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Ancestry DNA Test Results Portuguese 23andme

Ancestry DNA Test Results Portuguese 23andme

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26 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Test Results Portuguese 23andme

  1. Do all of these DNA tests just say “Iberian Peninsula”? They don’t specify if your ancestors were from Spain vs. Portugal?

  2. Do all of these DNA tests just say “Iberian Peninsula”? They don’t specify if your ancestors were from Spain vs. Portugal?

  3. Whats your haplogroup?

  4. I bet your a.fucking moor.from.the south or.from.madeira doc dave

  5. Whats up my fellow lusitanian. My father is from northern portugal, vila nova de gaia, near porto. My mother is from Cuba, but.primarily of spanish decent. My european was a little lower than yours at 97.6 percent, because I had 1.7 native american from my mom and 0.3 percent subsahaean. I got more italian 5.5 percent anand iberian was 47.9 percent. But it seems we mixed a little more with northern europeans. Im 17.1 percent northwestern european. I also used 23andme. The interestin this is I got zero north africa and.zero middleestern. I thought that would be there.
    United States born.

  6. My family was from cuba and im 91% european and 68% Iberian but it says Portugal. I never got to ask my dads family about where my great grandparents where from

  7. middle eastern and north africa is not a just statistic, that means one of your ancestor is arabian moor warrior. they are exist in your blood regardless its small percentage.

  8. Doge says:

    Yo soy Iberico también hermano 😀 sub

  9. You're looking an Indian guy without no colour on skin to me!

  10. His little "statistics" are not just little. He should recognize that his results actually tell a story. Such as how north Africans invaded the Iberian peninsula and at a time the Iberian peninsula(Spain specifically) invaded North Africa. He should at least acknowledge that very obvious part of him instead of brush it off because it's not seen as favorable to him. Its obvious it bothers him but maybe I'm wrong lol

  11. Midnight says:

    Hey, you look seriously Native American

  12. Também vou fazer o teste!

  13. mss mss says:

    23andme is focused in European and East Asian ancestry and doesn't show your real ancestry but your most recent ancestry. I got with them 0% Middle East but oh surprise! i got between 4%-8% Middle East ancestry with all the other companies. I'm Spanish btw

  14. ttcostadc says:

    Meu deus.. the closed captioning is really bad.

  15. Pelos resultados que já vi de portugueses, és o mais ibérico. E o mais giro.

  16. A. Caeiro says:

    Hi, I have really liked what you´ve said about DNA tests.
    Who we are is much more than our biological markers, we are much more our culture, what we do, how we do things, etc That note is the proof that your a genuine portuguese, I mean it!
    Wish the best, all the love from Portugal <3

  17. Pluraliste says:

    With the test 23andme there is no surprises, it shows only recent ethnicity markers. Almost every person non mixed (parent from same ethnicity) tested with 23andme will be practically pure… Try ancestry, DNA land or gedmatch, compare your results and tell us.

  18. His clothing style's horrific and his hairs a mess , he's handsome though I guess, if you like the seriously Spanish type,
    just kidding boys ,sortof,
    but yeah he kept saying that he's -+1% trace MiddleEastern, WAfrican and Jewish are just "noise",
    no they're not just noise , they're a part of his anscestry and he shouldn't discount it or brush it off,
    we get that he's ethnically Euro and alot of Southern Euro at that,
    but again his trace region going from -+1% Irish, Scandinavian to Jewish and African are part of who his anscestors were,
    including his trace Native American anscestry/EAsian,maybe a Japanese person mozied over to the Iberia in the 1700's,
    some have, if that's what they say he has, then that's what he has ,nothing wrong with that.

  19. You are so nervous! That's so cute! Relax a little! I subscribed, curious to see more content!

  20. You look so cute! I love your accent ?

  21. jjgnbf says:

    My results, i am spanish:

    EUROPEAN 99.8%
    IBERIAN 65.2%
    ITALIAN 7.6%
    BALKAN 1.3%
    SARDINIAN 0.8%
    BRITISH & IRISH 3.1%

  22. Wow you are pretty pure Iberian. I would have expected more African 2-3% due to proximity . I have not done my ancestry test but I am from Malaysia which has an old Portuguese heritage from 1500+ (as well as Dutch and British as well later on) and much of my heritage comes from that but it has been obviously diluted with local races over the hundreds of years… I am so curious if any trace is left, I would be surprised if its any more than 5% European.

  23. Ta ha says:

    7:43 : Except Finland, there were no reported invasions throuout the centuries,it´s a remote region, even in the DNA results you can see every native Finnish person gets 98-99% pure Finland/Nortwest Russia

  24. Ta ha says:

    You are the whitest Portuguese I have ever seen ! Every other Portuguese is about 30% mixed with North Africa or Middle Est

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