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My 23andMe DNA Ancestry/Genealogy Results!​​​ | Jouelzy​​​

My 23andMe DNA Ancestry/Genealogy Results!​​​ | Jouelzy​​​

My DNA results are in!
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28 thoughts on “My 23andMe DNA Ancestry/Genealogy Results!​​​ | Jouelzy​​​

  1. Dea says:

    Native American? What tribe?

  2. I am a black woman. I knew what I was before taking the 23 and me test. 48% Ghana, 38% Native American (Cherokee, Virginia), 8% Iberia Peninsula, 5% German. The only surprise was the Iberia Peninsula. A beautiful surprise. ????????❤️

  3. You surely do not LOOK Native!! Bhahaha hahaha I hope you didn't believe that…

  4. 444suse says:

    If any African American have high Native American share (e.g >5%) in his/her DNA it's suggesting to one direction: to Latino heritage.

  5. JANE DOE says:

    Geez, your voice is so annoying!

  6. 28% Euro is a lot, not suprised though since you are fairly light

  7. Shiva G says:

    Okay before I learn your results I'm going to guess that you are 70% or more sub-Saharan African ancestry. I am going on my own unscientific observation that features predict better than skin color. Ok, I'll now get the results………..Damn!!!! I was right!! And BTW love, love, love the hair!!! And about the cheekbone thing????? Do people not know that many Africans have beautiful high cheekbones?

  8. Why are you upset that you are also East Asian?

  9. MxTooReal says:

    damn another coloured quadroon. that muxed girl tag was accurate.

  10. First time watching your channel. You seem interesting, so I subscribed.

  11. 30% white and <1% Native American.

  12. Damn girl, you may be 74% black but you 100% fine as hell!!

  13. Kay Hay says:

    I just ordered my African ancestry kit….I am thinking about doing 23 and me as well.

  14. munageesi says:

    My friend is Somali and she took the 23 and me test and it said she was 98.3 percent Sub Saharan African. and 97.7 percent East African

  15. I didn't like the results from this company. 48% of my DNA was 'unidentifiable' lol I don't know what that even means… I was disappointed that it didn't give me a breakdown of where in Africa I matched.

  16. Douglas says:

    You are so funny. I am laughing and trying to listen to you. I ain got time for that!!

  17. Its some kits that shows were your ansestry was in certain times most of black people went to israel.
    And majority of people in maryland dc and virginia have igbo roots

  18. Natanya T says:

    Now you know that you are 1/4 White. That is not exactly the same as being "Black".

  19. rtp1968 says:


  20. What was your Neanderthal percentage?

  21. nsmx1 says:

    The real shocker here is how willingly people are to share their DNA around. You folks should be a little more careful and stop being so trusting.

  22. Scottish is British.

  23. Di Dxpeo says:

    I watched some 23andme videos now , there are a few white ppl are really white , they are almost 100% European , but none of the blacks I saw was that pure , they are mostly so mixed .

  24. interesting. i will state, however, that no one is trying to "rewrite" history. History was re-written years ago. also, we all agree that the Bamileke were brought to America as slaves. most don't know that their oral tradition is that they are Israelites out of Egypt.

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