PLEASE NOTE:: I GOT THESE RESULTS 2 YEARS AGO THEY NO LONGER OFFER SUCH DETAlLED HEALTH INFO. Apparently you can thank the FDA. HOWEVER you can take your raw dna sequence from 23andme and enter it into promethease (google it) to get the health info. for free!
All I did was swab my cheek and I got back a full report from http://www.23andme.com filled with things I never knew about my body, my history, my ancestry. This will also answer once and for all all the q’s I get on YouTube like “what are you?” and “are you mixed?”. PS: Yes, they have an affiliate program. But I’m Canadian and it’s for Americans only so NO this is NOT a sponsored vid 🙂
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43 thoughts on “SHOCKING DNA ANCESTRY RESULTS! 23andMe

  1. Grant P says:

    You know the Cops just caught a "killer and rapist" who had been on the
    loose for 30 years – thru a "familiar" DNA match. His DNA wasn't in any of
    the data banks – but I believe his daughter or someone close had this done,
    as shown on the video. This guy killed 12 people and raped 40 – 50 women.

    The Cops submitted the killer's DNA – and when they got back the report,
    it showed people with "very similar" DNA profiles. After narrowing down
    some possibilities- age ( male, female) and others, they narrowed it down to
    this one man, who had not killed in 30 years. He's now awaiting trial, after
    they picked him up at home. This will become very common in the future.

    I believe this "familiar DNA" will be used a lot in the future to capture those
    criminals who don't have their DNA in a data bank. All that has to happen,
    is a daughter, son, or cousin submits their DNA, and if it shows a very close
    match — they will get the guy !! I like the idea, how this DNA makes this a
    very small world — so the bad guys will not rest easy.

    Note – in order for the police to take your DNA sample, you must be convicted
    of a felony — and a lot of these killers, have no arrests, or criminal records,
    and they appear "very normal" . Now they have something to worry about !!!

  2. Seeing another video I was wondering whether she was black African or South Asian I couldn’t tell. I see she’s both.

  3. Thank you for sharing your ancestry test results. Most of my ancestry DNA results were expected, but a portion of it was a complete surprise. Our phenotype can vary greatly even though a person will have the genetic makeup of something different. I find these videos very addictive. I love to see a person's physical features and then hear that they are something different than what I envisioned. We are all beautifully diverse and our ancestry DNA proves it.

  4. While reading through the comments, I noticed that several people were spot on with your 'Southeast Asian' ancestry. I wonder if it is your particular 'look' that allowed people to guess correctly or is the mix of Southeast Asian shown in any person's physical features an overwhelming giveaway? Does this apply to any mixture of two ethnicities? I am wonderfully curious about this.

  5. Lol you're bi-racial according to results. No one is 50/50 biracial or 100% one race unfortunately

  6. Adelle you're Beautiful! I like the way you express yourself!

  7. Is it really mean much .Except for medical reason s

  8. I did the 23&Me DNA test as well! What a fun experience! I had surprising results! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYmod9PmNhQ

  9. natty rey says:

    Lmao at that .5% sound effect! This is fascinating to me. One day I'll get around to doing this.

  10. I always wanted to do that…

  11. Ria Land says:

    Adelle you need to make a make up video and hair video showing us how you put on your make up because it is beautiful and your hair is also, Be Blessed.

  12. Fm Machold says:

    Genetic astrology

  13. J Burrough says:

    I’m not sure about the 0.5% represents, do you?- Since you are 0.2% SE Asian/Native American – that somewhat lost me/us. You did see the short documentary of the 3 pair of identical twins and 1set of identical triplets didn’t you? Well none of their dna matched one another and they were actually clones of each other. Modern science doesn’t like to follow outdated scientific method these days. Sad but true. You do come across as a beautiful person. I’m registered Cherokee and very little shows on my dna profile. Even with a mother at 3/4+ and me carrying much of the physical traits. It is fun and interesting to veiw the ‘conclusions.’ God Bless.

  14. Yes brown people are asian to ( indian) lol . Get that right all u Americans

  15. Hi Adelle! Xcode Life also does ancestry analysis with 23andme raw data. Do check them out: https://www.xcode.in/product/ftdna-ancestrydna-23andme-raw-data-analysis-interpretation-tools And they offer a detailed South Asian population break-up

  16. D Lopez says:

    in hope your not another so-called multiracial Kamala harris.

    if you cape for anything but that original blood.. please step aside.

  17. Cori Zuppo says:

    The regulatory uncertainty has passed and 23andMe have resumed offering the health DNA profile as well as the ancestry DNA profile.

  18. You remind me of a school teacher

  19. Blake Avon says:

    very interesting

  20. those asian genes is where you got your smarts

  21. I can't wait to get mine tested.

  22. HobbsBhipp says:

    Why do you deny that you are biracial?!

  23. Wow, you're like my grandmother, she had an Indian father and an African mother. Unfortunately, she never got a DNA test, but if she did, it would probably be very similar

  24. mych59 says:

    Are you from Mauritius?

  25. BIG Stick says:

    Being Italian and Spanish I was surprised to see my DNA's high number is 70% Danish..

  26. Tina bixi says:

    that is fantastic… yeah , that is why I will never take this DNA test because I don't want to be other then Somali …. so F their foundings … I am Somali that is that .

  27. Dragon professional individual Usa

  28. So you are Hamite. Not "mixed" race. The south Asian family migrated from east Africa (Moabites; the grand children of Lot) they are simply a cousin to the Hamites (the children of Ham). This account is in the most abused history book on Earth.

  29. idk maybe you might be my long lost realitive lololol

  30. Hey!! I love your video!! I am Vincentian & Trinidadian-American! Just started my genealogy journey as well. Can you subscribe to my channel to see my results?!! Still waiting for my results…I would love to share my moment with you! I plan on testing other people in my family on my channel as well.

  31. E Palmeira says:

    Gosh, she is gorgeous.

  32. R R says:

    She looks a little like Robin Givens

  33. amazes me that someone can write back and tell you your DNA and you truly believe it like someone don't have an agenda. come on up people . maybe it got mixed up in the mail and its not your. lol

  34. fda needs to disappear

  35. Guys, Crap behind i prefer this vid oikhvily iron =‑D

  36. Adelle what lipgloss do you use? so cute

  37. LuLu6214 says:

    The FDA has changed yet again and you can now get the health stuff on 23 and Me.

  38. +Adelle Ramcharan

    People would argue that this disproves the existence of God. I would argue the opposite.

  39. Bry Bridge says:

    extemely interesting and you have the perfect voice for speakig here or in person thank you

  40. Shocking results!
    She looks looks half asian half african, results says half asian half african.

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