Home DNA Ancestor23andMe Results: My Boyfriend’s DNA + GEDmatch, NutraHacker, Athletigen, & DNA.Land!
23andMe Results: My Boyfriend’s DNA + GEDmatch, NutraHacker, Athletigen, & DNA.Land!

23andMe Results: My Boyfriend’s DNA + GEDmatch, NutraHacker, Athletigen, & DNA.Land!

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Take a look at my boyfriend’s DNA results from 23andMe, GEDmatch, NutraHacker, Athletigen, & DNA.Land

Take the test:
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More Result Videos:
Alison’s 23andMe DNA Reaction Video!!! https://youtu.be/ef30KOiffcM

My Sister’s DNA Results:

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Video Details:
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22 thoughts on “23andMe Results: My Boyfriend’s DNA + GEDmatch, NutraHacker, Athletigen, & DNA.Land!

  1. would have been funny if you were siblings

  2. Omg he's e1b1a… Same haplogroup as Ramses the 3rd and all his fathers ??? now I know what they looked like ?

  3. I’m glad she told us about those other site.

  4. Lol ur need to find ur tribes as well

  5. That might be yuh cousin Gyal!

  6. You two are so cute! Loved the video.

  7. The both of you look great together! Shalom!

  8. Angie Nimo says:

    You guys are hilarious

  9. QTee says:

    Well I find it interesting that I do not have any ancient African DNA , instead, I have mostly Russian followed by Hungarian Ancient Archaic DNA…i also have a few strains of Native American ancient blood as well as I am part Native American but never expected that. I am 60% African and have no Ancient blood and that's kind of upsetting.

  10. like it so nice 23 and me is good alison you and your boy friend is just nice im taking the 23 and me dna soon to

  11. Ez Gilz says:

    The two of you are meant to be together.. It is a lovely thing to see.

  12. I like this couple i was dying laughing at you both.. And what's funny is how she kept checking his face, toes, fingers, etc. And he looking like don't u see these things everyday lol ?? im subscribing

  13. Please prop up the audio quality

  14. Lisa Gale says:

    just mailed in my 23andMe this morning.You are very much appreciated for doing this.Cute as hell ,too.

  15. vidform says:

    As you scroll down the screen, Your picture is inside the ring. How do they get access to your photo? Do you submit your photo to them so they can insert it into the ring? Can I decline having my photo used in the ring?

  16. vidform says:

    In the past, if you were interested in someone, you would say "Hey baby, what's your sign?" But now we'll be saying "Hey baby, what's your genetic makeup?" lol

  17. Beautiful couple, very charming.

  18. Bori/Domi says:

    I have the same maternal haplogroup L1b1a

  19. Lol love you guys. Hey Nigel I'm E1B1A8A1 AND L2A1 ON MOM SIDE

  20. Leron Hill says:

    Beautiful COUPLE!!

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