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Q anon 4/16/18 “23andMe”

Q anon 4/16/18 “23andMe”

Q tells us to dig into Anne Wojicicki and her company 23 and me which is a “genetic service” company. Her husband is Segei Brinn co founder of Google.

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22 thoughts on “Q anon 4/16/18 “23andMe”

  1. 0000 0000 says:

    You will find that all Democrat states have corrupt courts. IF YOU ARE A MAN. Do not get married within a Democrat State. Only get married in a Republican State. Republican states are less corrupt in the court room. Women will run to a Democrat states for a divorce and try to take their children with them.

  2. Mama Reg says:

    Haven't Anne Wojicicki and Segei Brinn been divorced for years? May 2015?

  3. (((RBG))) check out the Talmud. They allow underage marriage by rabbis etc. sick stuff in that book.

  4. omsmada says:

    this q anon shit is fucking retarded lmao

  5. Dan Martin says:

    Last 2 posts are serious… and have 5:5 in the timestamp

  6. IAM says:

    I was set up as a MK CIA ultra Patsy by BB 1 at her council. She was an enforcer for her secret shadow government. She is gone to sD.

  7. Wondering if Stormy Daniels is an MK Ultra victim? Wonder why the democrats, msm, and known satanists are so focused on her and our President? She is "putty" in their hands.

  8. The Ebil ones said a couple of years ago that in 2 years fron that moment you will not even recognize the US.

  9. Trump never telegraphs his moves or thoughts. When he does it is only public fodder geared towards the Corporate America and the Mockingbird media. He is throwing them a bone they quickly scarf up and runs with it and Trump then hits in a place not ever suspected bi CIA or NSA. Then Deep State looks foolush with its pants down and Trump is there shining the light ever so bright on their foolishness as grade school antic and the whole World stands there laughing and cheering the show. It is hilarious. The best cream of the crop in CIA being shown as fools on the Worlds stage and in the spotlight. Career CIA are livid and absolutely beside themselves.

  10. IF I didn't want to answer a question for any reason, I'd use the Democratic tried and tested response, "….at this time, I can't recall…"

  11. Q Drops app in the App Store!!!

  12. Jaded † says:

    Damon Lawner
    Hush room

  13. I , my wife and Kids VOTED Trump, We Stand with him from the beginning to the end. Dealing with Libtard, Snowflake, Soyboy, sissies everyday here in shithole California. I can not wait for the mid terms and 2020…WE?? are going to bounce on the left ?? ,WE?? never get tired of winning ? ?? ? ??MAGA ??TRUMP 2020??

  14. She is one sick bi… ! She should not be on the Supreme Court.I bet she will be forced to step down, she really is sick.

  15. Is 5. 5 just my the 5 when the video drops

  16. You were asking for fellow Q You tubers that got shut down? Total Eclipse did. Here's his new page: https://youtu.be/zvy8SRP84pk
    I watch him for the European view of news. He's Italian and it's good stuff.

  17. Look up "DNA Testing and Privacy (Behind the scenes at the 23andMe Lab) – Smarter Every Day 176"

  18. Thank god for trump. Always wait and see with him. I pray he is working with Russia. Kill the NWO pedos now!!!!!!

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