Home DNA Ancestor►MY SURPRISE DNA RESULTS! – I put 23andme and Ancestry.com to the test!
►MY SURPRISE DNA RESULTS! – I put 23andme and Ancestry.com to the test!

►MY SURPRISE DNA RESULTS! – I put 23andme and Ancestry.com to the test!

►Watch me take both DNA tests here – https://youtu.be/ZJJ0DJNxZUY
►UPDATE – I messed up! I mixed up the prices AGAIN! Ancestry – $109, 23 and me – $199. Even with 23 and me being more expensive I would still recommend it over Ancestrys DNA test.
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21 thoughts on “►MY SURPRISE DNA RESULTS! – I put 23andme and Ancestry.com to the test!

  1. What you paid for on Ancestry is DNA matches – to find your cousins and relatives!! THAT is the the "gold mine" of Ancestry!! But if you have no interest in doing your family tree (genealogy) and finding relatives, then yes those 2 pages of your ethnicity will be all you get. Ancestry have NEVER done the medical and health tests – that is NOT what they are known for!! Only 23 and me do the health tests which is why 23 and me are more expensive!!!

  2. ancestry owns 23 and me. and ancesrtydna is $99 plus $8 shipping. whoever sold you one for 200 ripped you off. And i also got medical on my ancestry test so they are both the same.

  3. I enjoyed your video, thank you for not going into an explanation of the process on how to submit your DNA.

  4. I was going to say Scandinavian based on what you look like 🙂 You look like you could be related to my family!

  5. Mina says:

    your eyes look Finnish …a lot of finns have Yakut. im Estonian, I do too

  6. steve boy says:

    yakut is asian not native american

  7. elena79rus says:

    Yakut live in the north of Russia. I doubt they crossed to America.

  8. Fuck me the scams people think up…

  9. a1seus says:

    yea when I did it i used 23 and me because of the video i saw on youtube about triplets, Ancestry got it all fucked up on triplets, 23 and me was accurate.

  10. a1seus says:

    did they say anything about your weezing? you weez when you talk

  11. Btw yakut isnt a native american tribe, they are asian, no way blackfoot could've crossed paths

  12. TheDuke says:

    yakuts are a turkic tribe in sibberia, russia… i don't think they have any relevant connections to native americans

  13. You look really Finnish to me

  14. So there we go once again: Yakuts and Finns. When thinking about Finns and Yakuts in same pocket i can only think about one thing solving the puzzle: Haplogroup N-M231 (Y-DNA haplogroup, father lineage). Highest frequencies Nganassan 92%, Yakuts 75%, Nenets 75%, Finns 60%, Baltic States 45%, Saami 40%. BTW my Y-DNA is also N M231 clan . Punctually N HG CTS4491+, CTS7189+, Y 13974+, Karelian clan.

  15. Yukut so you're related to Vladmir Lenin!

  16. Just so you know I think you meant Latin or Latina when you were saying Spaniard. It’s kind of confusing but Spain is a European country and Latinx generally means coming from a country in Latin America

  17. Oh god she got me for like a split second with the "I'm related to Arin." thing. Like when you sneeze so hard you feel like you're gonna spit out all of your guts.

  18. "I looked up the people … we look pretty similar … those must be my people." Comical moment.

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