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41 thoughts on “Somali Ancestry DNA vs. 23andMe

  1. Hahaha i like your somali

  2. Kamal Adam says:

    that 57% unassigned from your DNA means you are trash lol you belong to no one lol so stop saying you are Somali lol

  3. Kamal Adam says:

    man she gets under my skin right away! bitch who cares if you forget Somali..you are busy giving that wt guy bjob lol i am about break my Mac >how pissed I am when I see stupid Somali bitch like this piece of trash

  4. No wonder you're a mondo cool cutie

  5. Your Af Somali sounds adorable

  6. You are Somalia I think it’s something to be proud of and I must tell you when I left the United States as a young soldier of 20 years old I went to Germany. I was at the train station in Frankfurt Germany and I saw something most beautiful women I have ever seen in my young life. They were from Ethiopia and Somalia. I hope you teach your children your language it would be a great lost if they did not.

  7. abdi abdi says:

    nayaa deqaa ma danjeer bantu ah ba tahay, lol. dhilo.

  8. Racist people who say you have to have European ancestry to be "pretty" should this video. She has none and she's a natural beauty.

  9. GremGreene says:

    They have to hide who you are from you. It reveals to much about their historical frauds they pull.

  10. qofyahay wari nimada ayaa kunu neysaa love u talk much❤❤❤❤

  11. you are not somali, you look bantu

  12. These ancestry shit is a fraud

  13. Abdi Ali says:

    Somaliland gang all day ever day

  14. Hi sister , pls next just post the results and stop talking. Thank you ?? salam

  15. Wow so many haters here walahi. If you don’t like what she’s doing then go somewhere else. Keep doing what you doing abaayo.

  16. Gosh. You're annoying. How old are you.

  17. albi Al says:

    Xabiiibti masha Allah in adeer my love reer afgooye

  18. Khaatumawi says:

    Fear Allah and wear Hijab…isku xishoo

  19. jalen gee says:

    not Polynesian or Micronesian Pacific islander but Melanesian

  20. Hanan Jm says:

    South eastern bantu is not east africa.

  21. 23 and me ayaa fiican sababto aah kaa kale maaha sax hadana way hasanayan dnagaga ma fiicna taasna

  22. wain raga somalida iska qadna dumarka waaxay qatan hooyada wax badan

  23. dadkan leeh somaliga ilowbay wa dad haday doonan shaalay qaxoontigi ku yimi

  24. we got the same im 41% middle eastern but im 10% north african

  25. Actually, 23&me was the most accurate for me & the confidence levels make it the most honest- a country must be have at LEAST a 50% confidence level in order to be reported. Other companies could just report something that "matches." Also, 23&me has the most amount of samples, yet it uses confidence levels

  26. Afgoye it's nice place am from there too and it's nice your somalien .

  27. Gabarey iska astur naya ilaahey ka cabso caudobillah

  28. Usman Umer says:

    You are pure beautiful somali girl proud to be somali.

  29. I'm confused. On one it says half Africa half middle east. the other says 90% African, and barley middle east.

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