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23andMe and FRANK

23andMe and FRANK

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41 thoughts on “23andMe and FRANK

  1. I was pretty cool thanks Belief

  2. I just complete one for my mum and for myself I’m excited to learn more on this on my parents side history.

  3. Hello, found your channel from MazeLee and i want to answer some of your questions on Trinidad and Tobago ancestry. Being from T&T hopefully this would help you. I also know a Henry who is mixed.
    Firstly, vaguely 90% of the population are mixed and over 70% don't know it or choose their ethnicity on physical features. A vast number are mixed with amerindian caribarawak. North americans would know them as "native american". So you'd have native bloodline.
    Based on history most west african slaves were taken to different caribbean islands and south america.Throughout history we spoke dutch, french, spanish and english. While the culture would make you spanish your bloodline is west african. Most of south america's music came from africa.
    The caucasian bloodline could come from any part of history. In the earlies people were raped, in the later years there were many romantic relationships.
    If your father lived in Tobago and have Tobago family, it would have been easier. However, lots of Trinidadians keep secrets sometimes for good reason. This test shows the bloodline and not the culture behind the bloodline.
    But i'll share this video to my friend and if she wants to she can reply.
    Have a great day! Hope you saw this message.

  4. That DNA stuff is fraudulent. So called blacks are Aboriginals of the Americas including the Caribbean…got to do your own research.

  5. Cuba is in the Caribbean…. is that technically South America? I think it’s technically Latin America, but not South America, I thought South America is the continent. There are many Cubans who are Black, Afro-Latino African Americans. I’ve met more Black Cubans than white Cubans, the media just doesn’t portray them.

  6. I think what you might be misunderstanding is that since Africans were brought to Cuba and South America, even if your great-great grandfather was Cuban (he probably was), his bloodline is still West African because that's where his ancestors originated from. So that's what DNA tests will tell you. They tell you your origins, not where you ended up later. Like, hypothetically if my future great-great-great-great grandchildren and their parents end up born and raised in Dubai somehow, if they take a DNA test, the test is not gonna show they have roots in North America just because I'm American. It's gonna show West African DNA because I'm African-American.

  7. But then again genetic make-up will definitely show West Africa because all black carribeans originally came from West Africa anyways….most of them anyway. doesn't mean you have no links to Trinidad or Cuba as is rumoured in your family. Just that your final roots is from West Africa…we are related…lol

  8. Owen Video says:

    We just did this… found out Im way more latino than we thought

  9. ALSO, the family story may still be the case! Remember, enslaved Africans were brought to the Caribbean and Central and South America, and were forced to take on Spanish/French/British names as well. So your 3X Great grandfather may have had 100% African DNA but been called "Henrique", and still be considered "cuban", you know? Also, that 15% European you have in there, could be from Spaniard heritage as well.

  10. Cuba isn't in South America, bruh! lol

  11. Cuba is not South America…Caribbean

  12. thxa. says:

    The native part is from South America. Over time the South Americans moved to (USA)

  13. bdebramo says:

    Stephen Darby did a really good teaching about the origins of American blacks pre slavery. We were in NIGERIA but migrated from the middle east. The teaching is called Negroland. Not too sure about these things. No south american with a cuban grandaddt but 10 percent eurpoean. HMMMM.

  14. love this! I had DNA done for me and my mom because she was adopted….found out she is 39 percent African and I am 20 percent! We always suspected my mom was mixed but its cool to find out 🙂

  15. glory2God says:

    Omg! I wanna take the DNA test too! And hey on my moms side I have family from Trinidad and Tobago! Yesss!

  16. Why am I not surprised about the West African part? !!! I've always felt you look Ghanaian ?

  17. You’re an Israelite look into it

  18. Cuba isn’t apart of South America. It’s in the Caribbean which is technically North American. Besides, Latinos in general aren’t really a race..more of a culture/nationality thing. The only trace of “South America” that these tests would show would be Native American percentages. Like, I can say that I’m a full Mexican because everyone in my family is front there, but you’d never see a genetic test saying 100% for any American country because we’re all mostly mixed by default.

  19. Lorena S. says:

    A new way to collect DNA…??

  20. I Love Frank!!! ????

  21. S. Jay says:

    Brother if you are serious about finding out were you are from. You should contact Africanancestry.com. They are not going to pay you to promote their business but, they are Black owned and operated and have been in business for 15 years.

  22. I dunno about taking these DNA tests. What do these places do with the rest of the DNA sample? I saw on some crime show where they got this guy's sample and connected him to a crime and he wasn't even in the state when it happened. Big Brother y'all.

  23. Listen to Frank…You are African????

  24. TAS Selah says:

    Hello Oluwabeleaf ????

  25. Yo bruh! You could still have fam from Cuba. You kept saying you didn't have any South American in you but Cuba isn't in South America. Also, we really have to think about what being "Cuban" means. There was once a native population in Cuba, but I believe today the population consists of mainly a mix between the Spanish (which are European) and African people. One must also remember that Spanish people are white. Spain is in Europe. Spanish people are very much different than the South American population created by the intermingling between the brown native populations and the white Spanish conquistadors. Just like Jamaica and Haiti, black people are NOT native to Cuba. They were brought there by the Spanish to work as slaves just like African Americans. I'm rambling now, but anyways, you should try and see if your European ancestors are from Spain. If so, there's a good chance you did have some family in Cuba considering the stories your grandfather gave you. Peace 🙂

  26. Frank said she had a baby, she got an excuse ???

  27. m. mann says:

    Sub-subharans(Black people) was the first people everywhere on planet earth. Remember OUT OF Africa.

  28. You look great, Glen, and I'm glad you had a good time in London and New Orleans. Besides 23 & Me, whose results I hope you found useful, there's Heritage DNA which gave me a lot more information (and deeper, more specific info) than Ancestry DNA. Remember that the reports are limited in all of these because there's only so much reporting and available info. Way to keep Frank in check.
    And there's a private Fb group for Patreon supporters? Have a super weekend. Psyched for your book (I think I will be delivered tmw)!

  29. m. mann says:

    Sub-subharans are the first peoples of the Americas. The are the true Natives. Asians(Clovis people and Eurasians from Siberia) came across the Siberian straits or land bridge at a later date. Caucasians stop lying.

  30. Ella K says:

    hey beleaf!! i met you at flood confrence last week!! so happy to be a subscriber 🙂

  31. Frank is my FAVORITE ??? #SAVAGE

    SN: idk if 23andme will give you the results you need..I would definitely dig deep and ask some other family members regarding your lineage and/or how to find more info about your Cuban lineage

  32. So is Veda over…or nah? Cause I need some more vids…

  33. We definitely didn’t need that spit shot ?

  34. Let me find out your in my list of DNA Relatives. LOL. Just kidding. there should be no way that we are related. LOL. *still gonna go look*. LMBO

    Side Note: He kinda did murder you though. LOL

  35. I did mines with Ancestry.com, and AfricanAncestry.com. With Ancestry.com I was 91% West African, 8%European, and 1% Middle Eastern. With African Ancestry my mt dna came back to Djola in Guinea Bissau.

  36. Glen and Frank's exchange ????

  37. My great great grandfather is from Martinique and now I understand why I like Caribbean food.

  38. Thanks for posting u haven't really been posting and I thought something was going wrong with your family. So I just want u to know that I love your vids and keep up all the inspirational videos up.

  39. Ruslan KD says:

    “That’s actually not that crazy” ???

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