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Is 23andMe the best DNA testing company?

Is 23andMe the best DNA testing company?

Which DNA test company is the best? Is it 23and Me? Andy Lee shares his 5 likes and 3 dislikes of 23andMe’s genetic test results to help you decide.

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48 thoughts on “Is 23andMe the best DNA testing company?


  2. Try uploading your DAN report to GEDmatch.com. They provide painted DNA, check for ancient DNA, etc.

  3. Why do I only have 2 matches?

  4. vesito17 says:

    I think their opt-ins are actually the better way to go. Yes, they are slow and require reading through them one by one. However, they are also informative and require a consciously made choice – as opposed to clicking automatically on a box that lets you accept all terms and conditions without reading them. One of the things that 23andMe provides that I really like, is their comprehensive explanation of the laws the company is bound by as well as the pros and cons of doing a DNA test.

  5. Just a tip: please stay still or get a different mic. I can't handle the constant sounds of something rubbing against it so I don't watch. I want to, though! It's easy to fix!

  6. Mrs. Enys says:

    Messaging svc is shit! You are quite right, Sir.

  7. +Family History Fanatics I'm seriously considering testing with 23andMe but before I do, I wanted to ask your very knowledgeable opinion. So…I and my sibling (brother) are half brothers through our mother, which is what we're sure of. Our father is what we're unsure of. My mother said she's solidly sure that we're half siblings siblings, but does agree she's not 100% sure…I recently saw a commercial about half-siblings that discovered they were related through 23andMe (Assuming because I've really been searching online) and yet they were only had 20% genetically similar? I'm confused…Isn't it supposed to be 50%? Because you're 'HALF SIBLINGS'? What I wanted to do is kinda "double dip" withOUT having to go to a DNA center and also getting our genetic ancestry…So, do you know if it would tell us whether we ARE full siblings via our father? We'd both be sending our kits at the same time because I'll be paying for his.

  8. I just signed up. I do like the detailed opt-in's since they are selling my data.

    I do plan on porting my data FTDNA and later doing y&mt tests as well and using other sites for analysis.

    I'll check which videos you have on this channel shortly but the question I have right now is …

    Has anyone does two tests back to back or a few months apart and received different results for particular SNP's or chromosome. In other words what is the error rate of the sequencing machines?

  9. 23andMe are a joke, They lump the middle east from the Gulf to Morocco 5000 km as one group! But they claim they can differentiate between Spaniards, Italians, Greeks and other regions in Europe.
    How could the Gulf states be unrelated to Iraq, Syria but in the same time Berbers in Algeria and Morocco 5000 km away are in the same group as Gulf Arabs??
    This is a joke
    They claim to have increased the regions to 120 but they Joined Arabia with North Africa knowing that Berbers aren't Arabs
    If someone can explain to me why they have done that

  10. John Simms says:

    I like their Y and mitochondria haplogroupings. I also like their health reports.

  11. PureVapor says:

    Hi Lee, I watched your video on 120 ancestors (very well explained, thank you!), and I'm a little curious how then the neanderthal variants from 23andMe can be counted upon if this people group lived so very long ago, way way past the realm of generations that would equal the 120 ancestors of which we have DNA.

  12. I am plannng to purchase a kit from 23 and me to finally get a test done. Andy, are you on Wikitree? Wikitree is wonderful for both genealogy and for DNA matches. Also have you uploaded your raw data to GEDmatch as well? Wikitree dot com. Its a great place to post your tree, its free and I love it!! There is a steep learning curve, but once you get past that, then you are good to go.

  13. Linux DOS says:

    Hi, do these dna test kit / applications have an option – that will allow one to see – Close Relatives? Thanks!

  14. I was considering 23andMe but opted for the National Geographic's Geno2.0 instead. Now I kind of regret my choice.I can'r afford a new test at present, but I'd still like to take 23andMe's sometime.

  15. Judy Carey says:

    Thanks for the info.

  16. I decided to do it for medical info to see how accurate in detecting Sjogrens Syndrome and other ailments. As a bit of fun, wanted to see how much neanderthal I have. Lol.

  17. Brian Alan says:

    I’ll save everyone the 11 minuets. They are total garbage. If you don’t believe me call their customer support staff and see how you are treated.

  18. puncheex2 says:

    Specifically about Neanderthal DNA:

    In 1997 a group of researchers at the Leipzig Max Planck Institute fot Human Genetics started a project on analyzing Neanderthal DNA, without much hope of ultimate success. They wanted to get a full genome of the Neandertha, just like we had for humans. Unfortunately, DNA doesn't last too very long in the wild, but they had hopes. The team leader, a Swede named Svante Paabo, decided to pick the dangling fruit first: try to sequence mitochndrial DNA. There's a lot more of it than nuclear DNA, and its only a single circular chromosome of 16,595 base pairs coding for 23 genes. It is inherited in all life using sexual reproduction only from the mother. The analysis was published and showed no sharing of DNA between modern humans and the Neaderthals. This was commonly interpreted that there was no sharing of any DNA. In 2006 SVante and the team started working on nuclear DNA, first trying to extract some and then building the DNA model. In May 2010 was published the papder that surprosed everyone. Not only had they succeeded in establishing the genome, but found that there was deinfite sharing in all modern humans excepting those whose ancestry never left Africa at all. This pointed a smoking gun at the middle East.

    So the Neanderthals died out 30,000 years ago. All but that part of them that is us.

  19. I heard Neanderthals are the most empathetic and psychic.

  20. I was adopted… I have Mucular Dystrophy (Charcot-Marie-Tooth)…is there a DNA test that could lead me to anyone in the past that had it.

  21. Neanderthal Rights Now!

  22. Rod Bender says:

    Monkey's? No way.

  23. Well,the full DNA test for 23&Me does include a few Health Reports.These Health Reports are based on the genetic analysis of your Genome,specifically in regard to your genetic predispositions towards certain health conditions,and diseases.Without the Health Reports,the 23&Me DNA test is a $ 100 cheaper.But as the gentleman explained,23&Me is basically,more a Medical Research company,than it is a Genealogical compsny,friends.So then with their full DNA test,you have Health Reports included as well,which are basically just estimated probabilities of developing certain health conditions,and diseases,based on the genetic analysis of your particular DNA,friends.

  24. Tom Reese says:

    i was adopted, no paper.

  25. So far not a single European or Asian has been found whose mtDNA lineage or Y-DNA lineage is linked to Neanderthal. There is also new study made in Spain which revealed serious timing errors on skeletons of Neanderthal suggesting that they have been died out 15 000 years earlier than formerly believed. So in fact Neanderthal were mostly died out from Europe some 50 000 years ago. First Modern Humans arrived to Europe 48 000 y ago.

  26. 444suse says:

    The fact that non-Africans have Neanderthal DNA on genes doesn't automatically prove that there was interbreeding between Neanderthal and Modern Humans. Actually non-Europeans would have Neanderthal genes even without any interbreeding. So Andy Lee doesn't know this puzzle. He should have known that Neanderthals and Modern Humans are cousins and that group of Modern Humans who left Africa some 80 000 y ago had that Neanderthal gene, those who stayed and "wiped out" other branches had not.

  27. Michael says:

    I did 23 and me. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. Their customer service is good. But they’re just not accurate.

    Originally I had 0.9% North African / middle eastern DNA and my parents both have 0.00%. Then I phased with my mom, who is 0% and IT WENT UP!! to 1.0% I don’t understand how! Then I phased with my dad who also has 0% middle eastern and my middle eastern didn’t go to 0.00% instead it dropped to 0.5%. How does their system know that I have 0.5% middle eastern and also know that my parents are 0%?

    What’s crazier, is originally my italian was 28.6% then when I phased with my mom it went up slightly to 31% Italian. (My Mom is 14% Italian). Then when I phased with my dad who is 44% Italian, my italian dropped to 30.7%!! Instead of going up to the upper 30’s like it should have!

    My mom had a total of approximately 30% “broadly” north western and Southern European. And this is in the 50% speculative range, not the 90% conservative range.

    I also originally had 9% Iberian at first and when I phased with my parents who have about 2 and 4% Iberian, my iberian virtually went away to <0.1%. How do I go from 9% Iberian to <0.1% and yet my parents have about 2-4%?

    My mom and Dad both have 0% south East Asian and when I phased with them, all of a sudden 0.1% south East Asian came up on my report.

    I know I sound like a brat. And I realize it’s probably a very intricate process at the lab. I am just disappointed and will be encouraging people to go through ancestry in the future. Or no dna testing

  28. Once I have my results from 23andme can I sue the raw data for other services online?

  29. What is the best company for African American and why should I test on more than one. I currently tested my father, mother, grandfather my wife and my self on ancestry DNA .com. I am really trying to trace my actual family members as far back as possible

  30. great video thanks. is it possible to send 2 examples, one of me and one of my mother? wouldnt that make research even easier and more precise? just being curious:)

  31. Kim Casey says:

    Thanks for the cons and tips.

  32. Rōnin says:

    For me Ancestry DNA and myheritage had similar results saying that Im more English on both tests. While 23andme said the same thing I had a lower percentage. Ftdna and nat geo said I'm more Eastern European then everything else. I don't know which one is most accurate for a DNA test

  33. we have such an untrustworthy government in the UnitedStates.. it is a big concern releasing anything – anywhere.

  34. I wonder what relationship there is between Neanderthal and Rh negative blood — If there is one

  35. I signed up — Big Mistake. Others are much better.

  36. I like FamilyTreeDNA first, then 23andme, then lastly AncestryDNA.

  37. Why don't you talk about National Geographic Geno 2.0?

  38. imo Living Dna is way better than 23 and me. its not well known but it breaks down dna exactly to the country and parts of it especially your uk ancestry it will tell you what part of the uk you're from. its a lot more detailed and doesnt have that shitty broadly whatever ancestry that 23 and me pulls on you. like saying your 40 percent broadly something. living dna actually has way more detail

  39. I was a bit disappointed with myheritage as they did not give me much info so I decided to try 23andme. Hope they can give me more accurate details about my ancestry.

  40. think about it people why are these companies making these kits so available? Why are they pushing the availability, easy use of these kits?
    Why are they getting people to take these DNA tests? Why are they so interested in getting people to take these tests?
    These companies first got their funding from our government.
    What do you think they do with the results, they send to you a print it if the results. But why do they keep the results on their computers? Do they give the results to our government?
    You better believe they do. It's just another way if cataloging us just like the social security numbers do. Credit scores are another way to catalog us. Just are drivers licenses and is cards are.
    The day is coming when money will be worthless and you will have to use debit and credit cards until they are replaced by another means of currency that can also be used for tracking and cataloging people.

  41. New to genealogy, so I️ have what is a stupid question. If my brother tested and got Y chromosome information from our father and genetic information from our mother. Being a female, is there any advantage to having my dna tested?

  42. I ordered my kit last Sunday, it has come but I haven't sent it back yet. Mostly, I'm curious to see how much Neanderthal I got. It will also be interesting to see if what the Family always said the ancestors came from was true.

  43. I really wish it's "donating" ie free. I say that because 23andMe MAKES MORE MONEY selling that information to pharmaceutical research. Yes they ask for your permission…but if they're making money (lots of it) from selling it, you should get reimbursed for the money you gave to them for the kit. The founder of 23andMe is married to one of Google's founders, and it works hand in hand with Google.

  44. Good Vibes says:

    I find 23andme better for Asian Ancestry with most accurate results and its way better than Ancestrydna and myheritage. FTDNA is useful as well and is my second choice.

  45. DJ Trevi says:

    Has to be better than My Heritage,

  46. They have the largest sampling size & only report things on confidence levels unlike other companies that can "report things". MOST accurate results for me. But no company can give u precise results

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