Home DNA AncestorHow black am I? My 23andme results are in!!!
How black am I? My 23andme results are in!!!

How black am I? My 23andme results are in!!!

I got the results of my 23andme genealogy test and boy was I surprised!!!


27 thoughts on “How black am I? My 23andme results are in!!!

  1. I was 72% African, most was West african. The rest is 24% European. .7% Asian, the rest Native American. I wash shocked to find out I was only had 72% African.

  2. this was what i was lookin for cant wait till i take the test aswell. you have a great speaking voice as well

  3. melain sun says:

    I'm shocked you shock lol

  4. you look 100 African

  5. West Africa makes sense if your roots as an African American are from many generations ago from slavery. Basically all African slaves from the Atlantic slave trade were sold from Western Central Africa, Senegambia, Sierra Leone, Windward and Gold coast. So African American basically means Western African American (80% on avg) with European, native american and possibly east Asian mixed in. Cool results!

  6. Thank you for sharing your results

  7. First off, I LOVE your voice! Secondly, I would have never guessed that your percentage of African was 89%. I kept saying ' Her eyes are giving me Asian', so it was confirmation when you gave the East Asian breakdown. This is the second video that I've seen where very little Asian DNA is needed to express outwardly.

  8. you won't be Nigerian because that country was formed very recently you can be Igbo, Yoruba, Fulani or Hausa though

  9. Wow, You are very pretty.

  10. Cool! Thank you for sharing this with us 🙂 I'm European, so my genes are probably not as international as yours, but still I would love to take a DNA test to see back in time. I would definitely love to know how much Neanderthal I have in my genes, as most Europeans have a small percentage. Would that show in the $100 test too? Of course I would also like to know where my Homo sapiens ancestors we from 🙂

  11. You have African features. Your nose and the shape of your face.

  12. then check out my playlist of Afro Americans and Caribbeans that are 90%+ african. I added you cuz you are close to 90 (89.9).

  13. Cool! I'm 89.4% Sub-Saharan African on 23andme and in 93% Sub-Saharan African on DNATRIBE.

  14. what does looking African means? you look just like any other black and I'm surprised you're surprised with your mostly black percentage.

  15. Awesome channel! I subscribed and let's support each other.

  16. Tahnn Ju says:

    most african American tests online are between 85 to 95% african dna and not all Africans are dark. most african Americans look West african. and there were many natives who kept african slaves.

  17. Mexie says:

    I've seen videos online about this test! I'd love to see a breakdown like that, so interesting. Happy you got a great glimpse into your past like that

  18. LiL MofoE says:

    do more videos bra there good ??

  19. JamieNTT says:

    The cheaper option actually has a code where you can get the health report too.

  20. ModVegan says:

    My husband and I both did 23 and me a while ago and it was so much fun. Especially for him, because he knows so little about his family (he's from Colombia, so he knew he was African, Native American and Spanish, but had no idea in what amounts). He had a lot of interesting little things, like Mongolian, and much more East Asian/Native American than he'd thought. The African portion included North and West African. He had a pretty high percentage of "not assigned" (4.6%). Mine was interesting, because I found out that my great great grandmother, whom we always had assumed was Native American, turned out to be from South East Asia! (I didn't have any Native American results, which surprised me). I thought it was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed the trait report (I found out that I don't metabolize caffeine well, which makes sense, because I can't drink more than one or two cups a day without feeling like I'm having a heart attack).

  21. You are an AMERICAN, end of. This is a really good video explaining why the idea of "African-american" or any association with Africa when you don't know for sure is quite silly, v=x15C5Vyeg-M

  22. Very interesting test, I'd love to get a breakdown like that. Yayy looking forward to Hawaii!

  23. That's very interesting! Thank you for sharing your results.
    Could you upload the footage in parts? 4 parts?

  24. wow good video! 89 percent is high for an African American. Is your family from the South?

  25. I enjoy watching these type of videos to an extent. i love that people are getting a breakdown, but I need to know VERY specific TRIBES. I want to hop on an airplane and be like "I'm back y'all!!." lolz

  26. you are very pretty

  27. Jordan D says:

    Nigerian, British, Irish and Native american – wow! i'm jealous =)

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