can get your brother to take a DNA test you can get the paternal side of your gene makeup.

  22. I was thinking about "my parents has lied to I wasn't a vampire " when i saw your face .. lol Edir . maybe those 21 % broadly north european is those extinct Goth Trides

  23. I think your German, British and Irish, Iberian (Spain and Portugal) and Native American

  24. You are disgusting!

  25. Thanks for the video! I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry is  www.24genetics.com  with more than 400 world regions. They are very reliable, I realy recommend it in your situation

  26. Makes sense, you look very Viking… 🙂

  27. These numbers are not the actual percentage of your heritage, think about this more like chances of been X. Everything less then 5% is really speculative.

  28. Ian Bell says:

    Like you're just like like.

  29. Sofia says:

    What if youre part mexican or something cause yolanda for ur mom

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