WOW. I’m in shock y’all. I was NOT expecting this. THANK YOU 23andMe for giving me this opportunity to understand who I am!

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  1. There's an overwhelming amount of ignorance from people…I kind of wasn't expecting it to be honest. I really thought people were better than that. Also if you don't want to be respectful just click out of the video. However thank you to those who have been respectful to one another! -Wossen

  2. Crissy says:

    Damn your eyes are really big but prettt

  3. she looks like Japanese and Tibetan!!!

  4. Ancient Egyptian eyes… So pretty ?

  5. "SouthEAST Asian". Not "South Asian".

    South Asian is Indian. Which is not grouped with East Asians.

    However, SouthEAST Asian (which this test specifically says you have ancestry of), and Native American are broadly lumped together with "East Asian". Do not confuse "Indian" with Native American, as Indian was a misnomer given to Native Americans by white people, to make them seem like foreigners in their own land.

    But the Southeast Asian in you could have came from you having Malagasy ancestry. The Malagasy are proven to be Austranesian people (Pacific Islanders, particularly a certain group from Borneo) mixed with East African. The Malagasy people is the marriage of those two cultures. Their language is said to be Austranesian in origin too.

  6. sol omer says:

    Most east Africans have Middle Eastern.

  7. I think one thing that should be taken into account is that during the Aksumite empire if you’ll be a once controlled what is today’s Saudi Arabia, North Africa, and Yemen!

  8. The Bakery says:

    88.5% subsaharan African wich is what whites call true African, yet you look like you could be Arab and black. Wich is what you are. But you dont have the subsaharan African features. Proves that whites dont understand.

  9. You look just like a character from Aladdin.

  10. Dee Dee says:

    Just proves that Africans traveled and traded with native Americans a looong time ago.

  11. your super beautiful…

  12. Lam rof says:

    your huge eyes and big forehead give up you are Ethiopian.

  13. Aredas says:

    you have scarily big eyes lmao eyelashes neat tho

  14. wow i love a woman with big eyes like yours

  15. You're so pretty omg

  16. Irvin Webb says:

    Wossen you have a way about you. Some kind of lovely charm i suppose. Maybe it's your DNA…

  17. p5c6s7 says:

    Thanks for sharing! Could you do a DNA test with AncestryDNA? It would be interesting to see if they get your country of origin correctly.

  18. Dear: Ignorant Racist
    Simplistic "race percentage" models are dubious in Africa which has the highest genetic diversity in the world. That diversity proceeded from deeper sub-Saharan Africa, to East and N.E. Africa, then to the rest of the globe. All other populations, including Europeans and "Middle easterners" carry this diversity which was built into Africa to begin with. Africans thus don't need any "race mix" to look different. Their diversity is built-in and supplied the whole globe. Any returnees or "backflow" to Africa looked like Africans . (Brace 2005, Hanihara 1996, Holliday 2003).

  19. I'm African American and because I scored 90% African on AncestryDNA, the same ignorant people doubt the legitimacy of the test because it doesn't fit there fake racial stereotypes.

  20. Dil gêrm says:

    Biggest eyes I ever saw

  21. when i first looked at you i thougth you was like 40% middle eastern and 10% european and 50% sub saharan

  22. i can tell your ethiopian even without hearing the test

  23. Elias says:

    You have the highest East African percentage from the dna test of Ethiopians that I have seen so far.

  24. There are Mexican women that look like you

  25. You look like Greek

  26. Robert C says:

    The most important thing your a beautiful woman ..

  27. Considering the majority of Ethiopians that I have seen do these DNA tests, have had less than 1% middle eastern, and it's a widely accepted misconception / myth, that Ethiopians are half Middle Eastern, and somehow less black than other Africans, they should not lump the Middle Eastern and North African DNA results together.

    Those two categories should be separate. You are less than 1% Middle Eastern, and so is the vast majority of Ethiopians I've seen do this exact same test, where they have had 1% and less Middle Eastern. Crushing that misconception that Ethiopians are somehow HALF another race, when Ethiopia was never colonized in the first place to experience large racial mixing. I'm going to show this video, along with 12 other Ethiopian girls that I found on YouTube, video to anyone( primarily fucking white people, and the occasional ignorant East Asian) who continues to spread that bullshit lie that Ethiopians are half Middle Eastern. They try to do this in an attempt to disassociate you from being black, because in their racist Minds, anything that does not support the myth of black inferiority (propagated for centuries in their media) must be disassociated from blackness, and somehow accredited to themselves to support the myth of their Supremacy. Anything we have worth praising must have somehow come through them. Either by their intervention, or one drop of their "Superior" blood. This includes wealth, civilization, culture, history, and beauty. If it's worth marveling over, they want to assume credit for it. This mess that they've been trying to spread the Ethiopians are some have less and black, and basically a country of biracials, That's a bald-faced lie that I'm happy these DNA tests are exposing. white people will attempt to identify with, and clean entire cultural identities, just so that they can clean its greatness and sustain the myth of their Supremacy.

    Then despite the DNA test exposing this bald-faced lie, you still have white people arguing in the comment section trying to claim an entire group of people, like the culture vultures and identity thieves that they are.

    White people are currently trying to claim Nubia. Have you guys heard of that? White people are trying to argue that Nubians weren't black. These people are unapologetic cultures vultures. Do not leave any room open for them to try to claim your identity, your culture, or any aspect of your history. If you aren't firm in your identity, they will steal it. White people's culture is the appropriation of others. Cultural appropriation and identity theft is their culture.

  28. Ryt5014 says:

    All I see is eyes hooot

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