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Am I a Dominican Afro-Latina: My 23andMe DNA Results

Am I a Dominican Afro-Latina: My 23andMe DNA Results

I recieved a complimentry 23andme.com home-based saliva collection kit howevver all opinions expressed are my own.

It’s all you need to send your DNA to the lab. they have made the process as simple as possible.

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37 thoughts on “Am I a Dominican Afro-Latina: My 23andMe DNA Results

  1. You seem like a nice and kind person. No matter what your DNA says. We judge way too much on race.

  2. You point to say you dont identify with black . well hispanic , Spanish , and latino are also derogatory words

  3. Hey! It turns out that I am your DNA relative on 23andme haha. I am of Aruban and Curaçaon descent.

  4. I'm wondering why all African Americans skip all white Dominicans , plz tell me

  5. if you have any amount over 50% sub saharan african you're haitian…. and black.

  6. Yes, Taino falls under Native American

  7. mindful says:

    Café ☕️ con leche ? !

  8. your hairstlyle is so sexy

  9. Can everyone just watch black in Latin America

  10. 444suse says:

    Native American share was much lower than i expected. I also estimated you've been some 60% African.

  11. That European mix is crazy hahahaha Like a Dalmatian. I saying that because are small chunks very rare. I have chunks but are only 3 out of 70℅ Europe being 30℅ the highest from Italy Greece. Thanks for sharing beautiful.

  12. mulatto mulatto mulatto mulatto mulatto mulatto. Latino means Latin African!!!

  13. Latino means Latin african!!!

  14. If you live in the US. If your not white your black. Welcome to Amerikkkka

  15. You black. End of story. Bye!

  16. Afro Latina is an American term , ur just Latina

  17. I would have always thought you were black. Welcome to America.

  18. Oh! She is what Dominicans call cocolo …. Most likely from San Pedro de macorix …. I have friends …. That are cocolo … Which is a word that comes form turkos and Caicos…. Cocolo, comes from Caicos…. But she is not as informed as she thinks she is…. Dominicans descend from all over the world… Like citizens of the United States…. My DNA is a trip around the world… But honestly, it doesn't matter… I am Dominican….

  19. 666 subscribers ? maybe I should subscribe to make 667 ?

  20. Mari E says:

    I'd say 55% african, 37% european, and 8% taino

  21. She looks like this, she looks like that. Genes can fool you. But she never denied she wasn't African. She is just saying everything that she is.

  22. Dom Jú says:

    They rape and pillage the slaves…

  23. The reason why you are only 8% British is because in the DR the term "ingles" has nothing to do with England. Instead for some reason it has been misused or misapplied. What they really mean or what you father was talking about are the black English speaking, British West Indian sugar cane workers that migrated to the DR during the turn of last century to work in the sugar cane industry. They came mostly from the Leeward islands and who are better known as "Cocolos" and that is what your father really means when he claims to have British ancestry.

    Cocolo is a term used in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean to refer to non-Hispanic African descendants, or darker-skinned people in general. The term originated in the Dominican Republic, and was historically used to refer to the Anglophone Caribbean descendants. Namely the Cocolos of San Pedro de Macorís, Puerto Plata, the Samaná Peninsula, and other Afro-descendants who lived in coastal areas and were culturally distinct from the lighter Dominicans who primarily lived in the interior of the country.

  24. you are black … european and african you differ from americans NOT aT ALL

  25. Jose Seijo says:

    Man this is why race mixing with blacks or Africans is just damn wrong! Hispanics should know better than yo do this!

  26. Huitzilli says:

    Latina is not a ethnic is part of colonization..

  27. 3% native American that super small lol

  28. MZC says:

    You are biracial; European & African, aka "Creole" = mixed race.

  29. MZC says:

    Latins do not use the prefix, Afro.
    The Latins feel that you are either "LATINO" or you are not.
    Therefore, there is no such thing as Afro-Latino.
    You are bi-cultural, African & European = biracial & bicultural aka "Creole".

  30. Love that you know your history and not blind.

  31. Lisa G says:

    Why do Dominicans and Puerto Ricans have such low percentages of Taino? (Native American). I always thought the Native DNA would be the highest but its not. They actually have very little.Don't get me wrong I haven't seen everyone's results but the ones I see on YouTube don't. The Mexicans seem to have the majority of Native DNA so why do the Dominicans and Puerto Ricans believe they are mostly Native American I'm so confused.

  32. Don't listen to these Afrocentrics, they're just jealous that Mulattos like you can get the best of both worlds, they want to be like us.

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