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Mexican-American 23andMe DNA Results

Mexican-American 23andMe DNA Results

My ancestry….
been working on my pronunciation of the number “40,” check it out.
(results begin at 2:02)


24 thoughts on “Mexican-American 23andMe DNA Results


  2. Matxe9212 says:

    Your haplogroup is European.

  3. no matter what you are , you are beautiful.. I think u are Aztec and Spanish(didn't watch the video yet)

  4. Don N says:

    Cool video, I was interested because I Am also Mex-Ame, also you should upload more videos, you're cough beautiful cough if I may say.

  5. Bori/Domi says:

    Bonita results You are part Jewish  wow cool results

  6. Well that’s why we’re called Mexicans cause we are a mixed race

  7. fleiva30 says:

    most mixed race.. us the Mexicans..!! YEahhhhhh

  8. The video quality is so hipster. Please stay with it <3

  9. mboiko says:

    Congrats you're 38% White….and 48% Native American…very cool. So 48% of you're ancestors came down through Alaska into North America.

  10. You are pretty. Nice lips.

  11. "I should probably have kids. I should have like 10 kids"
    -said every mexican mother ?

    This is hilarious! So many good jokes. Also very informative

  12. I am 52% sub Saharan African, 24% Native American, 22% Germany/Great Britain, 2% unassigned. The Great Britain was a surprise. Everything else was known and expected.

  13. A. T. says:

    your skin color suggests european but most of your bone structure suggests native. interesting.

  14. If U R Mexican u lucky ? to have blood from all over the world ? that the Mexican A SuperMexican ?????

  15. I the future it will mandatory to take DNA test ?Right now it's fun Thing ????

  16. 444suse says:

    I guess average Mexican has some 6% African ancestry. And it doesn't surprise so much if many of them have more Italian/Greek ancestry share than that of Iberian Peninsula. Spanish people are not really what they are thinking.

  17. Eli Rico says:

    You're hilarious.

  18. Veronica V says:

    Have you tried uploading your results to Promethease? I would be very curious about your health results on that site, since you were not a carrier for anything, if Promethease would offer the same results. It's free right now to upload to it, that's why I decided to only pay for the DNA on 23andme and get the health portion free w/Promethease.

  19. It’s fucking hilarious watching Mexicans do these results and they have like 300 different ancestries lmao I honestly think we’re the most mixed people in the planet

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