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MW vs. 23andMe

MW vs. 23andMe

The editing on this was MUCH more complicated than I expected, so in the end I didn’t get it up on Christmas Day (at least, where I am). My apologies.

And yes, I’m very aware that 23andMe have been known to alter results to promote the diversity agenda.

[This video is not intended to condone violence or hate.]

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25 thoughts on “MW vs. 23andMe

  1. I would like to add something which doesn't change anything. White skin gradually appeared because of evolution. When human species started in Africa millions of years ago, it started black … ?

  2. This seems to be an interesting test… which can also just ruin a person's day with the potentially disputable results. However, one thing I really don't like about the pride in being white is this "discrimination" within the whiteness range. Can't you see in your skin how white you are? I understand the emotional and intellectual connection to a certain area, country or nation, but it seems illogical to be so worried that you might have traces of a "less white" area of Europe. I am Albanian myself, always a white nation, and I don't care of the multitudes of nations that have gone in and out of here. My skin tells I'm white, my family and ancestry tells I'm Albanian. Do we need to be western/northern European to be "acceptable" whites? Please understand, I do appreciate those areas of Europe just as all other areas, though of course my heart is for my own country, my own "whiteness". And I don't say these words from some sense of inferiority, wanting the west/north to accept us. I am too proud of myself, my nation and my own whiteness, and I seriously don't care what someone "more white" has to say of that or how white they consider me. Oh, and one more thing in this regard: I really don't understand (actually, I find it sad on their part) why many women in the movement feel the need to dye their hair blonde and wear quite whitening make-up. Are you not white if you have dark hair, dark eyes and a slightly darker complexion? Is there no chance that, apart from the inevitable race mixing that has happened in the millenia, some tribes or nations within the whites of Europe evolved into darker complexions, adapting to their areas? I do care to say though, that if we have this kind of feelings among our own group, I cannot see how we can truly be united on a race basis, when we seem to have an unadmitted "hierarchy of whiteness" and shake with fear at the prospect of being southern European!! As if anyone should be slightly embarassed to have Roman or Spanish ancestry!! I see this so ugly shown in many hateful videos of some "white identitarians", mainly Serbian channels, in the way they speak of other white nations in their region… forgetting how "nice" Serbia has been to European history in the centuries. In such a case, you can be as white as snow, I don't see Europe n you.All this said, I would also feel a little sad if I were to learn (or be told a lie) that I have a significant percentage of African or Middle Eastern. Nothing against them, but as I said: white, Albanian, European, proud.

  3. I got 100% European on mine

  4. Queef says:

    Wouldn't it kind of make sense that everybody does have a very small amount of African DNA when you take into account that anybody not currently living in Africa is the result of a mass exodus from Africa? They probably list that as <0.1% because it's such a minuscule number that they can't even determine the exact percentage. Just a thought.

  5. 14:31 and throughout much of this video u have the markers missing, as in FRENCH/GERMAN has many divisions which are simply dutch, belgium and more specific regions/countries within that group of seemingly just two nations, not so… for instance in my 12.6% "FRENCH/GERMAN" they have listed the many countries and the one marker i had was for the dutch, as i am 1/8th dutch the math was almost perfect, 12.5% is 1/8th…
    also MW's Scando .8% will list sweden/norway, etc… mine is 5.5% scando with only a sweden marker…
    now u can get up to 5 for each marker, and with my BRIT/IRISH i have 4 out of 5 that mark me as scot/english and 3 for irish, so this is also divided…

    Iberian will show up alot for british people, as the oldest white DNA may be the BASQUES of SPAIN and they have very old deep connections to england, so even if "PURE" english u could have some IBERIAN, i have .8% and thats from my british side more than likely…

    Saxons came from Germany, so there is overlap there as well, as english in a sense are a newer version of german, if only to say their genetic stock was renamed vs. staying in germany… and of course other mixtures apply, like one comment jokes 100% PICT… bretons, angles, vikings, etc… loads of celt, roman, etc… names change for the same genetic stock…

  6. Not sure why one would be so averse to being Italian vs. Irish as Italy has a good 6 point or so IQ lead over Ireland (Richard Lynn et al…. so thats the difference between theists/atheists, R. Lynn again on that data as well…

    i would swap out my massive chunk of Irish with Italian, if only to play the odds in my favor…

  7. Ronaz Darg says:

    This is one racist dickhead weirdo

  8. Deus Vult says:

    99.6% overall North-Western EU 89.5% British for me. As the left would say insufferably white.

  9. you only need to look at the neanderthal component; neanderthal origins of culture, as to your french question; we KNOW celts and normandi influence on the isles; if you are interested I have a paper of haplotypes of the isles its say 65% anlon, 35% fraco-saxon..whites of course not 'asians', ill also explain you low italian; biology doesnt work like people think theres inbuillt dominance for environmental activators and biggest predominance in family…say a 50/50 mix gets another.mixed kid; you think that kid is say 75% one side..thats incorrect, the kid will be more 80-85% to that side dictated by familiar dominance and environmental activators….

  10. Well millenial..off course it goes to the netherlands selling peoples data is one of our prime industries, did you know our little nation wiretaps several thousand times a multiple of the US..I get why you are nervous;'you a clearly 99% australian aboriginee

  11. Ursa says:

    please stop smoking and drop that weight. you are looking unhealthy.

  12. Kim Backus says:

    Nikocado and Candy are a GREAT team! They are funny!

  13. Baghuul says:

    I'm 100percent Euro Biatch. Eastern Europe and Balkan with some german and french. None of that "0.01 black" nonsense.

  14. Thom Yorke says:

    this guy is such a douche

  15. You mutt 😉 I'm 100% European, 76% Brtish.

  16. crsbt says:

    Chanel NEEDS going viral.

  17. Great video! Very interesting to see how a racist reacts to one of these tests.

  18. i beeze more NW euro than u bro, beyatch!

    British & Irish
    United Kingdom (match strength 4 of 5 for the UK, and 3 out of 5 Ireland)

    French & German
    Netherlands, i'm 1/8th dutch as per my known line…

    Sweden had match strength…

    Broadly Northwestern European
    Broadly Southern European
    Broadly European

  19. When you find out that you are 0.01% African

  20. SK3PTiK0S says:

    I got 98,9% South European, woe is me. I am good looking though, probably ladies wont care.

  21. So wheres all that bushy hair from??

  22. So after seeing the results……you're saying you're African-Jewish then, media will have a field-day with this.

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