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Ever since I received my results, I have felt different. I want to dive into all of my cultures and learn more, more about the countries, the people, the food, more about my great-great-great- grandparents. These results just made me question who I am as a person even more…in a good way!


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33 thoughts on “MY CRAZY DNA RESULTS!! | 23andMe

  1. Im a Native Cetic Brit with with Irish and Scanddanavia and Spanish and Italian.

  2. Welcome to the Indo European club Im Team GB!!

  3. i never seen a tea cart in a kitchen set up, you need a welsh dresser my dear …..

  4. Sean M says:

    Great video. Seen so many where so many have expectations and desires. Which is so wrong. You are who you are, embrace it, enjoy it!

    But you DNA is in line with your known history:

    1. British. Well, you said you dad's family was from Britain
    2. 'Mexican'. Well, the Mexicans are a mix between 'native Americans' and the Spanish, Iberians.

    The African just comes from a bloodline many centuries back. After Portugal, Spain imported the most slaves to their colonies, Cuba received the next most slaves after Brazil.

    So, looks like some of your distant relatives might have intermixed with Africans on their way to Mexico.

    It's a cool story! Well done and we all want to claim you as ours because of your beautiful attitude!

  5. Cringy and annoying asf

  6. U hv indian/mexican skin and also asian eyes

  7. I did my DNA I am everything. ..

  8. Meli ssa says:

    You're adorable. You are basically a world citizen

  9. anonymou s says:

    you're voice is so nice

  10. mexican is a mixture of native american and iberian
    im 45.2%norway
    17.4% united kingdom
    9.0% french and german
    5.5% ukraine
    19.8% broadly northwestern european
    0.6% broadly southern european
    1.9% broadly european
    0.1% unassigned (but not european)

  11. HesseJamez says:

    Your eyes are Asian, your hair Iberian, your skin is British and your nose is North-African.

  12. That's awesome results. You're family now

  13. I'm 43 % native american 42 % european and 15 % african I think a lot of the hispanics are mixed in this way because the people that came from Spain mixed with the natives indians plus they also mixed with the africans they brought as slaves but we all share the same latino culture it doesn't matter the race.

  14. Good Vibes says:

    I thought you were 100% mexican

  15. Iberian peninsula. Isn't just spanish. There's Portugal who are not Spanish but Portuguese , and southern parts of France who speak french on that peninsula.

  16. Cool your family story about the English grandparent was accurately shown on your report! I guess you need to increase your hyphenated ethnic description ? Native Anglo Franco Afro Arab Sardinian Scandinavian American

  17. 素振りをするチョイス

  18. you are a typical mestizo girl 😀

  19. Marc E says:

    I'm gonna guess about 60% european, 35% indigenous, and 5% african. I'll go with 25% iberian and 25% british isles based on your description.

  20. Read the percentages!!

  21. Good video! Not surprised at the results as you have the desirable European/Latina look. Even better, you have confirmed ~2% African DNA in you so you can now use the clichéd ethnic retort "Kiss my black ass".

  22. You look beautiful in this video ?

  23. Okay girl you made my day lol ? and this is so interesting

  24. KEL7000 says:

    first off beautiful just beautiful my Queen and also amazing video…!!!!!!!!

  25. You have a nice smile

  26. You really need to learn the history of mexico, Spanish Jews fled to mexico to avoid the brutality of the Spanish, most Mexicans have black blood ,and native, that's how I got them,BTW you are far from the darkest European, sorry, but its true , many Spanish are as dark and darker…. Thanks to slavery, I got my Mexican and Brazilian via slavery in UK, tell your family this, there is no shame in having slave ancestry , the ones to be ashamed are the enslavers, our black ancestors did not choose slavery or being stolen , stand proud you stand on the backs of people that built mexico and the America's, racism is for scared people,being proud helps you, takes you closer to god, hating is wrong he made us all

  27. I am everything too, including native and I am British born

  28. Your Scandinavian percentage most likely came from your British ancestry due to the Viking era in the UK. Your ancestors were Vikings girl❤️❤️.

  29. My ancestry DNA results:
    27% Great Britain
    14% Cameroon/Congo
    12% Ireland/Scotland/Wales
    10% Scandinavian
    10% Europe East

    Low confidence regions
    6% Ivory coast/Ghana
    5% Nigeria
    2% Mali
    2% Benin/Togo
    2% Europe East
    2% Africa North
    <1% Africa South Central Hunter- gatherers
    <1% Iberian Peninsula

    My mom is African American- but my moms mother is also half white.
    My dad is White American.
    I also found 3rd cousins living in the UK ??!
    Love your results❤️❤️.

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