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  1. DeryaZ says:

    For the middle east and north african section I wish it really hinted at the countries considering there are a ton.

  2. tonelow5 says:

    U are such a cutie . Ur hair and your eyes ❤️❤️❤️??. I’m in love lol

  3. Hey I'm Indian American and got 97 percent South Asian lol However South Asia is a mixture of all ethnicities and people, so I went on GEDmatch and got more detailed results. I uploaded a video on it, you should check out more!

  4. tiluriso says:

    The Finnish component is likely from your dad. Finns are Finno-Ugric in origin, that is they come from the Ural Mountains in Russia, meaning that component might have spread out to and be present in Central Asian Turks too. The East Asian and 'Native American' components are likely from the Central Asian/Siberian genes that were likely present in the original Ethnic Turkish people.

  5. tiluriso says:

    Your over 50% South Asian, meaning your Turkish father has some of that too, but that is not a surprise since I've read many scholarly articles indicating that the South Asian Autosomal component is indeed present in the genetic make up of Modern Anatolian Turks.

  6. tiluriso says:

    Turkey's people are a product of 'Elite Dominance Model'. Yes, the bringer of Turkish dialects were originally from Central Asia/Mongolia region and likely of 'Eurasian descent', but as they moved away from that area, kept absorbing other populations. When they arrived in Anatolia, they found many local, politically varied, disunited populations of local Anatolian origin. These Central Asian Turkish tribes were politically quite unified, and had no problem imposing their language on the local population. They were numerically inferior, but more organized militarily and otherwise than the Anatolians, but they were The Elite, The ruling class, which is usually a small percentage of any population.. So in a few centuries, Turkish language had replaced Anatolian dialects, and Turkish cultural traits had been absorbed by the locals – but the Central Asian Y-DNA/mT DNA haplotypes didn't leave much of an imprint on the modern population, but SOME Central Asian/Siberian Autosomal admixture component percentage are usually present in the bulk of the population's genetic makeup. The Elite Dominance model is also seen in Great Britain, in regards to the Anglo-Saxons, who superimposed their Germanic language on a population that is largely of Paleo-Western Atlantic and Brythonic origin.

  7. 1mikon says:

    Indian and Turkish, wow! Beautiful mix. Thousands of years ago people moved due to climate change and all that . Your is pretty much like many Indians.you are very beautiful by the way.

  8. Low caste south Asian+West Asian Converted Turk

  9. You are looking gorgeous, I would like to marry you

  10. Most people from India who migrated to Fiji were from UP and Bihar.

  11. yakuts and finish and other turkish groups are same family.. finnish peoplle and turkish people from same language familiy.. also hungary estland and turks are same group.. therefore.. if your father is turkish , yakutsk balkan and finish blood normal… but indian also normal.. because india governd long time under the another turkish emperial,, babur emperial… read history…

  12. Doc M says:

    Indian itself is very composite mixture. Many indian are mixture of central asia and south indian. But then again turk is one hell of a mixture too.

  13. I love your personality. Thanks for sharing your results, can't wait to do mine…

  14. I'm Indian and did a 23 and me video too! Yours was awesome!

  15. onee says:

    I assume that your great great great grandparents were nomads. Like many people's great great great grandparents. You should look at the Mongol Empire.

  16. m nb says:

    So your dad is Arab or other Semitic group.because turkey is classified under Caucasus not middle eastern (and most Turks that I've seen did the test got that).I wonder from what part of turkey is your dad?

  17. Dünyanın %80 ni Türk amk ???

  18. Kristov818 says:

    so you are only 2% "turkic" , the rest is a product of turkification but not turkic

  19. Lady you look more hindu than Turkish
    and not white…

  20. when you feel like you wasted almost 200$ on a stupid dna test that only states the obvious

  21. Türkler olarak alayınızı siktiğimizden dolayı normal.Bkz Cengiz han

  22. Were you high or drunk while making this video?

  23. z2t kk says:

    All the results form 23andme has a minimum of 0.1 % jewish.. they will throw it in there for everyone

  24. North African are caucaions they r not black

  25. healer2008 says:

    All I can say is you are 100% cute !

  26. This is very strange I’m northern Indian of Fiji Indian decent 10 percent Finnish came up in my DNA and the same for 8 other friends from my group..
    what’s going on NASA what are you hiding ? .. shit maybe the Aryan invasion theory is true..

  27. My dna as an albanian:
    South European 91.3%:
    >Balkan 90.1%
    >Broadly Southern European 1.2%

    Northwestern European 2%:
    >Broadly Northwestern European 2%

    Eastern European 6.7%:

    >Broadly Eastern European 6.7%

  28. Fuck ur history teacher how peoples dont know balkans or somehthing chises

  29. MxTooReal says:

    ancestry dna is sooooooo much better

  30. Jace Nath says:

    That’s so cool! I’m Fiji Indian, African American, Greek, and Turkish!! And I got my dna tested too so I’m plenty more haha. This is wonderful to see!

  31. 0,9 % mongolian this proves all turks are mongols , not .

  32. turks dont come from mongolia if you are a jewish immigrant then there is your answer .

  33. You act like an impish 10 year old.

  34. "girl i see africa lit up" lol

  35. how can you be half Turkish and not know what Balkan is wtf

  36. Cutie you makings me laugh

  37. %32 Asia central
    %23 Caucasus
    %12 Italy- Greece
    %9 Europe east
    %8 North Africa
    %6 Finnish
    %4 Middle east
    %4 european jewish
    %2 Europe west
    I am greek my father is thessaloniki And my mother is athens. i was born in london but i was shocked. What is my nation?

  38. The Jewish DNA is from Turkey.

  39. Jackie B says:

    crazy how your mix makes you look north african :p you could pass for one you knooooooo

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