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23andMe Vs. MyHeritage: Which is Better? Siblings Decide!

23andMe Vs. MyHeritage: Which is Better? Siblings Decide!

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20 thoughts on “23andMe Vs. MyHeritage: Which is Better? Siblings Decide!

  1. Tina Newby says:

    Thank you for the comparison, it was helpful.

  2. Tina Newby says:

    Your DNA and your sister's will be different even from the same company because you each take different combinations of genes from your parents.

  3. Dap Dne says:

    John Bales Jewish it is either a religion and ethnicity. My familytree YDNA results for my brother had J J1 and J2. J2 is generally considered to be ethnically both "Jews and Arabs".

  4. Dap Dne says:

    Different results from different companies are due to the different number of snps tested. I think with 23andMe it is more but it might be the other way.

  5. I uploaded both my AncestryDNA and MyHeritage data to GEDmatch and MyHeritage was closer.

  6. Now I'm no DNA expert, but my layman's analysis leads me to believe that your sister is from Hotland, because she looks Hottish. Or perhaps Hotvia, or maybe Hotsinberg, could be from Hotdamnam, or Hotmenistan. I don't know, but she looks like she has a lot of hot in her.

  7. 23andme and Myheritage DNA results were way different! I uploaded my raw DNA from 23andme onto Myheritage. I know for a fact that I'm Eglish/IrishScottish and Croatian/Bosnian yet Myheritage says nothing about these counties at all and it tells me that I'm Jewish on Myheritage, when 23andme and also FTDNA ( which I also uploaded the same exact raw DNA onto their site as I had with Myheritage) says I'm English/Irish/Scottish and Croatian/Bosnian and NOT Jewish. Also I will note that relatives on both the English/Irish/Scottish and Croatian/Bosnian sides of my family have also tested with 23andme and yes…they too were told the same thing as I. I think Myheritage is way off with their results.

  8. John Hales says:

    ?Jewish? that is a religion unless its to say spacificaly the tribe of Judah who were themselves a diverse group of Hebrew speaking middle eastern people (Arabs) , further more When the word Judaism was born, there was no longer a Hebrew-'Israelite' state. The people who embraced the creed of Judaism were already mixed of many races and strains of Arabs ie middel easteners and this diversification was rapidly growing… Bottom line Jewish is not an ethnicity to say one on part Jewish is to say one is part Muslim or Christian. To say you are part Jewish (Arab) is in reality part middel eastern not part geneticaly part of a religion that is and was diverse non descript genetic group of middel eastern Arab peoples. Which realy puts the reality of antisemanticness (antisemantic=opposed to Arab's ie native middel easterners ie Arabs; puts the current Isreal in perspective being anti-Semitic so self hating in that perspectiv, or in reality saying "we are the only real or good Arabs". Now the common nose hair etc attributed to the religion Jewish is from those folks indulging much in inbreeding convinced they were a different form of Arabs.

  9. I agree my heritage. I love watching your videos. Your dissecting every little thing like me. I thought I was Native American my whole life and that part of me actually ended up being Italian and Greek.

  10. E E says:

    MyHeritage is not accurate at all tbh, so I wouldn't trust those results. If you want more specifics, though, AncestryDNA is the way to go and it will give you 0% as well. And also the raw DNA to download and put into gedmatch or DNA.land

  11. Good Vibes says:

    your sister looks native american and look more hispanic than you.

  12. jorge lugo says:

    Are you from Texas?

  13. Matxe9212 says:

    MyHeritage is by far the worst in my opinion. Familytree, ancestrydna and 23ndME are the best. You should have picked ancestryDNA because they assign you to genetic specific communities. I have 3 communities which are all correct. Obviously you guys are probably not looking for american communities but they are alot of communities in europe you guys could be a part of.

  14. 23&me has the largest amount of samples and is literally all over the media! My heritage gave me innacurate results

  15. Your sister is very beautiful I think she looks more Italian!

  16. I like you Guys, you are very sympathetic! I would like to know my ancestry too, but here in Mexico is a little bit difficult, maybe I will go to San Diego, to do this things, I think that you must Travel to Italy and look for your relatives there, I have some Mexican friends with italian ancestry and that they have been traveling through Italy and looked for the last name in a phone directory in the city they knew their family were from, and , amazing, they found their relatives there! What do you think about This?

  17. moisaabs says:

    Hi! I'm big into ancestry and dna too and have enjoyed your videos among many other dna test result ones. A lot of people especially ones with some latino descent get a little confused about their results when it comes to Spain and Italy. Your Italian genes are most likely Sicilian genes! Sicily has a long history of various people coming to the island and mixing with each other. It also has a history that has been separate from mainland Italy. Sicilians are often a mix of greeks, turks, arabs, sephardic jews, spaniards, french, germans, vikings, albanians, british and of course some mainland italian but, suprisingly less than you'd assume. Siciliy was under the Spainish Empire for over 200 years. Many of the Spainish that went to the new world were actually Sicilians. During the Spanish Inquistion, many Sephardic Jews in Spain and Sicily converted as it was leave, convert or die. Some Spanish came to Sicily during that time too.The ones that didn't convert often went to the new world. In places like Palmero, Sicily, there was a large Sephardic Jewish population. I've seen a lot of lof results for other Sicilians and they often get a large amount of non italian dna. Many get a lot of west asian/turkish, greek, and middle eastern mixed with their italian. On myheritage DNA, my 1/2 Sicilian father gets 3% Italian and 40% Greek. On myFTDNA, he gets 21% turkish, 2% north african, and 10% south east european that would be italy/greece. As for looks, he looks greek or Sicilian. My brother looks similar to you though! So don't scratch out that Italian history! It may have just come from a little further south in the big mixing pot of Sicily/Southern Italy!

  18. I haven't done 23and me yet – though through wegene I got to figure out a lot of their non ancestry components – like whether I prefer salty(I DO and I was going to be disappointed if it said otherwise because I've always been a salty/savoury eater). Can taste bitter(makes sense to me) don't have Alzheimers variants) can't smell asparagus pee(makes sense as I never realized that was a thing until looking at these tests/videos).

    I liked Ancestry the best so far ethnicity/ancestry wise – because when I looked at the numbers and looked at my known history – ir added up pretty well. There is a general accuracy to these tests though, I believe. Family Tree, Heritage, and Ancestry basically confirmed I am primarily British and Irish with some southern European thrown in(which there should be as my great grandfather was from Portugal). They also all detected around 3 percent non Euro DNA from North Africa/Middle East.

  19. I think you should try 23andMe too and you will be maybe again surprised that the results could be different.

  20. Have you uploaded to Geneplaza yet?

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