Home DNA AncestorIS CHILLED CHAOS ITALIAN? | DNA Test Results (23andMe Ancestry & Health Test)
IS CHILLED CHAOS ITALIAN? | DNA Test Results (23andMe Ancestry & Health Test)

IS CHILLED CHAOS ITALIAN? | DNA Test Results (23andMe Ancestry & Health Test)

If you’ve been following this channel for the last 10 years you’ve probably heard me mention I’m Italian…at least a thousand times. It’s time to find out if this claim is true or If I have been lied to my entire life! Internet…let’s Find out if Chilled Chaos is actually Italian?!

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What is 23andMe?

Well…it’s apparently a company that will look into your DNA in order to figure out hereditary health conditions as well as your ancestry! I have no idea if it’s BS or not but I saw JackSepticEye used it and South Park Parodied it…so what the hell…let’s give it a try. Let’s see if I’m allowed to be wearing this Mario Hat!

Regardless if it’s accurate it or not, it’s a pretty fun thing to look into and give you some insight into your DNA.

ChilledChaos Pasta Art Video by The Unusual Art

JackSepticEye 23andMe

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21 thoughts on “IS CHILLED CHAOS ITALIAN? | DNA Test Results (23andMe Ancestry & Health Test)

  1. I've never been so scared of Test Results before lol. I hope you enjoy!

  2. prolo says:

    Wooahh! 5% balkans? I live there.

  3. You couldnt find someone that looks more Italian

  4. You have an italian voice holy fuuu

  5. All Italians have some Balkin, German, Greek, Middles Eastern, Iberian, Celtic, Scandinavian and/or Jewish

  6. "This ain't pasta. It's army noodles with ketchup!"

  7. 1:20 what did they talked about?

  8. I want to do this but my mom would have to get it because I do a lot of weird things and I never knew my father since he left and his side of the family is messed up so I’m not sure what his family has stuck their penises in all I know is I’m Italian not as much a chilled and I’m also Blackfoot Native American or Indian which ever you want to call it but other than that I know almost nothing about myself I know of one disease I can get since my mom has it and if I get it it will most likely ruin my life and I’ll be forced to work a a store for the rest of my life so hopefully I don’t get it especially since I’m only 16 my uncle got it in high school so far I’m good on not getting it but hopefully I don’t get it

  9. Jove Gajo says:

    A lot of your non-italian stuff could just be coming from the Roman Empire. The Italian peninsula was quite diverse due to slaves brought in from conquests, as well as from the fringes of the empire.

  10. Chilled Anthony the 2nd! Your Honor!

  11. XxNevadaxX says:

    It says Massachusetts I might be related to you I have lots of Italian

  12. I'm German, Scots, Irish, 2 Parts Native American, English, a little Polish, and God only knows what else… I am a pure bred mutt

  13. Isaac says:

    I rather be more neanderthal. They are strong and fast as hell

  14. Who else came here after the little clip in the last Shellshock video that left us sittting goin "Da-Smeg was that about?!"
    On a plus side this makes you more Itallian than Jack is Irish. On the "FU" side this makes you more Itallian than I am Scottish…and I'm at risk of alzheimers ye jammy git :p

  15. Nobody is "pureblooded" anything. Everyone is mixed with something. Everyones ancestors come from africa if you go back far enough.

  16. there was that timeline to show what happened lol

  17. I don't even want to try this bc I know, as a pale af Brit with Huguenot ancestry, that I am one of the most genetically uninteresting humans on the planet.

  18. Melinda says:

    You have a lot of Italic DNA, wow! I'm Italian, I'm a daughter of Italians and I live in Italy and I would like to do this kind of test .. My father's family is from northern Italy, where the Longobards, the Austrians and the French dominated, but my mother's family is of central Italy, the home of italic blood, so I would like to know how much Italic DNA I have .. Also it seems that no member of my family has ever left Italy and my mother's family owns land of the same places for hundreds of years, so I'm pretty curious about my DNA, I wonder if the story of my family is as boring and quiet as it seems or I could have surprises …

  19. The Major says:

    If I did this test, it would say horrible things about me.
    It would say Scandinavian for sure, but the heat map would pretty quickly go to shitpeople.
    And when I inevitably do the test, if it even says 0.2% Swedish I'm gonna kill myself.
    I am not Swedish. On the Passport yes, but I'm not Swedish, my ancestors were here before the Swedes.

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