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24 thoughts on “23andme Guatemalan DNA Results

  1. nice video, you seem like a very good mom

  2. Ok, you and the children beautiful family! You had me until you had to go and say "Patriots!" I'm wondering if you might have any Tom Brady in your DNA? Lol The only Mass team I like is UMASS minutemen of Amherst! So, Go NY JETS! For the video I loved it! HOLYOKE GBY and fam

  3. I don’t understand how some people can be so proud of their heritage, and then reduce it in their offspring by mating with someone outside of their race. It’s like, you don’t get to turn on your “Wah-te-mal-ah” accent. If you really loved your heritage, you would have mated with a Guatemalan man.

  4. Keep in mind that native americans are the landlords of America so let's all feel proud of our heritage and let the pepple that claims that are true americans while they don't physically resemble it, We must encourage all natives to let the world know who the real american is.

  5. r sims says:

    I'm certain that unassigned is the australian

  6. go green says:

    So what do latinos think when you come up so high with native american DNA but them americans tell you you don't belong? It's not an offensive question but wondering if people are offended.

  7. Robert C says:

    Your children look like Africans

  8. Your boys are too cute.

  9. Makkim says:

    Great video. You have a beautiful family!

  10. Natallz14 says:

    Both my grandparents are from Guatemala ??

  11. Your sons are very very handsome

  12. Maestro K says:

    HAhahaha me encanta esa cara de Spain…. ya se ya, que os habían contado que os exterminamos a todos… estos test demuestran la gran mentira histórica… hay cientos como el tuyo en youtube. Lo que si que no verás, sera un indígena USA con DNA británico.

  13. JuxDeLux says:

    Your boys loves their momma. Aww

  14. Steve Jobs says:

    Lol. They truly love their mother , I can just tell! ?

  15. You are beautiful!!

  16. Lee M. says:

    A lot of Latinos have unassigned. I think it could be taino. A once thought genocided group. No pure blood to assign it.

  17. Those boys love their mama

  18. You don't look Guatemala. You look more mix African

  19. A lot of us from Mexican and Central American ancestry turn out that way! I'm still waiting on my results from 23andMe, but one of my Tías already got her back: she was 45% Native American, and 43% European (Iberian Peninsula, which is Spain), and the other 12% was African and some other stuff. I thought it was cool, but super weird because she is super dark, and looks very indigenous! But it is cool to see the similarities across Mexico and Central America!

  20. 42%is still alot so congrats on results I'm waiting for mine

  21. Bill Gates says:

    not to be mean but tell your boys not to play in your hair like that at all thats very feminine. But your family is beautiful I hope to have all boys too much love ! shalom

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