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9 thoughts on “Damon and Jo’s 23andMe DNA Journey

  1. I love their friendship so much!! ?? inspires me to take my bff places!

  2. Dawn Smith says:

    my grandmother was born in Portugal but I only met her once before she died. She was my dads mother and I didn't know him well. My mom is African American I'm so excited to get my results!

  3. Mizosoop says:

    Awesome video. That was the best 23andMe video, yet. Lol. I got 3.3% Southern, but 23andMe only identified .1% Sardinian. I got less than 1% Iberian on Ancestry, and 3% on GEDMatch, but other than that, all of my Southern points to being Italian / Mediterranean. It ranges from 2-6.4%. I speak a lot of languages, though… a lot of Spanish, never learned Portuguese.

  4. The "Iberian" could also mean Spanish too anyways nice vid.

  5. That is nice and convenient that EVERYBODY they talked to knew ENGLISH….. When I have been to Europe they never speak English.

  6. Damon and Jo!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. And the sweepstakes has ended, shame.

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