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23 thoughts on “Mexican/White Girl Does 23andMe

  1. You shoulda shown all of your ancestry. I saw things on the map you didn’t mention like Jewish.

  2. Hi. I'm a Mexican with blue eyes. How are you?

  3. Lol you look my sisters. We all mixed. But some of us loook more Hispanic

  4. j esco says:

    Most people who are half Mexican (Mestizo) + Full White American = around 75% European. Which is what you are so its accurate!

  5. You are so clueless it's scary. Your father looks straight up "Native American". I'd take another DNA test from another company. You have more First Nations DNA than "7%". A lot of these DNA ancestry test places have skewed databases, and methods to say the least.

  6. Rick says:

    I lost it at widows peak ?

  7. mboiko says:

    I think in your case it would be REALLY interesting to get a DNA test of both your Mom and Dad to see exactly what the breakdown is per parent. I suspect your Father is a lot more European then you think…since you're only 7.7% Native American.

  8. Hey Alivia I love you so much you’re so cool and pretty?

  9. A C says:

    Pretty sure the Native American part is from your dad

  10. What was your percentage of African and what part of Africa?

  11. What the fuck are you?stupid?

  12. PilsPlease says:

    my test still hasn't proven anything as I haven't gotten the new 23 and me update yet, which adds 2 countries where my family is telling me we are from so I have to wait to figure it out.

  13. rules 6j7 says:

    solo solo samborns lol

  14. Never Expected You To Do This Type Of Video.

  15. Do u even speak spanish?

  16. Bejeezus says:

    Some Mexicans are part Native American, lol. I got a little triggered when you didn't mention your dad has Native American in him, not your fault though. It's a misconception in some people in the U.S. that Mexicans are only Spaniard. The 7.7% Native American is mostly, if not all, from your dad.

  17. Hi Kids… lol, mmmmkkkkk….. glad you finally showed back up, a month after I gave you patreon, but it's ok, I meant it as a 1 time donation anyways, good to know you are alive-ia! (kill me) 😉

    In what point in time does this take place, because simply, we all are supposedly as a human race, born out of Africa…. or so I am told…. so this has a point in time it is at… I am just curious about that….

  18. Fake Dufas says:

    how much does it cost?

  19. Sarahsneak says:

    If only it was called 22andMe….. cues up TSWIFT

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