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10 thoughts on “FDA Recalls: 23andme Must Stop Selling At-Home DNA Tests

  1. A copper iud …. Who would have thought copper would be a form of birth control

  2. Dead Doctors Don't Lie, diseases are all nutritional,

  3. Hitler would be proud high tech eugenics

  4. man, anyone who was in high school and learned something there knows those results are tendences not a death sentence.. it is genotype, not phenotype.. it depends much more on what we do with our bodies..

  5. jjaus says:

    Easy for DR Smary over there. I have no blood family. No idea of where I come from and what diseases I might get. What do I do?

  6. he fact that google pretty much owns a lot in the tech world,and they are both separation in marriage says it all. Big pharma needs its money.America is known for keeping people sick and not wellness or prevention. Connect the dos people. this one isn't hard to figure out.

  7. Vas Sel says:

    They can still sell them.  They are just not allowed to give you the cute form of your genetic risks and drug response, but you can get the RAW data and upload it somewhere else to get those results.

  8. Are we in America. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone you are allowed to use whatever wacky witchcraft you want. The only thing they are allowed to do is put on the label that statements have not been approved by the FDA. It smells fishy. Like the tests work too well and the other companies tests that cost insane amounts want to put them out of business.

  9. Dimitri says:

    But not everyone has family.. Wtf..

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