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WHO AM I?!?! | 23andMe DNA Results (SURPRISING!) | European | Native American | African

WHO AM I?!?! | 23andMe DNA Results (SURPRISING!) | European | Native American | African

My first YouTube video EVER! I found there to be a lot of value in others’ review videos so I decided to make one. It’s been a long, exciting journey but my ancestry DNA tests are back from 23andMe! You’ll be shocked when you see the results!

Where’s Ash?

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33 thoughts on “WHO AM I?!?! | 23andMe DNA Results (SURPRISING!) | European | Native American | African

  1. Ash SerranoTo those commenting on the free services for raw dna, I have uploaded my file to all of the known sites. I have a link to all of them in the description of this video.

  2. Joe says:

    I'm Mexican and I'm glad you talked about the Aztecs/Mayans because a lot of people think Native Americans are only in USA which isn't true.

    Ancestry DNA results:
    64% Native American
    20% Spain

    Low confidence regions:
    3% Africa Southeastern Bantu
    2% Europe South
    2% Middle East
    2% Ireland/Scotland/Wales
    2% European Jewish
    1% Asia Central
    1% Polynesia
    <1% Caucasus
    <1% Asia East
    <1% Africa North

  3. I knew you had a lil black in there….NICE!!! I have the same areas on my DNA test. 86% Africa 11% Europe 1.8 Native American and East Asian and the rest is unassigned. Cool video, I wish they would give us more detail on each country

  4. How do you do the ancestry try

  5. Your surname is like me: Serrano.

  6. Awwwwwwwh, beautiful video.

  7. Hey, your really pretty! Also I had the same issue literally watching dna vids, researching etc. Because I was so interested in it. I am doing a 23andme DNA test this monday. And I can't wait to get my results back! Have a good rest of you Day!

  8. That sub-Saharan is very important my friend you or an Israelite

  9. 7% ain't shit. Ur a fucking European !

  10. I think Scandinavian or german xx you are beautiful

  11. Bori/Domi says:

    nice results you look like actress Claire Danes ❗ little bit

  12. Mark Seeds says:

    Interesting video. Surely the Scottish and Welsh would come under the british contingent, though?

  13. Lone Wolf says:

    Let me correct your comment we the natives did "NOT" come from asia this has been debunked thousands of times by science & none of my DNA says asia anywhere…………………………………………………

  14. wicious says:

    ancestry breaks the ethnicity regions down into countries, and other services do, too, but they are pretty equivalent for west africa right now, i think. ancestry has VERY few people in some of the countries they test. Like I think they have 19 people in Mali(?). So they're basing your ancestry on whether you share dna with 19 people from a country that has millions of people, and that you might be separated from by 300 years. Ancestry says I'm part Malian, but another site says I'm part Nigerian. I haven't done 23andme yet but I'm assuming they'll say west African and that will paradoxically be more accurate. I really don't believe that they can get any more specific than that yet. They definitely need to expand their reference panels at least.

  15. You stated that your father is from Panama , that is almost certainly the source of both the Native / Asian and the African.

    Panamanians like many Caribbean people are triple admixed.

    My parents are from the Jewel of the Caribbean , the island of Ayiti (Spanish renamed it Hispaniola) when 23 and Me updated their representative data sets (you should see the new results in a few weeks make sure to check) they were able to isolate the fact that my native / Asian 1.3% tracks back to Ayiti…this is pretty cool as previously the report just broadly indicated that there was the Asian/Native dna.

    Still there needs to be more break down in North American lineages to separate out more clearly different signals (so that they will be able to identify people with Apache versus Ojibwe versus Mohican versus Navaho dna ….unfortunately people with more pure lineage lines from those groups are likely not buying these kits.

    23 and Me should start a program where they ask us their customers to "sponsor a kit" for individuals in data sets that are undersampled…this would allow those people to allow the test results to improve their resolution of low sample data sub populations inside their larger data sets.

  16. no northafrican in you
    that's sad

  17. kwaku ba says:

    Wow. Very interesting Ash. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful woman and very well informed on the DNA nuances and make it fun. My wife was born and raised in ghana and is the first from her family to travel out of there. In fact they said she is the first in her extended family to marry outside their ghana ethnicity and yet she had Iberian. Baffling. Any ideas?

  18. I can se some African features in you I love your test cool

  19. Your ancestry is very interesting!!  I think the more broadly implies characteristics or DNA that everyone in that region shares.  It's the DNA before the population split into the individual countries.  Also, because of your mixed ancestry, the unassigned is the DNA that is more difficult to identify which population it comes from but over time it can be placed.  I had initially 2.7% unassigned but it went down to .7% percent.

  20. Painbow says:

    Video starts at 7:45. No, really.

  21. Night Dark says:

    You are pretty. Smart too, I can tell. Hmm, now could you please go and have sexytime with a half black half asian guy and get pregnant so we can see what the child would look like? Please.

  22. El Matador says:

    Whatever your results, you are 100% beautiful!

  23. If you put your results to Wegene.com you can get a free analysis that may break down the Asian and Native American better. Check it out.

  24. URO RN says:

    I can see the Panamanian up in there. Lol Great results

  25. Mark R says:

    Nice results. Similar to mine. You were pretty spot on in guessing the percentages!

  26. NG ! says:

    Wtf I heard wegene is free to this very day?

  27. that's funny i made this sound when i first saw you 0:05

  28. I have watched several of these videos where people think that they have native american ancestry only to find out that they have less than 1 percent native american DNA. Your over 7% native american ancestry is pretty impressive and you didn't even know you had any. Very cool!

  29. jfsfrnd says:

    The Broadly Southern European is most likely North African. Go to GEDMatch and DNALand. Myheritage breaks down countries.

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