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Hangout with 23andMe: Genetic Genealogy Basics

Hangout with 23andMe: Genetic Genealogy Basics

Hangout with 23andMe Ancestry Ambassador CeCe Moore to learn the basics of Genetic Genealogy and 23andMe’s Ancestry features. CeCe will be joined by 23andMe product manager, Laurie Kahn, and community manager, Christine. This Hangout will cover interpreting your 23andMe Ancestry Composition results, connecting with your DNA Relatives, understanding maternal and paternal lines — and more. Post questions in the Q&A or follow us on Twitter @23andMe& #23andMeHangout .


25 thoughts on “Hangout with 23andMe: Genetic Genealogy Basics

  1. CeCe looks like Madonna.

  2. How long does it take for 23 and Me to generate a genetic report once the DNA processing has gone through?

  3. MissAyame says:

    What is the DNA percentage of a half sister?

  4. Liz Martin says:

    This is a lot to take in . Will be coming back a lot to learn. Thank you for all the info

  5. how do you fine your biological father if you have not never seen him and how do you fine him and his family through dna i looking for my father

  6. I hope I don't have to remember all the info, in order to find answers to to my ancestry and what cultures run in my blood

  7. Boring as hell, too long with unnecessary explaination

  8. CeCe is a tattle tale, who thinks she knows more than she actually does. She's a legend in her own mind!!

  9. 357Amun says:

    "The results reflect where your ancestors lived 500 years ago, before ocean crossing ships and airplanes came on the scene."

    We now know that people were crossing the ocean 1,000's of years ago. So how accurate can the data be, concerning this area?

  10. You need to let folks know that there are FB pages of the different haplogroups.

  11. Does this service give haplogroups?

  12. so are both side of my DNA tested if I'm tested and not my parents ?

  13. I have Neanderthal DNA and am a redhead. I've been watching the PBS series, "First Humans" and it seems that both Neanderthals and redheads come mostly from Northern Europe. Redheads are going extinct. What's the possibility the redhead gene is ancient?

  14. Where can I look on my chromosomes for recent genetic mutations?  I have a double right kidney and Ureter Track as well as having been born with no lower jaw wisdom teeth.

  15. How should I open the downloaded Countries of Ancestry information. It is a mess that I cannot use in any way

  16. 100% European looooool

  17. John Pike says:

    23 & me, yet another step closer to agenda 21.
    The Mormon Church has been effectively gathering personal information on every person on the planet, for decades.
    It is and was, the quirky policy of this religion, to do so.
    In fact, the Mormon Church HQ in Utah USA, is the Hub and central collection center.
    Oh…did U say that the NSA has it's Head Quarters in Utah???
    Aren't they involved in "the Gather of Personal Info" too?
    Ancestry.com is also an information gathering mechanism.
    Oh…they know everything about your Bloodline ancestry and family.
    Therefore, naturally you have Your Families DNA.
    Your family history, shopping habits, criminality, finances can Now, all be assigned to your New 23 and me DNA sample which if u are not sure, will be translated to, NSA HQ.
    Minority Report, assessing pre-crime is the future of thwarting terrorism and the Possibility of Criminal intent.
    Forest Gump said it best; stupid is as stupid does…

  18. This was an excellent hangout for someone who's new to this topic such as myself. I hope that 23andme will host future hangouts keeping us all in the genealogy loop. So glad it was posted on youtube. Thanks ladies!

  19. Thank you for this excellent presentation.  This intro cleared up numerous questions in my mind and I'm better able to interpret the data. I've got so much more to learn from your videos.  Many thanks.

  20. Christine – at the end you really burned Laurie by 'especially thanking' CeCe for her really excellent presentation. Ouch!

  21. I just wanted to add – not to take away from the intelligence and much-appreciated contributions of you all – but I think CeCe has the most gorgeous hair! Absolutely beautiful! I love how it's straight on top and wavy as it goes lower. She should have been a hair model, like for shampoo or something. Gorgeous!

  22. mark kelly says:

    Thanks! I look forward to more of the same.

  23. Mike Barry says:

    Hello, I'd like to know if it would be possible to add Male and for that matter Female haplogroup to all profiles, so many have none, or poor estimates for instance M269. I am trying to filter on male Haplogroup R1b, L21 Z253 L1066 CTS9881 in order to specifically target my direct line, how ever the system in use at 23andme is years out of date, when are you going to align with the ISOGG 2014 tree definition?  Many many people especially those descendants of migrated families need a mechanism to break their brick wall, and this is a very targeted search.  As an Englishman of Irish ancestry its very frustrating, that there are no shipping records to help, as opposed to those who went further afield. As time progresses and more people get tested then some day a result from such a search will be a break through event.
    Thank you I hope that you can accommodate this request?

  24. Another AWESOME video! I have learned so much from 23andMe. I am so fascinated by genetics. You explain everything in terms that are easy to understand and are also entertaining. Thank you so much for producing all of these great videos on YouTube. I came back tonight to find out how to get the Ancestry DNA Test, which I will do now.

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