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What a surprise I am more mixed then I thought and I feel like I’ve been lied to my whole life ha. Yes I am Eurasian (a hapa) but i always said i was half Korean and half German/Irish. However I’m actually half Korean, Japanese, Chinese and half Irish, British, etc. Pretty cool info to know.

I got this DNA test as a birthday gift to test my ancestry composition/ethnicity.

$99– 23andme DNA Ethnic Composition Test :http://amzn.to/2jYNgec

$199- 23andme DNA Ethnic Composition, Traits, & Health Test: http://amzn.to/2ksLq63

I Have More Neanderthal DNA than 96% of Others- Korean Caveman? (DNA Test 23andMe): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-uLdsEPhIc

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30 thoughts on “OMG… SHOCKING DNA ANCESTRY RESULTS! My Whole Life A Lie! (23andMe)

  1. You mentioned your father was white American, and adopted. Did he speak of his biological parents being actual immigrants or white Americans of German and Irish ancestry? I ask this seeing several white American families like to pin point two or three countries of ancestry, in spite of the fact they’ll yet still have U.S. lineages in their family research wise they’ve come to dead ends on. Also what part of the U.S. his parents lived in? Even if your father was half German, half Irish, you wouldn’t have inherited an even proportion of each of those ethnicities seeing that according to geneticists we received a random 50 percent of each of our parents genetic make ups. An Ancestry DNA(ancestry.com)representative explains this on a youtube video, and they mention it on their site. I’m sure 23andMe probably does too. This is why full siblings never have the exact same dna test results.

  2. You can actually see the Japanese more than the Korean.

  3. MMM interesting u look like Richard Gear,

  4. jake a says:

    steve wadsworth made several interesting observations, butt, forgot about how mendellian genetics works from dominant and recessive traits. Mendel illustrated how skipped generational inherited traits work, or how 2 black hair parents can have a redhair child. Another sinister interp of mendellian genetics is the 1-drop rule, whereby folks singled out for isolation, like blacks, jews, gypsies, albinos are castigated and marginalized.

    For instance which ethnic group/race do Puerto Ricans, mestizo mexicans, caribbean creoles, gypsies, etc belong to? They are a blend of several diverse cultural/ethnic ancestries…so then comes the conundrum, as seen in the census forms that folks are compelled to fill out.

  5. You look pretty much like South Kazakh…)))) and you look a little like Christopher O'Dowd (IT Crowd)

  6. w leonard says:

    You are 100% -Human

  7. l says:

    You really look very Asian for sure. Just not Chinese, but could be anything else with the down-turned eyes.

  8. Not a negative comment, but "more Caucasian than Asian" is not totally correct. Caucasians originally are from levant area (Asia). A lot of Asians (not in sense East Asians) are whether predominately caucasian or they have a percentage of that in their DNA.

  9. It is just correct… you are ca 50% European and ca 50% Asian.

  10. K S says:

    You look Asian

  11. skeatel says:

    U look very Irish!

  12. Lala says:

    As an Asian, I think that 23andMe does not do a good job identifying Asian haplogroups. First of all, China is a huge-ass place, but they don't have any subcategories for the different areas in China. If you simply google a map of Asian haplogroups, you can immediately see that there is at the very least some kind of distinction between Northern and Southern Chinese genes. And I heard from online discussions that there is no breakdown for Southeast Asians, which is ridiculous, because even regular people can often tell a Filipino apart from a Thai person without a DNA test. 23andme target customers are basically people who identify as Caucasians and want to know whether they have any other ancestries. Also, things like having a certain percentage of Japanese DNA does not mean that you literally have an ancestor who came from Japan. Over thousands of years people move around China, the Korean Peninsula, and Japan, so contrary to cultural beliefs, East Asians are not as "pure blooded" as they claim to be. I think 23andme should try to explain how their DNA identification works instead of just telling you country names.

  13. Japanese occupation of Korea led to korean women being forced into slavery as "comfort women" for the Japanese military. Likely, this explains your korean/japanese mix.

  14. You look Italian. But my favorite answer to "What are you?" Is "none of your f*cking business" lol

  15. Anon Anon says:

    Let me guess..central asia

  16. No, it means the german part of you is likely celtic, celtic culture came from west Germany (Hallstatt), and the strongest celtics genes now are located in Great-Britain and Ireland (french and german one were much more mixed through history).

  17. Qwert yuo says:

    Yeah, your British percentage is somewhat related to your German ethnicity. British dna is somewhat similar to Dutch too hence why a lot of Dutch people kept receiving British percentages. Your family could very well come from North West Germany

  18. At one time, Germans were the "in group" in the USA. a way to anchor your security… my family voted to stop speaking Pole and only use pigeon German to belong.
    Read about Korea, it is horrible… But hey, you are so handsome!!!

  19. Let me guess you're 70% asian 20% European and 10% middle eastern

  20. I wonder how many people actually have 99% of one DNA. This information can really help people to understand their health better !

  21. If you read up on how DNA works then you will see that you can pull different amounts of parts of your parents DNA. So you don't necessarily get a straight 50% from each parents DNA you can pull more of one component in each of your parents DNA and less of another component. It's really interesting fascinating stuff in how it all works.

  22. The the Korean and Japanese have the same ancestral root, the British are largely German and DNA is done based on living people of a region , BTW she could be a mix of French and German, you know the region of France and Germany were the alsation dog comes from , those people are near all French and German due to the wars and that area constantly changing hands, UK Rowling's family is from there originally, to have some Brit does not mean you have some Brit, the British were largely celts and pict, though the Pict were by the point of invasion inter bred with the celts largely

  23. Beautiful skin tone! When it comes to ancestry testing it’s best to test the parents to compare results and get more information on background. The boarders of Germany have changed a lot over the decades and centuries, Alsace Lorraine has bounced back and forth from France and Germany quite a bit. Many Protestant Christians moved from the UK to Europe to practice their religion freely so that’s another potential for British dna in European people

  24. RussX5Z says:

    To make things more simple how about you just say you are half Korean and Japanese and half white/Caucasian. Having to break down the Caucasian side is just complicated and ridiculous since most white people in America are mixed European and refer to themselves as "White" anyways and most white people in America can't even speak their native European language and they don't even have their own native culture. I hate to say all this but it's true.

  25. Neobreaker says:

    Very nice video!! You should consider testing at Ancestry.com they have the largest dna database by over double. If you do decide to test I would start with your parents, or if you have any grandparents still alive. I always try to start with the oldest generation. If you do get your family tested at ancestry I would love to see a video on it.

  26. I would think they'd have trouble in differentiating between someone who's half Irish and half German and someone who's entirely English, English people are pretty much half Celt and half Germanic

  27. I amo mire Germán that you and i dont know where that comes from

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