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20 thoughts on “The Results Are In (23andMe)

  1. My result was 98.4% Balkan. I was astonished! I expected to have some mixing, but no

  2. Hallall tkoft o dost ja ke kallxu ktyne!

  3. ISUFRCOMPS says:

    Does it tells you your haplogroup?

  4. more than anything i was surprised to hear a lot of shit this and shit that.

  5. RexAppeal says:

    Fucking awesome shqipe. Reason why I don't wanna do it is this

  6. Best test for Balkan people? Look at their big heads, you cant miss it

  7. Cayruh says:

    I'm Southern Albanian and want to do this so bad too lmao.

  8. Da fuck?!! Ease Asian/Native American okay.

  9. Angel Lee says:

    Cool for the results! You could as well totally pass for North African or a Latino. Anyway Balkan people are sexy. 😉

  10. Ulpiana says:

    To be 90% balkan (you are pronouncing it wrong but that's ok lol, it's pronounced boll-kan) is an extremely high level of homogeneity. Balkan includes Albania (obviously where you get it from) and Greece. All other native Balkan populations are now either extinct or assimilated into the various Slavic populations now inhabiting the Balkans. Congrats on being very very Albanian 🙂 I hope to get similar results when I take the test

  11. Din Sel says:

    If you did this test with Ancestry you would have had the annoying results of 70% Italian Greek and 30% East European.
    Thats because they group the genes into different categories to other comapnies.

    23andme gives Albanians the boring over 90% Balkan and over 5% Broadly Southern European..

    When a group of genes are found among many neighbouring populations they give them a name relevat to that geographic region.

    For example take your 5% Broadly South European.
    Here is a map of where these genes are found…
    As you can see its a very wide area.. these genes were most likely spread out by Roman Empire… as they match the map of historical Rome….

    As for Balkan DNA… http://www.eupedia.com/images/content/23andMe_Balkans.png
    Here is a map of how these genes are distributed accross Balkan Peninsula.

    As you can see from it. The Albanian region has the most autocton people to Balkans…

    By the way… its pronounced BAllkns not belkins.

  12. Historian says:

    What's your Y-DNA haplogroup?

  13. Bard Gj says:

    You do have Turkish though. The Mongolian thing provably is very distant Turkish ancester

  14. Alba Gjoka says:

    Nice results! Btw you should add something like "Albanian DNA results" to your title if you want more people to find your video 🙂

  15. Skye2224 says:

    I'm confused. I thought you were Mexican. lol

  16. I suggest uploading your dna to family tree DNA it's only $19 to get an ethnicity estimate. plus they use different population groups.

  17. As an Albanian you would be mostly from the Balkans 🙂

  18. Balkans…I'm not familiar with that but you do look Southern European. To be that pure, you must not be American. If you are American, your parents were immigrants. My guess is that you are Romanian.

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