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23andMe: My Sister’s DNA Test Results are Different Than Mine- Spanish & German

23andMe: My Sister’s DNA Test Results are Different Than Mine- Spanish & German

Be sure to also watch the sequel to this video, which we filmed 7 months later: https://youtu.be/dGsRuOaUp5Q

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33 thoughts on “23andMe: My Sister’s DNA Test Results are Different Than Mine- Spanish & German

  1. Cause it's all bull shit ! They got your money !!!!!!!! Rip off!!!!!!!

  2. So cool. I'm enjoying this process.
    We live in a COOL age.

  3. Dee Dish says:

    So obsessed with it that you didn't even know woman tests only show half of their story. Yeah, you've studied hard.

  4. my 23andme came back 100% Neanderthal Ape DNA!!

  5. Live says:

    Milk man is ur daddy

  6. The companies have different ways of categorizing your DNA. Take the same company's tests and then compare, so you will have the same baseline. Your DNA will be different combinations of your mom and dad's DNA makeup.

  7. Your sister is extremely beautiful and she looks like her dna. She looks Native American.

  8. Y'all sure someone not adopted? Cause y'all don't look alike either.

  9. the reason why the balkan heritage is consistent among you, your sister and your mom is because both your dads don't have any balkan in them… think about it

  10. Yourrm sis dna came from your mom and yours from your dad so that why you see a big diference

  11. Kamelhaj says:

    They're different results because 23andMe is accurate.

  12. The upper class in Mexico is basically Spanish. the lower class is basically Central American Indian of one tribe, or another. So separating Spanish from Mexican would be difficult. Never mind the fact that Germans and Irish migrated to Mexico in the 1800's. All sorts of things complicate DNA tests. Vikings bred broadly with English when they invaded. So, how do they sort that out. The Jew issue is complicated. Jews migrated to Mexico, the US, all over; many hiding their Jewishness(crypto Jew). So Jew can show up from any country, nationality, or race. I think Columbus brought Jews to America. Those DNA tests must be interpreted in the broadest terms. Basically, you are White, Black, Brown, or yellow, or a muddled mixture, and you should have already known that. What cultural values do you believe in most? Who do you look, think, talk, and act like?

  13. The lost tribe of Israel are found.

  14. time to have a talk with mom.. looks like shes been a bad girl.

  15. You misunderstand what the tests tell you. And also the two companies base their results on different things. Such as 23andMe gives results based on what people would have been like 500 years ago, so your grandparents being Italian with Italian names is irrelevant. Your sister has two X chromosomes, one from each parent, whereas you only have one X chromosome, which you got from your mom and which might not be the same one your sister got from your mom. It might be a shock to you but full siblings only share 25% of the same DNA, not 50% the way people think. And the results don't tell you what country you are from. And everyone knows that people in South and Central America were killed by disease 500 years ago and largely replaced by descendants from Europe, especially Portugal and Spain. So your results are actually fully consistent with what you thought about yourselves and your ancestors, you just are misinterpreting the results as saying the wrong things.

  16. eyes open says:

    Y chromosome! is all i have to say!

  17. Me You says:

    Wow since all those percentages were being spoood out at us it would of been nice if some of the larger % were on a grease board for comparison

  18. Hers will show the MATERNAL side….your moms moms moms moms moms moms…..
    And yours will show your Paternal side…. dads dads dads dads dads.
    females show female lineage and males show the male lineage

  19. You can't use different people and different companies and expect the same results…lol! Regardless of being siblings, you DON'T SHARE the same exact DNA. You'll have large similarities though…Also, there's no such thing a 'Central American' ethnicity…lol! My heritage might be more affordable but the downside to that is that they're the smallest company with the least precise results. Check out this guy that truly is knowledgeable…lol! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8lMfGqSrwg

  20. big cliff says:

    your sister is a very beautiful woman

  21. DL B says:

    I am very insteristed in this dna test but I fill the results you receive are they accurate or do you just agree with their findings sometimes I think I’ll hold that Hundo

  22. The algorithms and the databases are different – it's reliant on the company's size of database and their algorithm. It affects your results and can alter them. This is a perfect example of why not take these as fact. That and 23andMe includes speculative results of whether or not you have attached earlobes. Seems small, but it's reliant on a gene allele myth – (they do not even fall into two categories, "free" and "attached"; there is continuous variation in attachment point, from up near the ear cartilage to well below the ear. While there is probably some genetic influence on earlobe attachment point, family studies show that it does not fit the simple one-locus, two-allele myth – basically, if it were true, two people with attached earlobes couldn't have a child with unattached earlobes, yet this happens all the time). If a company bases its rep on genetic information being reliable and they include a known genetic myth, I don't think I can believe anything else they say, and at the least I'd take it with a grain of salt.

  23. DNA doesn't just come from the mother and father it can come from any part of your family including your grand parents even your skin color can come from a grand parents

  24. you do realize that you and your sister could have zero chromosomes in common? right?

  25. When you mentioned your Italian grandparents, who emigrated from Italy and spoke only Italian, I remembered an item from my 8th grade history class: the children's crusade (happened sometime in the 1100s as I recall). A lot of children went on a crusade from Britain and ended up in Italy. Could that possibly be why your grandparents were hardly Italian?

  26. You guys arent the same person. I wouldnt expect you to have the same DNA. You just got different traits from your parents…

  27. Greg B says:

    If different companies, supposedly measuring the same thing (one's ancestry as shown by DNA) come up with differing results, of what value are any of the tests?

  28. Someone was cheating

  29. My sisters have different DNA than mine also. I also did ancestry.com besides 23andMe. And both of mine say I'm 100% European

  30. shakes3100 says:

    Your eyes are so far apart your retarded

  31. Your sister lacks the y chromosome that you carry because you are Male. So your "y results" would be the route she have to go to learn that aspect of her lineage. The only test females can take is mitochondrial DNA test which traces from mother to mother to mother ect. So as you can see obtaining ones entire genetic makeup from just your saliva is impossible especially if you are female in which you'll also need a sample from your closest male relative to just get the beginning of your genetic story.

  32. There is a 60 minutes episode about this.

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