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  1. tiluriso says:

    You have similar traits to Greek-Aussie actor Costas Mandylor. You should also do the tests for your Y DNA haplogroup, as well as mT DNA haplogroup (Paternal/Maternal Most Recent Common Ancestor).

  2. You are So Adorable ….OK. thanks !

  3. I knew you had African in You.

  4. Er sieht aus wie ein Russe.

  5. DJ Trevi says:

    You look like the average Mediterranean guy. Pretty Mix. I mean you do live what used to be the known world and people mix like crazy. and your Neanderthal Mix seems about right.

  6. mai salih says:

    North African means amizath and Berber and Middle East.

  7. you have beautiful eye Color 🙂

  8. For all idiots on here italians and greeks are european yes he is caucasian shit even the french share 40% of the dna with north and central italians ive seen spainards whiter then me lol southern europe dont mean your from dark people whites where all over europe and africa and middle east

  9. brama says:

    Those gorgeous eyes!!

  10. I don't need to watch the video, you are the most greek looking person alive.

  11. At the first look = turk, jewish ashkenazi

  12. S Oik says:

    In order to really know how Greek you are, we would need an reasonable amount of Ancient Greek DNA from different regions and then compare yours. What I mean to say, who says that there weren't ancient Greeks who were more Balkan and others who were more Minoan? To cite but a simple example. So basically companies like 23andme are making wild guesses. But it sells.

  13. The Test gedmatch.com are like that. M631469 RISE349 Hungary MBA [2034-1748 BC] T2b3 is the most western I've found, on gedmatch.com. Sale 100% W_Eurasian in Gedrosia K3 and 100% Western_Semitic in puntDNAL K8. Have in HarappaWorld Admixture Proportions K16 a 3.75% W-African. The Test gedmatch.com are like that. And it is the most European there is.

  14. Your "middle east" could just be from anatolian and levantine peoples that were hellenized.

  15. Lydia94 says:

    Ωραία προφορά Ελληνάρα! ?So you are most likely almost 90% southern European which makes you Greek lol. I'm Greek my self from both parents and i live in Greece. But i really want to know if there is something that my parents are hiding from me ?

  16. Your eyes are beautiful.

  17. sdlonewolf says:

    I grew up thinking i was Mexican, Spanish and Mexican Indian turned out i am Heinz 57. Most of my life people thought I was from many places.

  18. Cool Kek says:

    It's a shame we can't clone you lol

  19. mmaakkiinn says:

    YOU LOOK GREEK AND ITALIAN,,your features look like those on Ancient Italian and Greek sculpture

  20. Jezz Ezz says:

    You look South European

  21. You have sexy lips and beautiful eyes.??

  22. Beautiful results! You have a very unique look too. I just got back my 23 and me results. I thought I was half Armenian and half mix of Czech and British. I surprisingly got 53% Southern Europe(31% Italy 5% Balkan)

  23. Those eyes and lips OMG you are BEAUTIFUL ??

  24. Interesting video, thanks for sharing!

  25. who said whites don't have full lips

  26. Enjoyed watching your video <3


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