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I’m half WHAT?!! | 23andMe Genetics Test

I’m half WHAT?!! | 23andMe Genetics Test

Hope you guys enjoyed this video & got to know a little bit more about me! 🙂

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42 thoughts on “I’m half WHAT?!! | 23andMe Genetics Test

  1. Nawal says:

    Where are you guys from?!

  2. you know that Moroccans and Algerians have nothing in common with Egyptians or Libyans ..so it is weird that a country Like Egypt or Libya are included in the North African category with Morocco and Algeria…it is kind of ridiculous unless they consider North Africans(Amazigh) to be the same people as people from the Middle east then once again if that so then why not just put them in one category .

  3. yo your to beautiful tho

  4. tobin2517 says:

    I think there is a big different between being a descendant and being a true native person that was born and raised somewhere and submerged in that culture.

  5. how much dose it cost to do that?

  6. Elephant H says:

    I would appreciate if I could get a clone of you,

  7. could you prove you are Sudanese

  8. You are an amazing beautiful black Woman!!!

  9. Try Ancestry DNA there're more accurate

  10. قريت لي نتائج كتيرة لي الحمض النووي، و اول ما الواحد يلقى نسبة و لو بسيطة من العرقي الاوربي فيه…. بالله الواحد أو الواحدة ما باقي الا تشيل شنطتها و تمشي أوربا و تبظق في وش أفريقيا…عاد الإنسان الأبيض لما جانا في أفريقيا كان حامل ثلاثة أشياء" الانجيل في يمينه، و البندقية في شماله و شنطته في ظهره"

  11. I'm from Sardinia.

  12. Mary says:

    You know you hardly have any "black African" sub-saharan DNA? You are mostly Imazighen and Middle East, fyi. I see this so much with you all from East Africa. You are actually MY sister more than a black person's sister. Imazighen range in color. Some are blonde hair and blue eyes with white skin along the Atlas Mountains and some are tanned with brown hair and eyes. Your father most likely makes you related to me, his ancestors were most likely MOORS, and they looked no different than the Spanish, so you better understand yourself, you are mostly Mediterranean blood.

  13. Luam Haile says:

    Wow I nearly had the same results and I Eritrean! But I heard these tests are highly inaccurate for East Africans.

  14. hey.cuz.u.have.such.an.ammazing.youtube.channel.mashaallah

  15. Angel A says:

    You are just gorgeous??

  16. I loved your video! I made one in my channel, check it out 🙂

  17. Karl Dark says:

    Congratulations. You are very beautiful woman

  18. mohd saeed says:

    Ooooh my goodness you're sooo beautiful ? ?

  19. You are 100 percent beautiful

  20. you are so beautiful mashallah, im from Sudan as well , bless you girl take care 🙂

  21. Can i know from which tribe you are from, i mean mahasi , jaali,…. ?

  22. half Sudanese and half jamaican

  23. Hey Nawal….I live in Europe….is it possible to order a genetic test in the USA…?

  24. If a south sudanese took the test how would it look like?

  25. You're beautiful!!!

  26. You are beautiful!! I desire to get my channel up and running but it takes time because I desire good quality.

  27. Jericho says:

    مرحبا أختي نوال، كيف حالك؟
    فيديو حلو
    في النهاية النتائج ممتعة، وتحية الشعب السوداني ^ _ ^

  28. Jame Gumb says:

    Brb, booking flight to Sudan.

  29. sister you are so beautiful ,The 6% is from the cape verde islands west Africa

  30. Al Rahala says:

    Sister, your result almost like mine.

  31. I just uploaded my 23 and Me results video and was interested in seeing what results other people got. So cool!!

  32. Mc. FOX says:

    I'm from soudan 🙂 I enjoy watching this video

  33. Knight B says:

    I want to see some of these videos by white people. Lol

  34. Pakistan is south asia. Sardinia is an island thats part of Italy

  35. Nice im Sudanese, my dads is Nubian (dongolawi) with Turkish ancestry and my mom (ga'al) has iraqi ancestry. Id love to take the test

  36. You have the same name as me!

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