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23andME RESULTS Ancestry + Health and Wellness

23andME RESULTS Ancestry + Health and Wellness

This is the big reveal of my ancestry composition and some of my traits revealed by the health and wellness component of 23andME.
I was adopted from China when I was 4 months old, I do not know anything about my biological relatives or ancestry other than I am probably Chinese. This was a really cool test for me to find out what other ancestry I have. Please Like and Subscribe for future videos about adoption, and my fun life 😀


20 thoughts on “23andME RESULTS Ancestry + Health and Wellness

  1. Your Ancestry Timeline is so interesting!!
    I got 98.4% East Asian.

  2. Allie S says:

    Native Americans DNA also shows up as Siberian DNA, so you could be that.

  3. John Simms says:

    What's your mitochondria haplogroup?

  4. People who want to find their ancestors generally use two test sites, one from FamilyTreeDNA.com (FamilyFinder) since it has the largest data base. Second, is ancestry.com (the drawback is you are encouraged to sign up to research afterwards). There are other sites to look for data, but not as good as it use to be is familysearch.org. It seems ancestry.com is buying up all the free search sites.

    My thought is that in the 1700's or earlier, one of your ancestors was in the silk trade and may explain the none Asian ancestry part of your genes. FamilyFinder is really inexpensive right now and may connect you with that line. Also they do have the largest data base.

  5. Jian Qin says:

    Are you lactose intolerant though

  6. Dragonfly says:

    Before your DNA test I can tell you don't look pure Chinese.

  7. Riley llan says:

    Native Americans came from Siberia China.

  8. Jay G says:

    your so pretty!how do you feel bout your native American side?

  9. HF Chan says:

    I'd assume all those less than 1% are noise and instantly forgettable. And as ordinary Chinese, especially with ancestors from the north, it is very normal to have some shared genes with Korea, Mongolia and Siberia. Those native American genes should be related to Siberians.

  10. Do give a try with Wegene. More accurate.

  11. KaGamer123 says:

    How long did it take to get the results?

  12. myohmyli says:

    Woo awesome results!

  13. Daisy Wong says:

    Try WeGene too. It is a Chinese site, you can upload your results there for free. they specialize in Asian genetics and markers. you can tell if you are more northern or southern Chinese from that site

    Many of the Chinese in America have my same surname. it is the most common one actually. They claim the first clan came from Hubei 1,000 years ago. Jiangxia Wong, or Wong clan from south of the river (Yangtze)?

  14. i guess you will load the raw data to other free sites GEDmatch .. how about wegene? i hear lots of Asians use that.

  15. Here's mine I GOT IT IN JUNE

    Africa 2%
    Low Confidence Region
    Africa North < 1%
    Africa Southeastern Bantu < 1%

    Europe 89%
    Great Britain 40%
    Italy/Greece 14%
    Europe West 12%
    Ireland 8%
    Scandinavia 8%
    Low Confidence Region
    Finland/Northwest Russia 4%
    Europe East 2%
    Iberian Peninsula 1%

    America 7%
    Native American 7%

    Other Regions Tested
    West Asia 2%
    Caucasus 2%

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