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I’M A NEANDERTHAL!? | 23andMe Ancestry & Health DNA Test

I’M A NEANDERTHAL!? | 23andMe Ancestry & Health DNA Test

This last month I ordered 23andMe’s DNA kit for ancestry and health. The ancestry was very predictable showing me as 99% European, but I was super surprised to learn that I also had other DNA traces from Africa and the Middle East, and so on! Crazy! Also, I have more Neanderthal in me then 93% of other 23andMe customers…WOAH!

The health was also cool to see, but it wasn’t extremely useful…like it tells me that I probably don’t have red hair or that I can smell asparagus in my pee (wait, what?) Haha, not sure how necessary this information is but it was fun to look through it all and see how correct it was.

All in all, I give a thumbs up for 23&Me…I’m happy that I know where I came from and that I’m not a carrier of many diseases!

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10 thoughts on “I’M A NEANDERTHAL!? | 23andMe Ancestry & Health DNA Test

  1. EAR ART says:

    you're a sweet person

  2. >2 neanderthal height genes
    >still tall

    So there at least 3 height genes. I wonder how many there actually are.

  3. Its all in how they word it. Less than a % is pretty much them saying you arent any or at least not what they can detect but they gotta put that in there any way. This way some white chick can say her dna has some black in it and she can change go buy a dashiki and grow dreads.

  4. bendygirl says:

    WTF asparagus in pee?!

  5. Not bad looking for a cavewoman.

  6. I have coyotes and buffalos ancestors

  7. jfsfrnd says:

    Thats cool huh? I wish we could find out who they were.

  8. John S says:

    Thanks for sharing. Both my mother and my wife are mtDNA H. It is the most common in Europe, but the highest frequency population is actually found in (drum roll) the eastern Sahara. Look up Tuareg Fezzan if you want to know more about H. Neanderthal is pronounced "knee and der tall" lol, np I think the way you say it is great :).

  9. Great results! You are just another indication that nobody is 100% anything!

    I can tell that you carry that extra weight in all the right places 😉 ? Take care!!

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