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DNA Test: Finding out of I’m 100% Chinese with 23andMe

DNA Test: Finding out of I’m 100% Chinese with 23andMe

I believe it’s every person’s right to be excited about who they are and what makes you, YOU, and I hope all of you are pleasantly surprised and embrace every DNA from an ancestor that makes you uniquely YOU. You are wonderfully made. If anyone makes you feel any negativity for being excited when you discover you have a surprise ethnicity in your DNA, that’s their problem, not yours. Spread kindness and love. I will not tolerate hateful comments. May we choose our words wisely and uplift one another, as the Bible says, from out of the heart the mouth speaks. Thanks for being here and watching! xx

Please READ + UPDATE! Read my blog post here: https://dianaelizabethblog.com/23andme-dna/

UPDATE: I uploaded my results to Wegene and the results said 0% European.

Chinese 93.08% ::::::
Northern Han Chinese53.49%
Southern Han Chinese32.91%

Northeast Asian 1.77% ::::::

Southeast Asian 1.87% ::::::

South Asian 3.24% ::::::

To get your own 23andMe: https://goo.gl/REuqs5

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47 thoughts on “DNA Test: Finding out of I’m 100% Chinese with 23andMe

  1. john Sui says:

    Who cares if you have some other non-Chinese gene. You still look asian and will b e treated like a minority in the so call Melting pot America

  2. I wanna do mine but it's so expensive.

  3. Well she's gorgeous, so her ancestry combo works

  4. Welcome to the tribe!

  5. Dave WA says:

    It’s very odd. You are not alone wanting to embrace European gene especially coming from Asian women. I mean what’s wrong with a full Asian gene. I think it’s cool. About your Jewish bit , your ancestor could be from Kaifeng, China. Until a few hundred years ago, there was a thriving Jewish community. They were the descendants of Jewish merchants marrying the local women.

  6. 0.2% Jewish .. ? not really I suggest you are one decendent of the roman soldiers that was in chineese emperors service long time ago.

  7. I got 46.9% Chinese and Amazonian too!!

  8. LOL !!!? ? ☘️Everyone Is Irish Today ! Happy st. Patty's Day !

  9. LMAO. 99.9 percent Chinese.

  10. Ancient DNA. Between 3000-4000 years ago, an Ashkenazi Jewish man travelled along the silk road. He met this beautiful Chinese lady, and they fell in love. One thing leads to another and 3000-4000 years later. There's you!

    Here's a link with more information about your specific DNA.

    PS, Intertribal procreation in ancient times often meant: soldier/warrior raping the local women. (but let's not go there).

  11. Herlina k says:

    There was a big Ashkenazi Jews community in Shanghai, so thats probably where the link came from.

  12. Emma Sax says:

    Thank you for sharing Diana! This makes me so excited to get my results, especially since I was nervous about their data since I'm (pretty sure) from China too!

  13. Your Ashkenazi and French ancestors probably came to China for trade.

  14. WOW SO COOL!!!!! 😀

  15. Did u have a Mexican ancestor? That could explain the European, Native American, and Jewish.

  16. There are 2 European Jewish groups: Ashkenazi and Sephardim. Quite a lot of "white" people are actually of Israeli descent, including Germans. The Nazis(of WW2) faked their ancestry to read non-Israel white/Arian. It worked until they tried making their "master race."

  17. MS. THOMAS says:

    Hubby is so funny !?

  18. Lee Harvey says:

    Southeast Asia is where I'm living,. Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thai and so on. Southeast Asian Indigenous I think mostly Malay.

  19. Have you been phased with your parents? If you worry about the European being statistical noise, it would be worth getting your parents to test on it to see if it will disappear or not.

  20. she is related to the Rothschild's….

  21. upload your raw dna data on GEDmatch, this site is more specific about regions + database is bigger)

  22. rainy D says:

    Jews were quite abundant in Shanghai in the early 1900's. I think so. Not surprised if you have Jewish ancestry.

  23. It seems that everyone on earth has Jewish ancestry. Mel Brooks, you are right after all! Yesh!

  24. MITJen says:

    She’s my aunt

  25. Upload your DNA results to gedmatch for free!

  26. 730 Mŷ says:

    Congratulations Diana on your DNA ethnicity results!!!

  27. The excitement in her face about finding out an ounce of other was priceless. Aunt Rucka

  28. MetaView7 says:

    everybody got some jewish ancestor in them

  29. mjustice98 says:

    wow a purebred I didnt think any were left

  30. Sin kami says:

    Actually, chinese have been mixed with jew tribes so it's obvious that you're jewish haha Turkik are ashkenaz jewish. Chinese have a lot of similarities with North African indigenous, same jewels made. I think Asian people were jews but their DNAs change when they were living in cold climates like North Asia, Central Asia. Their eyes became like monolid, it happens to some berber people: some have monolids or slanted eyes

  31. Why Chinese people abandon all chinese culture want to become a Full American? I can't understand that. Even can't speak chinese. China have over 5000 years history, one of the longest history in the world. Why want give up your culture so much?

  32. Why all this focus on Ashkenazi but not Sephardic when it comes to these DNA testing's?

  33. These areas as sources of Native American ancestors: Melanesia, New Guinea, South East Asia, China, Japan, Siberia and Central Asia. Let's not forget also than Central Asia was immense migration traffic crossroad where people moved to both Europe and Americas. Folks in large Siberia has also moved to e.g Finland and Americas.

  34. The Jews went all over most of the known world,even as far as China,and Japan,my dear Diana.According to 23&Me,I,m 2.7% Ashkenazic Jewish,my dear.This comes from some German Jews on my late paternal grandmother Frances Barth's family.With the 23&Me timeline,it says that my Jewish ancestor most probably was born between 1840,and 1750,dear.Well,shalom aleichem,my dear,and God bless you,your dear husband,and kindly keep you both well,and safe,Diana.

  35. Kalevipoeg says:

    Sorry but…you're not full asian 😉 0.2% might sound like not a lot but when you are talking about genetics, even 0.01% can make a difference if that 0.01% controls something like…can you handle milk products (hint: if you can you're probably part european since that mutation came from Europe), are you more susceptible to some forms of cancer, can you grow facial hair if you are a man, etc. I only had a small part east asian but similar to a lot of east asians I cannot really grow facial hair as a full grown man and have no real body hair while all of my 100% European relatives can grow thick beards and often have chest hair. I also belong to an east asian blood group called diego(a+b+) which is something less than 0.01% of all Europeans or Africans belong to but 13% of Mongolians and 10% of Chinese. What that means is that even if I only have a small % of asian dna and don't really look asian, if I ever need a blood transfusion I probably need an asian donor (luckily my wife is Chinese).

    Put it this way: if you went back in time and killed that Jewish ancestor, you would never have been born. So yes…that 0.2% means a lot considering your existence depends on it.

    As for HOW you got it….that's pretty obvious: in the 19th century, a lot of Jewish missionaries were sent to China and even lived there. They mixed with the Chinese population occasionally. Because China had the population explosion in the 20th century, that means a lot of people were born with a bit of European DNA.

    Also, Eastern Europeans and East Asians are related – particularly northeastern Europeans like Finns and Estonians (my people). 50% of all Finnish men belong to an east asian genetic haplogroup (N) and 33% of Estonian men as well. This is because some of our ancient ancestors who spoke the ancestral language to Estonian and Finnish – which is a uralic language thought to originate in north asia – migrated from asia to europe some time after the end of the ice age. A lot of Chinese have distant relatives in eastern Europe and don't even know it.

  36. M Vang says:

    What's so Great about being European? ? sad….when Asians can't even appreciate their ethnicity.

  37. Try importing your raw dna to Wegene!

  38. "No, I just wanna be contrary." HAHAHAHAHAHA

  39. I really want to do this and see if I have European DNA, which is probably extremely unlikely, I would probably only get a very high percentage of Chinese, like 90%+ (which I'll use WeGene to break it down), and maybe some Korean, Japanese or any other East Asian.

  40. Eeluon says:

    23andme categorizes almost every Chinese ethnic group as "Chinese". Upload your result onto wegene; it's free, and it will break it down to different ethnic groups and into northern or southern Chinese.

  41. Not a drop of Mongolian?

  42. Adi Adiani says:


  43. your achestors were first ashkenazi "jewish" people from central asia who lived in slack nomadic groups , they were traders through silkroad and they meet other cultures etc. China isnt pure there are over 200 ethnicities and some people with different racial features .

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