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Breaking Down Stereotype Barriers: Angelina’s 23andMe Story

Breaking Down Stereotype Barriers: Angelina’s 23andMe Story

Angelina’s 23andMe results did more than break down her ancestry. They caused her to realize people are more alike than they are different. Find out your DNA story today. Visit https://www.23andme.com/stories to get started!

These are the stories of 23andMe customers. Your experience may be different since everybody’s DNA is unique.


28 thoughts on “Breaking Down Stereotype Barriers: Angelina’s 23andMe Story

  1. you look like black girl, and it is good!

  2. Growing up I was always told by people that I was adopted . That no way my parents were my parents . Even when I was in kindergarten a supply teacher reported me as not being there. I did raise my hand but she felt I was black and how can I have a chinese surname .
    In high school my parents had to call in a lawyer to straighten out what was going on as I was being harassed daily and sent to see the school psychiatrist ( i went to a private catholic school) As my older sister had already gone to the school and they knew her and both my parents and sister look Asian they decided I must be treated differently . They asked me if I was abused , do I get Christmas gifts , did I get a new uniform or did my parents give me mine second hand from my sister . Till I said ,' enough' I walked that day out of school called my mom and explained to her what was going on. The next day after our lawyer got in contact with them things did change 360 .And the nun who started the harassment was sent away to learn theology again .Coming back again in my last year , which she spent the rest of the time kissing up to me .lol
    I dont look like my family if all you think about is colour of skin . But if you look at my features I am exactly like both sides of my family .
    My dna results said I was 32.7 black and although my mom looks Asian she is 48.3.
    Last year when my sons school had black history month he told his teacher he was a mix including Asian she told him in front of his class he was sadly mistaken she has seen me and knows I am just black . I always felt my children and myself should be able to identify to all our ethnicities .Their multi cultural and so am I ! And I dont think that anyone has the right to take away any part of you by their idea of what you should be from their sterotypes. I did advise my son that next time if a teacher debated who your family is direct them to me . I have bought so far about 6 dna tests .. but two my son had a lottery give away at Christmas on facebook. I do have a question what is the difference between v5 and v4 from last year ?? What I found strange is that my sons test shows that he inherited Iberian from me and in my test I dont show Iberian

  3. I wouldn't worry about my ethnicity. Just be satisfied that you're so fine.

  4. Kandy Kane says:

    I wish I had those curls!

  5. I would have to say 23andme is the best. Ancestry is fine if your looking for your mom or dad or siblings. FTDNA has like ten people in there database.

  6. Amazing clip this is exactly the type of message people need to get from discovering their DNA! We are one global nation!! ❤❤❤

  7. What the fuck is the purpose of this video where the results OK? ??????
    Click bait…

  8. Dad is South Asian and Native American? And then had a child with a "black" woman? Hmm, HIGHLY unlikely. I mean, of course it's possible, but there's more to the story there that we need to know to put that in any sort of context.

  9. Want some Irish in you?

  10. I see a mixed woman

  11. L. Sher says:

    Thomas H. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Totally in agreement.

  12. ULGMX says:

    Your Mum is a good parent giving you a compass to grow and build and Know Thy Self

  13. shes a fucking baddie tell her to hmu im in east fb

  14. ULGMX says:


  15. Thanks for sharing your story. By the way, "black" is just a socio-political term invented by the original white supremacists (aka Western European enslavers). None of your african ancestors walked about the earth talking about their "blackness". As Fanon, a psychiatrist of African descent stated: Black and white came into existence at the moment of imperial conquest. Neither exists without the other. White depends on the stability of the negation of black. Lastly, the people who identify themselves as "latino" can be of any ancestry mixed or non-mixed. It is a "recent" cultural identity. I'm Canadian and I find it quaint how people now from Latin America are now calling themselves "latino" or "hispanic". Maybe 4 decades ago, people from that part of the world were identifying themselves by their nationality (i.e., Cuban, Venezuelan, Argentine, etc). From what I've learned, the US government added this large umbrella group of people to the US census and there has been confusion. No surprise there as the US government likes to create confusion and deception. People classified or identified as "latino" are groups of people of various ethnicities and nationalities from North (Mexico), Central and South America who share a common language and history of their countries being colonized by the Spaniards and are of various ancestries. An ancestry DNA test cannot tell you what your ethnicity is as ethnicity is socially defined and you do not know how your ancestors identified themselves. DNA tests simply compare your alleles with the reference panel group and determine if your alleles match people from one region or multiple regions.

  16. T R says:

    many, MANY "latinos" but not all, but not all are a mixture of European, native American, And African. The "LATINOS"that aren't are just two of these groups or only one. PleAse learn!!!! LATINOS ARE MIXED. THEY USUALLY SPEAK A LANGUAGE THAT DEVELOPED IN EUROPE-SPANISH. YES SPANISH, LIKE ITALIAN, ENGLISH, GREEK. GERMAN,SWEDISH, FRENCH, DUTCH, ETC. ETC., DEVELOPED IN EUROPE

  17. I gave a thumbs down for not showing the results.

  18. Great video. Nice mixtures.

  19. Gorgeous girl with a beautiful

  20. Joenah says:


  21. So…what is her breakdown? That was an advert, not a testimony.

  22. ninsegtari says:


  23. She is beautiful like an Angel… Probably the most beautiful woman I have ever seen…

  24. Go head sistar. I'm raising my babies in the same way. Tell mom job well done. Shout out to the planet of Brooklyn!

  25. Knowledge of one's own DNA is revolutionary; it's liberating; and it will transform human society for the better, in all the ways that political rhetoric failed to do!

  26. veryserioz says:

    The world had told her that she is not black but a mixed person and it was correct. She says "don't listen what the world tells you". LOL.

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