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23andMe DNA Saliva Test Kit

23andMe DNA Saliva Test Kit

Keep reading if you want to see my complete review. If you want to go grab the test now click here: http://snglrty.co/1syTd1y (aff)

I have been eager to find out my genetic predispositions for some time now. Thus, when 23andMe had an incredible one day sale for their phenotype DNA test, I just could not pass by such an opportunity to get what I wanted for me, while simultaneously doing a review of this new and interesting product for you.

The main question I was trying to answer was: Is it worth doing the phenotype DNA test?

In the end, my conclusion is that it is. However, for reasons listed below, other people may reach a different conclusion for themselves. Hopefully, after reading my review, you would be in a better position to make an informed decision whether such a product is right for you too. In order to accomplish that I will start with a brief video introduction to what is DNA in general and phenotype (or SNP) DNA in particular. Then, I will look at the process of taking the test and show you a video of how I did it myself. Consequently, I will proceed by looking at the associated costs as well as some of the issues surrounding the pro’s and con’s of getting the test done. Finally, I will end with my personal verdict of the product.

Read the rest of my review here: http://www.singularityweblog.com/23andme-dna-test-review-its-right-for-me-but-is-it-right-for-you/


15 thoughts on “23andMe DNA Saliva Test Kit

  1. Would be furious if I found out I had hidden Jewish DNA.

  2. Wolf says:

    Re file ama matho eime tourkos h ebreos that kremasto.

  3. FindMe354 says:

    Is it true you have to pay for some kind of monthly service for a year? Can you opt out of it?

  4. Razear says:

    I read your review about the $10 a month fee. What is that and is it necessary?

  5. Navy seal says:

    so what was the result after all?

  6. I heard they track you and everything you do after you take the test thereby relinquishing all your privacy. completely . Of course the price will attract lots of ppl though but you better read the fine print

  7. I am getting mine done and also my daughter's. Ordered it today. We have to many health problems.

  8. ohhh…no no no….they cannot accept someone with traduced jokes and an accent!…ha ha ha!

  9. You're welcome friend – glad to be of help! 😉

  10. ten minutes I'll never get back haha

  11. @blkrican2009 Hi friend, I have said as much as I feel comfortable saying about the results in the article itself. So just follow the first link right after the video to get more.

    For even more than that I would have to place too much very personal DNA information in the open and, since I don't want any unauthorized clones running around without my consent, I have decided to keep that info private ;-)…

  12. @blkrican2009 I already posted a full article on that topic. YouTube doesn't let me post the link but if you go Singularity Weblog (dot) com and search for 23andMe you should find it on the first page of the results…

  13. are you going to make a video for the results?

  14. @LoneCuetlachtli I think I got them pretty quickly – in less than 3 weeks!

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