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WHO AM I? DNA Test Results REVEAL | 23andMe | BeYouBeautifull

WHO AM I? DNA Test Results REVEAL | 23andMe | BeYouBeautifull

Hey loves here are my DNA Results from 23andMe, I’ve always wanted to know what my background was. So I’m excited to share my results!

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34 thoughts on “WHO AM I? DNA Test Results REVEAL | 23andMe | BeYouBeautifull

  1. onee says:

    You basically hit the jackpot. You can say that you're from where ever you are where ever you feel like. 😉

  2. I hope the Oceanian region is able to be broken down soon. I really want to do the test but a large part of my ancestry is from those regions so I keep holding off XD

  3. Is she full Filipino?

  4. Odes1Angel says:

    Why are they excited? You basically look Asian so yeah. Asian.

  5. Yeah i see it on ur face that ur like a european like mixed french,italian little bit of spanish

  6. JuriAmari says:

    Wow. Your results are amazing! Another way you could try to see some specifics while 23 and Me updates is to use sites like GED Match or DNA Land. They can also get more specific about the ethnic groups your DNA originated from. I’m getting my results in a couple weeks so I’ve been researching heavily in the meantime!

  7. my sons dna results were all ..asian , italian , middle eastern , black , spanish and myan 🙂 lol but it was not a suprize to us but he really had fun doing it

  8. abdi ahmed says:

    hello , just for u know 23andme is a makeup test to african people in east africa so that give them more percentage of african blood and give them more in north africa,, so when they did the ancestry test all of them were highly white and they start complaining ,,, so 23 and me its all hocked for african continent more ,, just for explaining ??

  9. steve boy says:

    im guessing mostly filipino

  10. Avinash MN says:

    Truly mixed exotic

  11. Look in a mirror, which is something you clearly do a lot judging by the amount of make up you slap on. African Asian. Mommy must have been busy.

  12. GURRRRL BYE! and I thought my results were bomb!
    It’s Nothing like finding out your a TRU WORLD CITZEN!!
    HAIL QUEEN?♥️?????

  13. B.Williams says:

    I'm just guessing before i watch the rest ,that you're Blasian..You're eyes that's colored contacts right?

  14. One (if not the most) mixed results I've seen in a person. Your ancestors left their DNA all over the world❤️ genes work in such mysterious ways, because she looks 100% Asian

  15. Robert Yi says:

    Notice how she forgot to mention 60 percent asian when she was going over itemized ethnicity. Not surprised. Philippinos similar to Latin cultures they prize being white. Noticed how she mentioned blue eyes. The attitude and demeanor is very apparent. She didn't give any thought to the Sub-Saharan and south asian. That would be a major wonder if she was neutral about her ethnicity.

  16. What did you think you were, prior to testing?

  17. BeYouBeautiFULL You are proud Hebrew Israelite Jew!!!One of us!One of us!One of us!Well,the police is going to try to get you because they know black child.

  18. Being puertorican is a nationalist not a race. Anyone can be puertorican

  19. So this is what can happen if every race makes a unified little descendant? It looks kinda pretty 😉

  20. Wow you are VERY diverse, thats awesome. You'll probably live close if not past your 100's!

  21. You are probably partly Dutch 🙂

  22. Prettt❤️❤️❤️❤️????????

  23. Filipinos very often have little or no Spanish DNA… it's just that the Spanish colonized the Philippines and Spanish surnames were adopted by most people… Filipinos have most in common ethnically with Malay people

  24. man, your DNA result is confusing..

  25. D hookster says:

    Unassigned mean you're part Alien. ; )

  26. You look totally Asian to me tho

  27. mine looks like yours!!! but I dont have Australia.. lol you go Girl!

  28. I call my man a mutt becuase he's part French, Italian, Danish, Spanish and Filipino lol I'm a full 100% Korean but I'm interested in taking this DNA test cause I recently saw BuzzFeed's Eugene (Korean dude) get his done and the results were interesting 😀

  29. VanMaiTai says:

    You might have a better reading on your southeast asian percentage using wegene.com I had my results transferred to them because I wasn't satisfied with my "broadly" asian result. Like brah I already knew that! LOL I was surprised I had Thai, Cambodia, Laos, Japanese, and indigenous Taiwanese (oceania) blood in me.

  30. Midnight says:

    Hey, that's cool. You thought you were Filipino and Hispanic but you are actually Middle-Eastern or Indian.

  31. wow your from the everything tribe.

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