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23andMe: Quick Tutorial, Insight & Results!

23andMe: Quick Tutorial, Insight & Results!

Hi! This is my product review on the 23andMe DNA Testing Kit, which was done on my mom. If you’re on the fence on which DNA testing company to go with, definitely check this video out.

Thanks in advance for watching, sharing, liking, and subscribing! ;D

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18 thoughts on “23andMe: Quick Tutorial, Insight & Results!

  1. WENQING GE says:

    The results are accurate?or just for fun?

  2. Lucy Lopez says:

    For East Asians why does it always say Native American

  3. Hi, I followed your last video and find your mom's story interesting, and I'm glad she's able to make peace with her past by understanding her roots a bit more.

    I'm starting to also see a pattern with 23andMe. There is so much emphasis on genes alone, discounting environmental factors. And, the fact that the genes themselves aren't quite representative of the actual genetic marker for cancer (they have to collect it through questionnaires, and there are so many varying factors through collecting statistical data analysis, and the level of insight and truthfulness in the respondents). There aren't even actual genetic markers they have found for conditions like depression and bipolar, and I guess my issue with 23andMe is not only are they ethnocentric (okay, the try, try to be a bit more precise when it comes to certain cultures), but it just seems like at face value- it's a great test and all, but when it comes to disease prevention- there's already a cure for cancer like Gerson Therapy.

    So we know that as a private interest company, I wonder if they have a deal with pharma. If they can manufacture drugs from esquine and porcine (rats and pigs) and synthetically prescribe it to people currently depending on it, it makes me question from an ethical and moral perspective if they're going to find ways to patent D.N.A. and create specific lab altered drugs. Because honestly, if there wasn't a profit behind all of this, they'd at least be culturally and sensitively aware of the diverse group of population they're trying to link ancestry from. And, who's to say that just because one family member of a generation had cancer should it mean that the genes alone express it. Cases like Agent Orange where kids who are currently being born have genetically mutated genes due to bombs manufactured by the military (industrial complex) have left thousands of victims with mutated genes that weren't pre-disposed by their ancestors, but by sociopolitical means and profits . This is just one example.

    Sorry so long, but I'm glad there are sites like WeGene.Com that can really specifically link people to their true genetic heritage. But if this truly was a company that was vested in public interest, the studies would 1) be less expensive, and 2) unrelated to private interest. Nonetheless, I'm glad it's helped people like your mother find lifelong answers, and helped adoptees find their family members or questions they too had about their past. That's amazing. I can only imagine the level of heartache and hurt she had been not knowing, wanting to know, and having to disown parts of herself she didn't even have to choice in, but now to collect the pieces and re-integrate a new meaning in her life. And, kuddos to you for helping your mom research by means of genetic testing. It's been a long battle for you guys.

  4. Case White says:

    Try family search it's free for genealogy

  5. Case White says:

    Watching all these waiting for my results

  6. Forrest S says:

    Oh, the result is just the same as my guessing by a glance to your phenotypes, i.e. Korean, Japan, Manchuria, Northern China, and Mongolia. It seems we cannot expect too many details from the ethnicity assessments from the DNA test as of today.

  7. I'd like to kindly inform those–I presume, Koreans–who spew Korean-pride, anti-Japanese rhetoric, and that my mom isn't Japanese or that our result is falsely "polluted" by Japanese genes: PLEASE STOP.

    Our data is accurate–period.

    A layperson may think a bigger Korean sample size will affect a different outcome, but in clustered, homogeneous populations, there isn't much more info you get from a sample of 10,000 individuals vs. 100 individuals; the outcome is marginal at best.

    Using GEDmatch.com, my mom's autosomal DNA most closely matches JAPANESE. Her raw data analyses show her closest matches are (in order): Japanese, JPN, Naga, Korean, Naxi, Ryukyuan, and Tu. Furthermore, my mtDNA (F1a1) originates from somewhere in East India, Thailand, or Cambodia.

    I'm proud to descend from ancestors coming from many corners of the globe because, frankly, diversity is awesome.

    Thank you.

  8. Urian Kai says:

    Have you tried WeGene? I tried it. After WeGene, my Korean portion went way up, tripled.

  9. Horrific news! There is NOT a single Korean that does not have a huge chunk of their DNA from the Japanese!!! I've just gone over a hundred DNA databases for 23 & Me Korean customers, and they ALL have a range of 20% to 30% Japanese genome ingress. I kid you not. These Jap bastards have raped Koreans into a new ethnicity! Check the data, and you will be shocked!!!

  10. Great to know! I hope it works on my Japanese grandmother but not sure since she was in the Hiroshima bombing… we think it might have altered her DNA. I hope not.

  11. Sorry I missed this, but what is your ethnic identity? I noticed it seems half Korean, half Chinese.

  12. moxy says:

    They're having a $20 off promotion right now. 🙂

  13. Sean Lee says:

    Thank u for ur video,Ancestry and 13and me, which one is better? I wanna do this with my girlfriend. We believe both of us are 100percent Chinese

  14. As a Korean, I also got very similar results with your mom. I suspect the data is inaccurate among East Asians, especially Koreans with such a small sample size.

  15. myohmyli says:

    Woo, nice results for your mom! I would like to see more Asians do this test. 🙂

  16. Ito Roots says:

    Great results and great video.. Ur mom is almost 1/3 Japanese..

  17. what is your results ?

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