I have never seen a Sudanese genetic test here on YouTube so I decided to do it! Here are my DNA results from 23andme! I hope you enjoy this video. Please subscribe!!!

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26 thoughts on “SUDANESE GENETICS TEST RESULTS 23andme | Amena

  1. Sub Zero says:

    Berber admixture….The Moors!! Hannibal the carthaginian was a Moor?? They become the Morrocans and Algerians of today! They are not Semitic middle eastern but possibly Hamitic! They originate in North Africa itself!!
    I will never marry an African woman!!
    Go to the White man!! She's almost white…lol JK
    The white man craves brak wussy! haha

  2. mary davis says:

    why y'all wanna be arab so bad?

  3. Mike Mike says:

    The self hatred in the comments are out of this WORLD lmao Nobody wants to be black but everyone wants to dress talk and copy black mannerism

  4. As you said, Sudanese rarely do genetic test….I expected most of you from Khartoum are not that different from most Ethiopian …we will build strong and bigger East African with Somalis, Eritrea, Djibouti

  5. I am at least 98% homo sapiens and not more than 2% homo neanderthalensis …

  6. Bol Ayul says:

    Will morth Africans are arabs originally they are invaders.
    That took full control of North
    Africa thousands of years ago.
    The people in North Africa.
    Today are descendents from.
    Hyksos Asiatic invaders came.
    Aka semitics that wage war.
    On the original North black.
    Africans long time ago so.
    North Africa is a mixture.
    Of Berbers arabs and Europeans
    As will and Africans black Africans the hyksos took.
    Full control of North Africa
    Long time ago 3,000 years
    Ago arabs took full control.
    Of north Africa so the people.
    Are mostly arab descendents .
    And Europeans from the sea.
    Italy and Greece. You look.
    More genetically arab or.
    North African arab or Berber.
    Than sub Saharan African.
    But hey genatics are strong.

  7. There has been a Continuous Indigenous Sub-Saharan Presence in North Africa for 30k years

    Whole-mtDNA Genome Sequence Analysis of Ancient African Lineages

    Africans: The most diverse people

    Original Article
    Genomic Ancestry of North Africans Supports Back-to-Africa Migrations ??

    Henn et al argues that several back-to-Africa migrations may account for the North African population, and a recent migration of Sub-Saharan Africans into North Africa 1.2k ya and 700 ya (years ago). The archaeological, linguistic and genetic evidence contradicts this claim. This evidence indicates a continues indigenous African presences in North Africa for the past 30k y (thousand years)[1].

    Henn et al argue that 40k ya people may have made a back migration into Africa from the Levant. This is impossible because at this time the Levant was still occupied by the Neanderthal people [1].
    There is considerable evidence that there was a third migration out of Africa across the Straits of Gibraltar into Iberia during the Paleolithic.The first anatomically modern humans (amh) arrived in Western Eurasia and settle in Iberia. It was from Iberia that Cro-Magnon man spread the Aurignacian culture to Eastern Europe and the Levant [1].

    The extraction and examination of ancient mtDNA from Cro Magnon skeletons dating to the Aurignacian period[2-3] allow us to perceive the DNA carried by the first amh in Western Eurasia.. The mtDNA recovered from the skeletons belonged to haplogroup N [2]. The people in Europe [4-6] and later the Levant [7] during this period were Sub-Saharan Africans.
    Little is known about the origin and phylogeographic patterning and demography of hg N which share a common root with its L3 counterpart. The TMRCA mtDNA ancestor of hgs L3, M and N lived around 94.3k ya[3].Since Cro-Magnon man had to have crossed the Straits of Gibraltar to enter Iberia there had to have been a long existence of L3(M,N) in North Africa for haplogroup N, to have been carried by Cro-Magnon man to Iberia[1-3].
    The genomic evidence indicates that Sub-Saharan Africans had migrated from East Africa into the Sahara and West Africa thence North Africa [4]. Haplogroup LOd is the most ancient mtDNA in Africa[5].

    There has been a Continuous Indigenous Sub-Saharan Presence in North Africe for 30k y.
    The TMRCA for LOd 106k ya. LOd is found only in West Africa, East Africa and South Africa [5]. A major haplotype LOd is AF-24 which is delineated by Ddel site at 10394 and A1uI site of np 10397, the same as L3(M,N). The TMRCA of mtDNA L3(M,N) is 94.3k ya [5].
    Anatomically modern humans (amh) arrived in Senegal during the Sangoan period (100-80k ya) from East Africa [8]. Gonder argues that TMRCA of mtDNA L3(M,N) and their derivatives is around 94.3k y[5]. This was 30k y before non-African L3(M,N) exited Africa[9].

    The Senegambians carry AF-24, LOd and L3(M,N). Given the early spread of the Sangoan culture from Tanzania to West Africa, suggest that L3(M,N) had probably spread to West Africa with the Sangoan culture bearers. This would explain the presence of basal nucleaotides characteristic of macrogroup L3(M) in West Africa. This indicates that the Auriganacians who carried haplogroup N, probably originally lived in Senegambia before they made their way across the Straits of Gibraltar into Iberia.

    The genetic evidence also illustrates that haplogroup L3 has a long history in Iberia. This should not be surprising since haplogroup N was discovered among the ancient skeletons associated with the Aurignacian culture. Much of the ancient mtDNA found in Iberia has no relationship to the people presently living in Iberia [10].

    Luis Pericot was sure that the populations associated with the Gravettian (32k ya) and Soultrean (23k ya) cultures were phylogenetically Sub-Saharan African[10]. Dominguez found that the lineages recovered from ancient skeletons associated with these cultures belonged to the African lineages L1b,L2 and L3[10]. Almost 50% of the lineages from the Abauntz Chalcolithic deposits and Tres Montes, in Navarre are the Sub-Saharan lineages L1b,L2 and L3.

    The appearance of phylogenetically related sequences of hg L3 present in many ancient Iberian skeletons suggest that this haplogroup may have a long history in Iberia. The fact that hg N came to Iberia with the Cro-Magnon people in Aurignacian times suggest that carriers of L3 may have also been part of this population movement.
    This would not only place Sub-Saharan populations carrying haplogroup N, but also mtDNA L3 in North Africa prior to 30k ya..

    In summary Sub-Saharan Africans have been in North Africa for the past 40k y- not 1.2k y [1,3] as claimed by Henn et al. These Sub-Saharan Africans carried haplogroup L3(M,N) [2,10]. The fact these populations crossed into Iberia across the Straits of Gibraltar make it clear that Sub-Saharan Africans were already in North Africa before this exit into Europe this makes Sub-Saharan Africans indigenous to North Africa.

    The North Africans who carry Levantine and European genome probably result from the Vandal invasion of North Africa, and Greco-Roman colonies established in North Africa over the past 2k y. Most European females entered during the Vandal period and Ottoman slave trade. The Ottoman Turks mainly imported European females into North Africa—not Sub-Saharan females. This would mean that they introduced these genes to North Africa.

    [1] WebmedCentral BIOLOGY 2011;2(10):WMC002319 . http://www.webmedcentral.com/article_view/2319
    [2] Caramelli,D.,Lalueza-Fox,C., Vernesi,C., Lari,M.,Casoli,A., Mallegni,B.C., Dupanloup, I., Bertranpetit,J., Barbujani,G., Bertorelle,G.(2003). Evidence for a genetic discontinuity between Neandertals and 24,000 year-old anatomically modern Europeans. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. ,100 (11):6593-6597.
    [3] Winters C.(2008). Aurignacian Culture: Evidence of a Western Exit for Anatomically Modern Humans. South Asian Anthropologist , 8(1):79-80.
    [4] Winters C. (2010) Origin and Spread of Haplogroup N. Advances in Bioresearch 1(1): 61-65.
    [5] Gonder MK, Mortensen HM, Reed FA, de Sousa A, Tishkoff SA. (2006). Whole mtDNA Genome Sequence Analysis of Ancient African Lineages. Mol Biol Evol. http://mbe.oxfordjournals.org/content/24/3/757.full
    [4]Boule, M., HV Vallois . (1957). Fossil Man . Dryden Press New York [5] Diop, A.( 1991 ) . Civilization or Barbarism. Lawrence Hill Books .
    [6] Brace, C.L. , Noriko Seguchi, Conrad B. Quintyn, Sherry C. Fox, A. Russell Nelson, Sotiris K. Manolis,** and Pan Qifeng. (2006). The questionable contribution of the Neolithic and the Bronze Age to European craniofacial form. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 January 3; 103(1): 242–247.
    [7]Holiday, T. (2000). Evolution at the Crossroads:Modern Human Emergence in Western Asia, American Anthropologist,102(1) .
    [8]Philipson,D.W. (2005). African Archaeology. Cambridge Press.
    [9] Quintana-Murci L, Semino O, Bandelt H-J, Passarino G, McElreavey K, Santachiara-Benerecetti AS. (1999) Genetic evidence of an early exit of Homo sapiens sapiens from Africa through eastern Africa.Nat Genet 1999, 23(4):437-441. [PubMed Abstract] [Publisher Full Text
    [10]Domínguez E.F. Polimorfismos de DNA mitocondrial en poblaciones antiguas de la cuenca mediterránea. Universitat de Barcelona. Departament de Biologia Animal, 2005 (PhD thesis).

  8. love your videos lets me kinda know that the world is aware of Sudan… {>_-}

  9. Honestly I’m Nubian from Fadekka in south Egypt and I define you as nubian if your from Dongola how in the world you think you should have arab blood in you’re Nubian your grandparents never mixed with Arab !!!!

  10. This goes to show you that "black" people come in all complexions.  That is pure as I'm 97% African.

  11. What's the address of that DNA website?

  12. Ancient Libyans

    Modern day Eurocentric painting of an ancient Libyan
    (the one with the feathers on his head)


    Here's an actual ancient Egyptian tomb wall carved painting of a Libyan, a Canaanite, a Syrian and a Nubian…..notice they are all the same dark brown to black hue (black Africans come in all different shades and phenotypes a fact)….but modern day paintings depict the so called Libyans with a pale white hue…..hmmm? I wonder why..? Very suspicious…


    Bear in mind the race of the Libyans, Canaanites, Syrians also slowly changed over time.

    Why are ancient Libyans (the one's with the feathers on their heads) portrayed with a pale white hue in modern day paintings?

    But when you go into the tomb that they claimed they got the image from……..this is what you see.
    The Libyans appear as a dark brown skin black african people. (Notice the feathers on their heads)


    Egyptian-Libyan Pharaoh

    Yes these are black Africans also
    Africans: The most diverse people

    Egyptian-Libyan pharaoh Osorkon III


    Modern Berbers – Ancient Libyans known as Lebu / Libu, Meshwesh and later as Moors. 

  13. Uncle Tom says:

    North African means berber DNA berbers are similar to arabs both being mediteranian people but berbers speak a different language in the same language group as ancient Egyptians who's people live in modern day algeria Morocco libya and tiny communities in Egypt. They look the Same as arabs but different language culture and homeland berbers are the indigenous people of north africa.

  14. Anyone who mother tongue is Arabic is considered a Arabic.. Don’t let people in the United States Convince you of anything he’ll be who you are and be proud


  16. bobbyw223 says:

    Black is beautiful

  17. Arielle V says:

    North Africans are Arab. All it takes to be an Arab is to be from a country where Arabic is the official language. That's like saying Latin Americans aren't Hispanic because Spanish isn't originally from the Americas.

  18. North African is Arab. That's where your Arab percentage is.

  19. Mary says:

    I just commented on another video of yours explaining your DNA before seeing this video. Yes!!!! I was right! You are part sub-saharan and a big part Imazighen, you can count that West African to be included in that because of the Guanches 😉 You are part sub-saharan and part Caucasoid. The L0 is a sub-saharan haplogroup so your mother lineage came from South Africa and migrated up. You can look at your family's haplogroups through 23andme. All the L3s and Us you find are Imazighen! I'm glad the stereotype passed from your people is finally cleared up for you. And no worries, the SAME with "my people", but you are also my people for the Imazighen that is you, and that also makes you Egyptian and Moor! 😀

  20. Mychael 23 says:

    Wow It is weird u look a little Arab….but still my sista and BEAUTIFUL

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