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Exploring the Pathway to His Past: Jordan’s 23andMe Story

Exploring the Pathway to His Past: Jordan’s 23andMe Story

Find out how Jordan discovered a family he’d never known and found a stronger sense of his personal identity through 23andMe. To explore what your DNA can tell you, visit https://www.23andme.com/stories/

These are the stories of 23andMe customers. Your experience may be different since everybody’s DNA is unique.


39 thoughts on “Exploring the Pathway to His Past: Jordan’s 23andMe Story

  1. Amazing story! Simply beautiful! I love the mature and pure conversation. Everything that was said here is very uplifting and I pray that the story uplifts many more. This story makes me smile from the inside out. I just got my kit today and I can't wait until I see the results 🙂

  2. Thomas K says:

    Nice story *but*…
    some things need more explanation.
    Why the grave of some captain that died in 1757? The great grandfather and grandfather were probably half brothers, but that must have happened after the civil war (unless they had kids at an extreme old age). And did both men share the same Y haplogroup as well?

  3. I'm a Lawton from SC..maybe we are cousins

  4. good news for both of you.

  5. Goddess888 says:

    Awesome story Thank you my cousin Jordan…You Rock..im Alice Daughter ???

  6. Are you planning to introduce the test in India?

  7. Well this is awkward.

  8. Loved this story! Is it just me or do they sounds alike also? They seem like cousins!

  9. We are all  ended connected. Even though I came to America from Italy at thirteen , I was still curios to find out more particularly since I am a writer. I seem to be compelled to write such clips as ( of many ) a poem, and other writings bending in that direction . When I received my report from 23and me ,I was speechless. It was an affirmation of something that I have felt for a long time. I am looking forward to find out more as I know there will be

  10. This is a lovely story and I applaud the two men for their willingness to explore and their openness in embracing their discovery.

  11. L Brown says:


  12. I think Americans with African ethnicity would be well served if they took the Ancestry.com DNA test.  I think you'll like it.

  13. My hair was a problem as a child. My mom would always keep it short. I remember my mother asking for pieces of my hair to be studied, but she did not give me any information of any results found. When older, I realized my hair had straight and curly strands. My children also had the same hair type. Through 23andme, I found people that share the same bloodlines, on both sides of my relatives, that could have given me this makeup. I am still exploring but happy to understand me better. Thank you 23andme.

  14. Thanks for sharing this moving story.

  15. I realize that something dramatic will not happen for everyone who tries DNA testing but for me it did. About a year after I received the first results from 23 and me, they indicated they had found new relatives. One happened to be a second cousin on my grandfather's side. I thought they had messed up because I had always been told that my grandfather was an only child – that there were no other relatives on his side. I contacted the person and we talked for a long time. My grandfather had been one of 12 children; there had been a break in the family. Since then, there have been additional revelations on both sides of my parental line. Personally, I think everyone should have the test.

  16. D Mart says:

    Wow! what an awesome story of reconciliation…They both share the same DNA!!!

  17. This has really touched my heart. Thank you.

  18. The more you see of one another, the more you see of everyone…because we are all 99.01-.05% the same and only .02-.04% different.  And when we finally get it thorough our thick heads and hard hearts that one gene SLC45A2 is responsable for regulating  the melanin levels which lighten or darken our skin in relationship to the sun's rays we will rid ourselves of the myth of race.  the two menin this video have come face to face and have seen themselves in one another-through the genetic bond they share.   It may be the truth of DNA which will finally set humanity free from its self-made fear of one another, inch'allah!

  19. What a wonderfully filmed video, with a great story and a real life lesson!

  20. How cool that they are cousins and Jordan was able to get filled in more on the missing part of his history. I love reading and seeing stories about people's ancestry. Nationality and heritage are things to be proud of and celebrated and if you can find someone who shares the same with you, it's even better! Also no need to judge people today by what their ancestors might have done.

  21. Karol PDX says:

    so true acknowledge your past good or otherwise…… It is about time for forgiveness and reconciliation.

  22. I did my DNA with 23 and Me and it has been a great experience. This story was fantastic and makes history come alive.

  23. paoleila says:

    Bringing cousins together, what a great story.

  24. Wonderful story. I wish everyone was in 23 and me.

  25. Imagine. Without DNA those two men would never have connected. I would be proud to have both of them in my family. Very nice video. I am so glad I watched it.

  26. Meltones says:

    Wow, Winnie Joe sure took after his white dad! Twinsies! 3:273:32 you can see both men.

  27. My Norwegian husband found an African American/Norwegian cousin through 23and me. It has been a great experience. She was adopted as a baby and took the DNA test to find the Caucasian side of her family.It is great finding her and being part of the same family. Her son is an accomplished artist and she learned that her biological mother was also.

  28. I use to tell the 8th graders who we taught in an after school program that we were alphabet soup (this back in 1990's) as most Americans are not one nationality. We are a mix of many different peoples. DNA has finally done the job with proof positive. Great job with the video. Please make more.

  29. Drop a nuclear bomb on your living family? hand out ACE 10 question test at a family reunion. https://acestoohigh.com/got-your-ace-score/

  30. Jordan helped my sister, his relation (a cousin of some degree), to find her birth father and sisters recently. Thank you Jordan, you are a blessing!

  31. This was/is a beautiful story

  32. This video is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I would LOVE to be featured next! Thanks to you guys, I've connected with my very first African cousin. He's from Zalive, Togo & he's predicted to be my 5th cousin. I'm so elated!!!! ❤️

  33. An Knees says:

    This is kinda beautiful. Why am i tearing up??

  34. bringing families together!

  35. Such a quality video. Great story, great editing, great story!

  36. J Baron says:

    One black one white. Both Genetically white ?

  37. More stories like that please

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