1. Yes, I am taking my own test guys, so be sure to be on the look out for my personal results!

  2. I some Creole from Louisiana in me aswell on my fathers side. My mothers side is awhole different story. On my mothers side she has Española (Spaniard) & Italiani a tiny bit aswell. & Meztisa & Native American Indian. My mother is mixed aswell! I can see in your face the Spaniard and Italian & the Native American aswell I can see a in your faces you make you are beautiful! ❤️

  3. 37% European?! That means someone in your close past was white. That's a lot of European to have.

  4. Before the 50s, Créoles in Louisiana only identified themselves as Créoles. But the Anglo African American majority forced them to be "African American" even though they had a different culture, a different language and a different religion (Créoles are Catholic while Anglo African Americans are Protestant).

  5. Hey I’m Louisiana Creole as well. Nice to know that someone else it Creole too!

  6. Drago says:

    With all due respect to your conviction that you are " Spanish-Creole," but may I suggest to you that you learn about the hostory of the individuals who migrated from Haiti ( Saint Domingue, as it was known when the French possessed the land.)
    The Louisiana territory (a geographical area now inhabited by residents of 19 states, was the primary destination of many individuals from several french colonies, and Canada.) Many french citizens, mulattoes born in Haiti, free men of color bon either in Haiti, or an african country, and slaves brought by their owners, started to migrate into the Louisiana territory from Haiti for different reasons way before the haitian revolution. For example, a catastrophic fire that destroyed a city named "Le Cap français" in Haiti caused many residents there to move to Louisiana, and some never returned back to Haiti.
    When the slave revolution started in Haiti in 1791, it also caused many individuals as I listed to migrate into many states in the United States. Many individuals of african ancestry that migrated to Louisiana, and Mississippi were very influential in many aspects of local, and municipal governments in Louisiana in its early years. Some of them participated in the defense of the Battle of New Orleans, and were involved in other military actions in Louisiana.
    Another event that happened in the 1800s, was the migration of some 13000 individuals of african ancestry to Haiti when they were invited to move there to "gain their freedom" by the haitian Government. I know that it is something that is ignored in speeches, and conversations, but it did happen. Personally I found a Dna match in my results whose members of his family migrated to Haiti in the 1800s. He sent me a list of the names of his kinfolks that went there, and the name of the Schooner that they traveled onboard. Some did return later, and some remained.
    I am not blaming you if you don't know anything about the haitian migration to Louisiana, its influence in Louisiana, the haitian, its culture (Check out the history about Marie Laveaux,) but it still exists there in many forms.
    I am Haitian-born from Cap-Haitien (the same city that was destroyed by the fire.) I reside in Miami Florida now, but I lived in Louisiana in the 1980s during my army's assignment at Fort Polk.
    For some reasons, if your great +grandparents weren't from Haiti, they must have been from other countries such as Martinique, Guadeloupe etc. My dna results definitely contain a lower percentage of Iberian Peninsula dna than yours, but my african ancestry is definitely much higher than yours. Let's say my skin complexion is that of my african descendants from the Cameroon/Congo area wbich is my higher percentage at 38%. I am Haitian-born, and our common language in Haiti is " haitian Creole."
    Nou sé Haitien, nou sé pitit Afrik, é nou palé Kréyol. Sak pasé?

  7. Parents choose who. However there are many times Native Indian Bloodlines show in some brothers and sisters and Not others.v


  9. Vayan!!! Pour mo çe Kreyol e pa gen disan “francais” kkkk! Si t’ole aprann la, nou gen Kouri-Vini dan Facebook kèl nou parl Kreyol ou « Kouri-Vini ». Awesome!! I’m kreyol and don’t have french on ancestry but I have a french last name. On Facebook there is a group that speaks creole with « créole » speakers around the states. If you want to learn search Kouri-Vini on Facebook and vwala!!

  10. They made the people they stole “slaves!”

  11. i've never related more to this video. im creole too

  12. You kinda look like blac chyna, and the creole culture is fascinating btw can't wait to come to America so I can visit Louisiana

  13. I'm French Creole with Choctaw but all Creole is still 100% Gorgeous!

  14. I have Creole blood from my mother's Dad. Yes Creole women are Beautiful ?

  15. Your bloodline/ ancestry has blessed you with true beauty!!!

  16. Nolasola says:

    Part of France is considered southern european. Don't take those dna completly seriously. They are extremely unreliable.For one the French/German category doesn't make sense. They are not the same ethnicities. Also you said this is your dad's results, which is partially your ancestry. And more importantly it's only a fraction of your dad's ancestry (mitocondrial dna). So you could still have French ancestry, not that it matters….Those tests are cool and I understand people having the need to search for their ancestry, but there are also fraudulent as they give a partial and most often false idea of who people really are.

  17. The reason why no French is showing up is because the French are a mixture: check French dna test and Spain and Portugal keeps showing up and the British isles, because they share ancestry.

  18. Happy to call you a Native sister you look like it lol

  19. Still waiting for you results

  20. Your ancestors probably came from the southern half of France where most people are genetically/phenotypically similar to spaniards and italians.

  21. There was never a mass migration of Bohemians to the state of Louisiana. Most of the Louisiana Caribbean influences are predominately Haitian and Cuban. New Orleans is Latin America's most northern city culturally speaking.

  22. BTW The southern France region is considered southern Europe. This is the region better known as Latin European and French is a Latin language.

  23. The fact that your family spoke French, has more to do with the countries that colonized Louisiana. France had it, then Spain took over in 1762 and France took it back in 1803. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t Creole. Why people leave out the Spanish part of Louisiana Creole is beyond me. Anyway…I enjoyed your video!

  24. Speaking for my self and all dark skinned blks. We so glad yo test results said you was blk. That was a close one 61 percent but we just have to accept you how ever we can get you!

  25. 61% is roughly 5/8 African and 3/8 European– 100% good luck to you in life

  26. What is the Boolaweee?

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