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My DNA Results: AncestryDNA vs 23andMe, & thoughts about the slave trade

My DNA Results: AncestryDNA vs 23andMe, & thoughts about the slave trade

A deep dive into 400 years of my ancestry, as measured by AncestryDNA and 23andME. How well does my “family narrative” hold up against the latest DNA technology? Plus, reflections on the slave trade.

For those who have asked, my haplogroups are:
Maternal: L3b
Paternal: R-U152


36 thoughts on “My DNA Results: AncestryDNA vs 23andMe, & thoughts about the slave trade

  1. This was fascinating and with the hats, hilarious. You do such engaging videos! I assumed European and African but whoa so much more. Next time I see you I will know to bring some lefsa and matzoh for starters. Some of that DNA may really appreciate it.

  2. Ancestry DNA is better because they told you exactly what country the 23 and me is good but it can't tell you exactly what country your European ancestry comes from but the good part is they can tell you who was European and how far back it is so they both have pros and cons they both are good

  3. you look mixed with white and black to me you don't look like you are from India or any country of that sort …

  4. Your knowledge is so interesting . Many will learn about their own ancestry by watching this . Brilliant !

  5. aghaehsan says:

    You are an excellent narrator.

  6. But why Africans? Why chose Africans?

  7. Truly truly truly enjoyed that Jeff very very much,are you a history professor??? If you are I would pass your class you give super details. ???, its great to know who one is,,I can't wait to find my "me"??

  8. OMG ,Sir thank you so much for that bit of information I didn't know that and I try to know all of the information about my black people ??again thank you so much, I haven't did the DNA test just yet but I will very soon.????

  9. K Monte says:

    This is one of the best ancestry DNA presentations on Youtube! Thank you

  10. Gypsy Girl says:

    Wow. Loved the pictures.

  11. You’re very intelligent, I am impressed with your video!

  12. Thank you very much, it was very nice, beautiful pictures and very interesting history

  13. Britt D says:

    By far, one of the BEST dna results videos I have ever seen!

  14. I really enjoyed your explanation of the slave trade. Thank you very much this explains a lot of things.

  15. JA Anthony says:

    did you ever post the 3rdf test results???

  16. Deb Adams says:

    I loved your historical commentary

  17. Interesting video, one of the best ones

  18. you have one of the most interesting ones oh here….i was a little surprised to find my son has almost 5 % Black ….Thanks

  19. Have you tried AfricanAncestry? They pinpoint your tribal lineage, not the colonial borders. Chadwick Bozeman did that and found that he has the majority of his African DNA from the Limba tribe from Sierra Leon and the Jola tribe from Guinea Bissau. I really liked your take on your ancestry. Great job man! If you do the African Ancestry, please post. I would love to hear your take on that as well.

  20. It was really good, the best one I have ever watched.

  21. I was planning to skip to the result but the way you talk prevented me from doing so …great video.

  22. One of the best DNA videos. It was very educational.

  23. eve thomas says:

    Very interesting. Love the tone of your voice too, super comforting

  24. BEST REVIEW EVER!!! You are a very interesting individual. Would have loved you as a professor…

  25. Good evening Jeff, did the Family Tree DNA results arrive?

  26. Great video and very thorough.

  27. Web Rookie says:

    I'm guessing you're black Caucasian mix. I don't understand why all blacks claim to be of African decent. Not all blacks originate from Africa so why would they all assume they are African? African slavery goes back to the formulation of Islam. There are papal bulls freeing African slaves willing to learn to read and write or convert to Catholicism as early as the first century. Almost no African slaves made it to the United States. Out of the 10.7 million African slaves captured and sold into slavery by Africans only about 300k ever touched American soil. Out of those 300k many were freed as soon as their feet hit u.s. soil. Black slaves at minimum sold for $50. Wheras white slaves at maximum sold for $5. Almost all black slaves were house slaves. Used only to display wealth. These slaves would not have worked the fields. 4.7 million slaves went to Brazil. I'm glad to hear shindigs else has read the records of the slave trade and/or 101 facts about the slave trade. Also President Monroe bought land in Africa and have a free ship ride back to Africa for all those wanting to return. Not only did Monrovia serve as a safe place for those returned but it was protected by American soldiers. America's first standing army served to protect those Africans whom were captured and sold into slavery by their African brothers & sisters. Knowing this informations makes me sober why so many black Americans seem to talk so much of American slavery. There simply wasn't much African slavery. So why do Americans speak as if there was. I simply do not understand it. When I travel into countries where slavery was prevalent I do not hear the racist talk or talk of slavery as I hear when traveling in the USA. I've never heard blacks talk of privilege when in Brazil. I've never heard of racism or privilege when traveling in Portugal. I also don't understand why most American blacks I've talked with get so upset when asked to explain why they cling to the ideals they do about slavery. Why do they resort to negative emotion even in the face of fact. Maybe I'm just to young to understand it but if I was told my family was flown to earth by a leprechaun controlled unicorn which farted rainbows and forced to mine golden coins from a witches cauldronand then someone showed me a record of my people which showed I in fact came from France on a boat. I think of stop hating rainbows. Maybe I'd even stop blaming cauldrons every time I burnt my stew.

  28. Wonderful Information. You have a beautiful family! Thank You.

  29. LeOhio817 says:

    You’d make a wonderful teacher.

  30. How about you do one on my DNA? You do such a well job talking about it 😉

  31. tegma says:

    I really enjoyed this video, and tho' I'm not African American, I thoroughly enjoyed your little detour about the slave trade. I think it was very interesting to know that such a small percentage of slaves came to the U.S., amongst other facts. You are very blessed to have such wonderful family pictures showing so many of your ancestors. I wish I had something like that! At any rate, I tho't your video was very informative, more so that those who just say they are of this heritage or that one. You went into far more detail, and that was so interesting! I would have enjoyed seeing the actual migrations of your ancestors by years…. for ex., the 1700's, 1800's, & 1900's. However, all in all, it was a terrific video, & tho' it has nothing to do with me or my family, I found it so interesting. Just a little tip…. My Heritage seems to be a company which is excellent for DNA results, highly recommended by Dr. OZ on TV. Like you, I want to have mine done, but am not sure which company to use. It seems that Ancestry has the most submitters, if one is looking to match up with others in the same line, however, My Heritage has some things to offer which other companies don't and has the second highest amount of submitters. So, which way to go? I haven't decided yet. My father's side is French Canadian, and because we can go no further back than my great-grandfather on his side, I think doing a DNA might help locate the area from which all my people come from prior to Canada. I'm sure it's France, but who knows? I've seen people who tho't for sure they knew the facts, but it ended up being anything but what they tho't. So, I think it's worth doing. Anyhow, thanks so much for the interesting video and the history included in it. I found it fascinating and wouldn't have tho't of skipping any of it!

  32. This has to have been the best and most entertaining, fascinating (and factual with the history lesson you gave us) ancestry story that I’ve seen on YT yet. You were so heavily immersed and penetrated all aspects of your personal ethnic history, it was very lovely to watch.

  33. Roz Hector says:

    Did 23andMe not so sure about it as .The wheel didn't make sense as it said (if I am reading it correctly) that my dad's make up from his mother and father was african and the orange and colours on his mothers side and all the blues on his fathers side. Not sure if they were just using colour .But if they were stating where rhey were from it was completely wronge has his mother is the one eith Irish etc dna and his father African etc so not to sure what to make of it. Also my nice has the same percentages in fact some of us seem to have the same even though they are 4th cousin .

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