Home DNA Ancestor23andME | MY DNA ANCESTRY RESULTS!!!!! (SHOCKED!!!!) | Shara Kamal
23andME | MY DNA ANCESTRY RESULTS!!!!! (SHOCKED!!!!) | Shara Kamal

23andME | MY DNA ANCESTRY RESULTS!!!!! (SHOCKED!!!!) | Shara Kamal

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Name : Shara Kamal
Age : 19 years old
Live : Scotland, UK

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17 thoughts on “23andME | MY DNA ANCESTRY RESULTS!!!!! (SHOCKED!!!!) | Shara Kamal

  1. hana ewana says:

    so my family is that five becuase i am related to shahla who is your aunt, her husband is my mums cousin lol my name is Anya if you wanna check around.??

  2. Lo Kurdo says:

    Such a Scottish accent Shara gyan :))
    23andME says Middle East however MyHeritage lab says West Asia .. something is wrong. Anyways, cool though!

  3. A S says:

    Are twxwa chawarey vido kurdin da twxwa post bka day

  4. K K says:

    Not to disappoint but your East Asian dna is probably Mongolian not korean Japanese nor chinese LMFAOOOOO it just says it’s also found in these countries

  5. Omg 150 thousand years ago? Omg that's ancient and soooooooo cool

  6. ocean man says:

    I thought you were Pakistani based on your looks

  7. Just got my DNA results…Turns out I'm human.

  8. Wtf… Scottish accent on a brown girl?? Didn't expect that?

  9. I'm Kurdish too wating for my results. Your results were very interesting by the way

  10. Sarkautubet shara gean hewam bardawam bunta bert akain ❤️❤️✨✨??

  11. What lipstick you wearing?

  12. sema says:

    thats so cool ?

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